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PRLab Named Top PR Agency in the Netherlands 2020

We just received some exciting news from Clutch! They’ve chosen us as one of the top Public Relations Firms of the Netherlands in 2020!

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PRLab is the only PR agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands specialized in tech startups and scale-ups. Whether you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, generating more leads, or achieving funding through PR, PRLab is the PR company you are looking for, with a dedicated team that has a strong background in tech, innovation, and sustainability. We have partners in key regions that help us build global PR strategies that boost business growth

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Using a mix of traditional and contemporary PR to achieve powerful coverage that drives business growth

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Content Marketing

Ideation and Creation of excellent content to increase thought leadership and visibility in tier 1 outlets

Social Media

Using social media and growth marketing tactics to boost PR

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Strategic Branding

Establishing your brand’s identity to underpin your communications strategy

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Graphic Design

Supporting your storytelling efforts through design, illustrations and motion graphics videos

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Growth Hacking

Supporting your communications tactics through online marketing

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Here’s why we’re NOT a traditional PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional PR Agency. We believe the traditional PR agency model is broken, click here to read all about our approach to PR and how we’re innovating the space. Read about our approach.

Growth and results driven PR Firm in Amsterdam

PRLab is an integrated PR agency in Amsterdam. We are a public relations company that believes in the integrated marketing approach, which means, we not only provide PR support to our tech clients but also provide support across the whole marketing spectrum. Integrated marketing efforts range from branding services to align missions, visions, and values, to creating a compelling story that can position your company in a saturated market. We provide services of PR in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. If you are interested in choosing PRLab as your PR company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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PR or public relations is the process of strategically managing the flow and spread of information between organizations, individuals, and the public. It is something a company manages individually. PR encompasses a broad range of activities that largely depend on your goal. Do you want to raise brand awareness, launch a new product, or communicate your funding news? Then you need close collaboration with a PR agency that will help you identify your goals and develop an integrated marketing and PR strategy. Whether PR for huge corporations or for startups, it is important that the PR strategy has many touch-points. Your social media marketing plan, content marketing strategy, graphic design efforts, strategic brand management all need to be in line – that constitutes successful public relations and assists your business in thought leadership. PRLab is a public relations agency in Amsterdam that focuses on startups.

Public relations is understood as the strategic management of the information flow and spread. However, there are many things to take into consideration to understand what creates a successful PR strategy and actually what does PR mean? It means strategic interaction between organizations, individuals, and the public. The means by which this is accomplished are various, nevertheless they all need to be in line. A PR firm should consider working on the content marketing strategy, as well as the social media marketing plan. A public relations specialist will also pay close attention to strategic brand management and if necessary growth hacking. By paying close attention to all these attributes a public relations agency can develop a successful PR strategy. In short, PR means aligning your marketing strategies to strategically manage the spread of your information.

It is a company that assists its clients with their PR efforts. However, the spectrum is way larger than that. A PR company develops a PR strategy that would support the clients’ goals and objectives. Usually a PR firm and its team are made up of several marketing, communications, and public relations specialists. A public relations company is there to help you reach your publicity and marketing goals. Identifying your target audience and helping you reach them in the most appropriate way. Additionally, it does media pitching and media training. They help with developing a content marketing strategy that is consistent with your social media marketing plan.

A public relations agency has the main job of managing strategic communications. By managing communications, a PR company builds relationships between an organization and its customers. In addition, public relations specialists focus on building brand awareness and driving traffic as well as sales. For instance, PRLab believes in the integrated marketing approach with different touchpoints. We focus on content marketing and social media marketing, we have video marketing experts, SEO experts and growth hackers that are going to help with accelerating your growth. PRLab’s approach makes you feel that we are an extension of your team to help with your PR strategy.

A PR strategy can assist you in organising your activities in a strategic way. A public relations company develops a strategy for you that attempts to draw in your target audience. By creating a successful content marketing strategy an agency helps you with communicating with your audience across all platforms in a consistent manner. Another goal of a PR strategy is to position your business as a thought leader in your niche industry. In short a PR strategy communicates with your target audience, builds your profile in your industry and works on building and maintaining brand awareness as well as brand loyalty.

A public relations campaign attempts to strategically reach your PR goals. However, your PR strategy is something that your agency develops for you on how to reach your goals and objectives. On the other hand, a PR campaign is a series of specific activities that are going to help you reach those goals. PRLab provides different services that would help with reaching your PR and Marketing goals. For instance, refreshing your brand identity can be reached through graphic design efforts, boosting engagement with your audience can be done by developing a social media marketing plan. A PR firm creates a public relations campaign tailored to your needs.

Crisis management is a communications management function that provides accurate facts and data to the public or to specific audiences during a crisis situation. An agency will issue a statement or rather devise a crisis PR strategy to prevent negative publicity and keep your audience informed. In a public relations campaign crisis management plays a pivotal role in maintaining the success of the company. A crisis management plan is always good to have on hand when the unthinkable happens. A public relations specialist has all the knowledge and tools to create a strategy during crisis that is going to salvage a company’s reputation.

We are an integrated PR agency based in Amsterdam, one of the top ten PR agencies in the Netherlands, with global reach across Europe, US and the world. At PRLab, we are specialized in helping startups and scaleups boost their visibility as revolutionizers in traditional industries. Particularly, we thrive in the tech, startup and sustainability space. Over the years, we have worked closely with many purpose-driven and innovative companies to increase their media presence and cut-through the noise. So, if you’re looking for a public relations company in Amsterdam, don’t hesitate to drop us an email!