Bleenco was founded in 2017 in Munich, Germany by Irman Abdić. Bleenco is the first no-code platform delivering AI for real-world solutions in industrial settings. It offers AI solutions for operational managers that allow them to elevate safety and operational efficiency. For R&D teams, Bleenco offers them the tools to build no-code AI solutions, custom to their company’s contexts.
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About Bleenco

By combining the most advanced technologies around AI, alongside the building block theory based on the society of mind theory spearheaded by Marvin Minsky, Bleenco revolutionizes the way operational managers and R&D innovative departments have access to- and are able to implement AI solutions for their daily businesses. The company makes it possible for its clients to enhance workplace productivity, increase workplace safety and constantly use the newest AI components to build the best-in-class solutions.

The Challenge

As an AI specialist, Bleenco aims to become the leading no-code AI platform for innovation, R&D, and operational management for large sized-companies throughout tech-advanced European countries and U.S., by giving researchers, strategists, and operational managers the best possible tools to maximize their operational efficiency while minimizing accidents due to unsafe situations.

To help achieve Bleencos goals, PRLab was enlisted to gain more attention from the press, increase brand awareness, build credibility, establish media relations, increase generated leads, attract investors and successfully create media buzz around the official launch, which happened in October.

We aimed to position Bleenco as a thought leader within the AI-services industry in both the European and American market, as a means for them to become sought after by the media for expert opinions.

PRLab's Strategy

Total: 6-month collaboration
PR Planning & Content Creation
Media Outreach
Content Marketing

Content Creation

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Firstly, we needed to plan how we could generate product and brand awareness for Bleenco, as well as establish them as a thought leader in the technologically developed European and US Markets.

We needed to make sure to communicate their innovative message in tailored ways to a variety of different target audiences, to spark curiosity, cultivate a feeling of missing out, and generate high quality leads.

In phase 1 we tested the waters and gauge journalists' receptiveness and enthusiasm toward Bleenco’s business concept and the formal launch of the company and its products, which took place during late September for VIPs and in October for the general virtual launch.

As Bleenco has received press coverage before regarding the application of AI to protect employees in their work, we wanted to familiarize journalists with how Bleenco has expanded on their initial business concept, and to familiarize them with the user-friendly no-code AI-processes that Bleenco enables to its customers.

By doing so, the launch of Bleenco in October could focus on presenting the platform as an extension of its earlier operations and the vision the company expressed before, and as a SaaS empowerment tool to AI R&D departments of large corporations to start realizing Bleenco’s vision for a more efficient and safer workplace.

A week ahead of the launch, we gave a few key journalists a demo and access to the SaaS platform, as well as an opportunity to speak with the founder, so they get all the ins-and-outs.

Media Outreach

Based on the target audience, the following vertical subdivision of publication outlets was created for our media outreach.

- National publications
- Publications covering operational and general management
- Publications covering startups / scale-ups
- Publications covering R&D, specifically AI
- Podcasts, radio and tv outlets

We differentiated Bleenco from its competitors by highlighting the USP’s of both Bleenco and its Bleenco Go platform for easier access to AI developments for innovation and R&D department, which both enhance the speed and the ease of research in companies, as well as increasing efficiency and safety in the operations of the companies that use Bleenco’s solutions - while keeping everything easily accessible and requiring no technical expertise.

Furthermore, when reaching out to verticals we used case studies as proof of Bleenco’s value to large companies - supporting a strong argument for trustworthiness.

Content Marketing 

We used thought leadership content to display expertise and to build credibility. In conjunction with the thought leadership content, we started our preparation for the Industry Report and a panel discussion on no-code AI in R&D to continue the momentum enacted by the launch. We also directed the media attention to convert into attention from Bleenco’s target audiences, such as decision makers in large corporations, key players in R&D, and investors.

With the continuation of thought leadership content, journalists continued to have a general point of reference for conducting research beyond Bleenco’s (then-to-be-launched) website. Phase 3, therefore, focused on the months after Bleenco’ s launch and initial thought leadership content to maintain its position as expert and thought leader.

Toward the end of the collaboration, we launched a no-code AI as a safety solution event, where Bleenco invited some of its clients to present what they have been able to realize at their workplaces. The media was invited to attend. This way, we created a strong resource of content that Bleenco can use for further thought leadership and keep up the momentum.

PRLab Results

3-Month overview (on-going project):
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