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Today, brands need several touchpoints across different channels to achieve their desired visibility. It is no longer enough to obtain coverage in print publications; we live in a digitized world where social media is front and center. As a result, companies end up spending way more than they should on an agency model that overcharges them for sub-par work.

We believe in the integrated PESO model, (Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media working towards the same goals). We don’t believe in the philosophy “one size fits all”.

Find out how to achieve social media success in this workshop by PRLab.

What to expect?

We use a hands-on approach for this workshop. We’ll share our biggest learnings and latest trends identified in the social media landscape accompanied by actual examples of how brands interact with influencers.

Key takeaways

  • Major social media trends / both general & industry-specific
  • How to successfully integrate your social media efforts with your other marketing strategies (Content, PR, Growth, etc)
  • The importance of social media planning
  • Useful software to compliment your social media plans
  • How to interact with influencers & how they can help encourage your thought leadership efforts online
  • How to strengthen online strategy with low costs

Who is this for?

The Lab recommends this workshop to any organization looking to learn more about how to acquire social media deliverables and find the right rhythm to their posting schedule.

Who is your trainer?

PRLab likes to invite guest speakers for this workshop. We invite industry professionals that have special insight on all things social media and that can elaborate on how to obtain tangible results. We combine their expertise with our agency knowledge and you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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