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Addverb is a robotics company that delivers automation solutions to improve intralogistics operations
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About Addverb

The goal of creating Addverb was to enable the automation of warehouses, factories, and beyond. This includes improving all aspects that they can, such as the throughput, overall efficiency, accuracy levels, and worker safety.

The challenge

Addverb in their expansion into the global English market including Europe and the US has several barriers to entry. Firstly, Addverb has difficulty finding credible coverage due to its lack of brand awareness in these markets. In the robotic logistics industry, there are already various market leaders, therefore, increasing the difficulty for international businesses to enter the market as they don’t have localized news. Addverb in their expansion were required to integrate various PR solutions to reduce the inefficiency of having to switch/change platforms.

To help achieve Addverb’s goals in the English-speaking media, PRLab was enlisted to gain more attention from the press, increase brand awareness, build credibility, establish media relations, successfully create media buzz around Addverb’s services, and strengthen the relations with its existing network of investors, portfolio companies, and employees, to increase lifetime value and create brand ambassadors, as well as becoming sought after by the media for expert opinions. In this strategy document, we will discuss our strategy for the global English speaking market.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Establish Thought Leadership in The Global English Market
  • Create awareness and credibility
  • Create awareness about services and success of Adverb
  • Establish Addverb as the ideal solution for intra-logistics operations

PRLab strategy

Brand playbook

To kick off the collaboration, PRLab assisted Addverb to develop a practical guide to inspire employees and to align agencies. The brand playbook serves as a guide to provide clarity about who Addverb is to the world, what they stand for, and where they want to go.

The playbook provides clear direction for how Addverb communicates their brand story, with accuracy. This is to deliver a cohesive brand experience. It helps to maintain quality and consistency and supports anyone who communicates on behalf of Addverb Technologies to build stronger brand recognition and trust in our market.

The brand playbook contains critical information such as the brand story, brand purpose, vision, mission, tagline, values, positioning statement, and key information about the target audiences’ profiles, as well as core communication pillars such as tone of voice and key messages. Items pertaining to design and product information are also included in the brand book.

Media relations

To implement a successful Public relations strategy it is important we first gauged journalists’ receptiveness and enthusiasm towards Addverb’s editorial pieces. The purpose of this step is to discover appropriate angles to approach future articles to pitch efficiently to journalists. In drafting the first editorial pitch for exclusive outlets, we decided we will join the trends in intralogistics automation which include, labor shortages, fast growth, and shorter delivery times. Furthermore, we want Addverb to be perceived as an industry specialist who is valued in sharing their insight about the industry as a whole. For that reason, we highlighted Addverb's differentiation points such as providing innovative and customised solutions, cost-efficient products, and an exceptional personalized customer experience.

Content creation

The second stage of Addverb’s PR strategy is to generate content with a unique angle that is highly relevant to the industry as well as relevant journalists. When making unique content we implemented a thought leadership strategy to display expertise in the topic as well as build credibility within the industry. By the end of April, we had five thought leadership and press releases written and published in order to achieve widespread awareness. Addverb’s content was published in outlets such as Finance Digest, TbTech, Warehouse and Logistics News, Instisignpos, HSS, and materials handling world magazine. In publishing this content, it acted as a catalyst for opportunities for speaking and interview roles for SThree, further building Addverb’s brand awareness in a global market.

Thought leadership

To build a solid position in the global English market, it was imperative Addverb develop long-lasting thought leadership strategies. Through securing various editorial pieces and press releases, Addverb developed a foundation in the new markets to improve its brand awareness and credibility. Through the development of this position in the market, we have recommended in the near future for Addverb to create awards and competitions, organise events or conferences and build solid relationships with local influencers.

Furthermore, a long-term goal is to position the CEO of Addverb as a thought leadership leader in the intralogistics industry. As we released a pitch about the story of the CEO we are expecting to see journalists approach Addverb for interviews and the development of a company profile.

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