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We consistently get our clients top tier global media coverage

What can our global PR agency do for you?

PR for tech

We specialize in tech PR for startups & scaleups
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Digital PR

We apply core PR principles to a digital context
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Funding PR

Helping you secure funding from investors
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Internal comms

Internal communication services for corporates
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See below for some of the awards we’ve picked up along the way
Clutch Award for PRLab, an international PR agencyClutch Award for PRLab, a global PR agencyClutch Award for PRLab, an international PR companyClutch Award for PRLab, an international PR companyClutch Award for PRLab, an international PR firmManifest Award for PRLab, an international PR agencyAward to the best public relations campaign in 2021

No fluff. We get results. And we can prove it.

We've supported over 100 Fast growing companies to grow and build trust with strategic PR.

Expand into new markets with PR

We build and localize a solid PR strategy to expand your brand and achieve a solid brand awareness and thought leadership status in your desired market via our team of local experts across key regions in the globe.
"PRLab managed to help us enter the Dutch market via relevant constant media coverage. Their great content got listed frequently in key local outlets. They become part of our team, which was key."
Matthijs Onland
Country Manager, Wayflyer
"PRLab increased our share of voice and helped us become thought leaders in our space, which resulted in many new clients. The number of high-tier media coverage impressed us. "
Frida Fors Wallsbeck
Marketing Manager Nordics, Meltwater

Become a thought leader and build trust

Your space is competitive and saturated, press releases via wires won't do the trick. You need a solid thought leadership strategy in place to claim your space as an industry leader and build trust amongst key stakeholders such as investors, partners and clients.

Drive brand awareness

Become recognized, get new clients and partners and land investment via a solid brand awareness campaign. As a global PR firm, we support you In key regions, across timezones with our native teams based all around the world.
"Thanks to PRLab Several stories got published and doors were opened towards interesting players. We were impressed with their efficiency, good tools, keeping us informed, and the ability to measure every effort. We had a dialogue with 3 different providers and found PRLab to be the best."
Morten Kvam
CEO, Skogluft AS

4 out of 100 reasons to work with PRLab

Trusted across the world, by tech companies large and small
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Pieces of coverage landed for our clients around the world

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Renowned tech players that became thought leaders thanks to our work

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Offices around the world: Amsterdam, Austin, Stockholm, Munich

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Top PR agency on Clutch

Our extensive guide covers everything you need to know about running PR campaigns in 2024, from what a public relations strategy looks like and how to choose the best tactics.

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What our customers have to say

"We received over 50 featured articles and publications in the press. PRLab helped raise awareness for our project and provided many high-quality backlinks. PRLab also acquired multiple comment slots for our CEO and CTO."
Photo of Joshua Bell, SVP of Nupay
Joshua Bell
SVP of Marketing, NuPay
"PRLab was able to get several stories published, bringing Splashtop closer to our goals. The organized team led regular meetings and utilized various tools to keep track of the results and ongoing tasks. Their efficiency, excellent follow-through, and structured approach definitely stood out."
Photo of Daniela Itro, Head of PR at Splashtop
Daniela Itro
Head of PR, Splashtop
"PRLab created content that even won a prize for us. Their understanding of our philosophy resulted in great content and top tier coverage. The team delivered on time and was responsive, demonstrating professionalism, and attentiveness. "
Photo of Natalie Dzigciot, Communications Director, CoreZero
Natalie Dzigciot
Communications Director, CoreZero

Sectors and industries

Here are just some of the Tech Verticals that we specialize in

Still have questions?

Measuring a PR campaign’s success is crucial for understanding its impact and refining future strategies. Our approach to measuring success varies and depends on the industry and the KPIs we set out to achieve.

Some metrics we use can involve tracking media coverage, including the number of mentions across various media platforms, the sentiment of the coverage, the value of the publicity, geographical coverage, and potential reach. We’ll also examine website traffic, the sources and duration of visits resulting from a campaign, leads gained, and conversion rates. Once we have this information, we plan for the next stage.

As an international PR agency specializing in tech, we’ve enjoyed working with various clients in multiple industries, from SaaS, Fintech, and HRTech, and we pride ourselves on our ability to service a diverse portfolio of clients. Check our Case Studies for evidence of this.

For example, for HRTech company Recruitee, who were entirely new to PR, we developed a comprehensive PR strategy to show their uniqueness in being self-funded and demonstrate their insight into recruitment. They got featured on multiple high-profile tech sites, including EU Startups, and, after focusing on the HR side for a story, articles were featured in several HR-based publications, including Online Recruitment Magazine. To coincide with the pandemic, we helped them create an industry report on how hires were adjusting to hiring freezes. The report was picked up and resulted in a feature article showcasing Recruitee as a leader in their field.

Public relations is a dynamic and fast-paced industry. When we begin working together, we cannot make absolute guarantees on the specifics of your results. Not every story is newsworthy. Media outlets make decisions based on a whole host of factors.

However, with your commitment and our knowledge, we will likely achieve great results for your campaign. We take the time to go beneath the surface and find the most relevant and compelling stories, then make them pitch perfect before we take your story to the right outlet. Our track record of success with clients and client satisfaction is a testament to our ability to meet and exceed client objectives.

We set our sights on getting you the coverage you need and that is optimal to achieving your aims. These can vary. But, our firm has achieved publications across various media outlets for our clients. These include Forbes, CNBC, The Financial Times, EU Startups, Techcrunch, and Silicon Canals.

We’ve also achieved client coverage across industry-specific websites and publications like The Fintech Times and PYMTS.

At PRLab, we understand that each industry and each client has different needs, goals, and challenges. That is why we tailor our approach. We research and survey your industry, competitors, and target audience, working closely with you to understand your goals. This ensures our strategies are specific to you and your objectives. We use this and our technical knowledge, and from there, a PR strategy is devised to reach your ideal audience and help you achieve organizational goals most effectively.

Press releases are really important in public relations, but there is more to it than that. Just relying on them is not enough. You need an overall PR strategy that helps to shape perceptions of your brand in people’s minds. This strengthens your message and ultimately helps you reach your desired audience. Your branding must be authentic. This is where we help. We aim to set you apart from the competition and build authority for you over time.

We assist with your SEO efforts, making sure you are discoverable and helping you rank higher. We’ll also train your team in media relations, helping you forge strong media relationships, and assist you in getting the all-important third-party funding you need to spread your message.

We prioritize open and transparent communication, preferring regular catchups between our team and yours to discuss ongoing efforts. This provides a chance to discuss progress and future strategies without any ambiguity. We provide regular reports on campaign performance and give you access to a digital dashboard.

We’ll also add you to our internal communication channels, speak by phone, video, or email, all designed to ensure we’re never far from your questions and you know exactly where we’re up to when we work together.

We have experience, expertise, and a demonstrable track record of attaining publications for our clients, helping them reach their goals, whether securing funding, increasing brand awareness and sales, or anything else. We pride ourselves on innovation and focus on making unique content to differentiate you from competitors. Our team contains experienced multilingual professionals with strong communications and marketing backgrounds.

As a global PR agency, we are experts in digital PR. We have an international reach and view our clients as business partners. Our work together is a collaboration.

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We've helped +100 clients achieve their business goals with the power of Strategic PR across key markets. All our PR strategies are custom-made to fit your needs and meet you at the stage of growth you're at. Tell us about yourself and how we can help you.
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