Community Building Workshop

Figuring out how to build an online community that fulfills the wants and needs of its members is not easy. Managing it can be a challenge as well— especially when your business is focused on making a positive impact on society. So, how do you find your perfect audience and create a symbiotic relationship? We believe that a successful community means a successful connection. This workshop will help you identify and create your community, step by step.

What to expect?

We will share the ins and outs of the creation of the PRLab Meetup community, from the beginning until now, with a special emphasis on the key learnings that made it a success. Parallels between PRLab’s community and yours will be made for a personalized understanding.

Key takeaways

  • Ideation (Finding your purpose, identifying your unity, and creating your brand such as logo, slogan, description)
  • Promotion (Pros & Cons and golden nuggets of each communication channel: Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook, Slack, Whatsapp, website, PR & Online Marketing)
  • Keeping the community alive (Working with ambassadors, Organizing meetups/occasions to meet in person, online & offline communication)
  • Profit (Tips and tricks for finding sponsors and ways of sponsoring)
  • Growth (How to ensure growth: Collaborations with influencers, cross-promotion with big names in the industry, sourcing brand ambassadors, etc.)

Who is this for?

This workshop is for any company that is looking for first-hand strategies on how to solidify and build their online community. The challenge isn’t in the ideation of your community, it’s in the preservation. We have personal experience in this aspect.

Who is your trainer?

PRLab was born out of meetups that Matias created over 3 years ago to discuss all things PR to fellow PR practitioners. He was joined on this journey by Sjors Mahler, a fellow PR fanatic from What started as an idea, grew into a community of over 1,100 members that get together every month to discuss innovations in the field. Learn from Matias and Sjors and their wins and woes of managing the biggest MarCom community in the Netherlands.

What people think?

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