5 Rules for impactful, motivational and effective brand activism. A guide to getting brand activism right

In a weird turn of events, today it’s not only becoming acceptable, it’s becoming the norm for brands to take a stand on different social, political and environmental issues. It’s…

Purpose-driven marketing: Why should your company find its purpose?

Mark, CEO of the fastest growing startup in Gotham city, gets some alarming news from his Head of Sales. The sales team is unlikely to meet their targets for the…

6 PR takeaways from a Dutch Olympian’s marathon swim

In August 2018 Maarten van der Weijden, former Olympic gold medalist for the Netherlands, undertook an epic 55-hour swim to raise money for cancer research. This wasn’t just any course….

7 Insider Tips to Help You Pitch a Winning Story

In a fast-paced, digital-driven world where information moves at lightning-fast speed, pitching your story to the world entails top-class PR expertise to crystallize a punchy headline. A vast majority of…

Can startups leverage code and data to automate PR?

You may have spent tons of painstaking hours building, testing, fixing bugs, testing again, adding new features and finally testing again to create a product you know your target audience…

Which metrics should you use to measure the success of your PR strategy?

Plenty has been said about the need to measure the success of our PR efforts and still nowadays many professionals believe PR can’t be measured. I personally believe this is…

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