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PRLab is an integrated PR agency based in Amsterdam. The agency believes in the integrated marketing approach, which means, it doesn’t only provide PR support to its tech clients but also provides the whole marketing spectrum. Integrated marketing efforts range from branding services to align missions, visions and values, to creating a compelling story to position the company in a saturated market.

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The Philosophy behind PRLab

At PRLab we like to do things differently, because we think the traditional PR model is broken. When a startup reaches out to a traditional PR agency, they discover right from the start that the whole model was designed to disappoint and underperform.
Here’s why: to begin with, traditional PR agencies put you in a retainer, lock you in a contract and force you to feed them with company news. The latter means that agencies sit around and wait for you to submit news so they can place it in media that they already have contacts in.

They overcharge you for a service that you have no idea what it consists of. There’s a huge lack of transparency in the retainers, leaving you to think - what am I paying for?
You try to get them to understand your product, or your agile way of working, but they simply don’t get it, and there’s no one to blame because the executive that was assigned to your account didn’t actively decide to work in such an old-fashioned way. Forget about adding them to your Slack channel, they ask you to keep communication by email.
They send you reports that don’t translate into business growth but instead send reports that outline how much coverage they got that month and how many pitches were sent. Now, how many key relationships did you build from that coverage? How many interesting leads you got from it or how many VC’s approached you after reading that lone article at Techcrunch? Who knows. Furthermore, the overall impact of those hyperlinks on your holistic SEO goals will probably remain unknown. Why?, Because these agencies work in an old-fashioned way, where PR is just a stand-alone, luxurious contact-based service that only a few are able to access.

The whole approach is wrong because it doesn’t translate into business growth. and now the PR industry has one of the worst reputations across the whole marketing spectrum. What was said above is exactly our raison d'etre.
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How we drive business growth

To build strategies that drive business growth - we do that by matching your business goals with PR strategies.

We take elements from growth marketing and scrumming to become agile and results-driven.
We create real-time living docs, so you can see minute to minute what we’re working on. We become an extension of your team and ask you to assign us OKRs and KPI’s.
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About The PRLab model

Everyone in the team has worked for startups before, so we understand the pressure you’re in and the need for cost-effective solutions that were custom made for you, instead of a one size fits all repurposed package.

We have developed our own proactive approach to PR, which basically consists of creating news for you on a weekly basis, instead of waiting for news to occur to push them to the media. The model consists of an integration of brand awareness techniques + thought leadership tactics + content creation and content placements. This model sets us apart.

PR is a powerful tool that if used well can boost your business growth and visibility. We are PRLab, and we’re here to help you grow as a business and innovate your field of work, while also innovating ours.
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Why PRLab? We are a risk-taking, forward-thinking PR agency that helps purpose-driven start-ups and scale-ups inspire, and create change with out of the box communication strategies.
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We’re a group of international communications and marketing professionals who got together to help startups and scale-ups. Meet our PR team!
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PRLab: who we are and what we do?

At PRLab we believe in the integrated marketing approach. In order to build the engagement your target audience is craving, it’s important to secure multiple touch-points with them. Watch this video to get a full understanding of how this looks like.

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