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About Bomberbot

Bomberbot offers comprehensive tools for teaching and developing digital skills in a simple and fun way. Their immersive codecamps, which are events for kids and teenagers to learn basic programming and computational skills, were developed to meet the growing need for youth education in digital skills.

They are on a mission to provide easy, fun, and accessible digital education for young people in order to create a digitally literate generation.

Photo of Bomberbot team with kids.

The Challenge

There is no question that digital literacy is a must in today’s world. The problem was, parents weren’t aware of just how important it is to start introducing these skills at the primary school level.

Bomberbot’s challenge was to educate their target audience and increase the number of sign ups to their codecamps.

Photo of kids learning with Bomberbot.

PRLab's Strategy

Content Creation

To reach Bomberbot's target audience, we created a Facebook campaign which included promoting a series of educational blog posts and promotional videos.

Our content marketing strategy was aimed to raise awareness of the benefits of developing a child’s digital skills early on.

Photo of a student using Bomberbot.

Marketing Automation

The promotional campaign attracted the public and helped increase the number of leads. By using Facebook as a solid element to make connections, the strategy created by PR Lab and implemented by Bomberbot engaged users and drove +20,000 visitors to the blog in 1 year.

By creating attractive landing pages and educational lead nurturing journeys, we helped Bomberbot achieve a 50% increase in codecamp sign ups. With automated flows, Bomberbot’s content was engaging the right leads at the right time. As a result, the company saw a 20% increase in its conversion rate.

PRLab Results


Increase in
Codecamp signups


Increase in
conversion rate


Blog visitors
in 1 year


Photo of Cristian Bello, founder of Bomberbot

“PRLab helped us to come up with a content strategy that worked incredibly well when educating our target audience in the value of our products. From creating original articles that brought a lot of leads in, to creating email marketing journeys focused on content, they handled it all in the right way. I would definitely recommend PRLab to any company facing the challenge of operating in a niche and needing to educate and nurture their target audiences in the value of the products they offer. The PRLab team is reliable, honest, and
accountable. They’re not a traditional PR agency, they worked as an extension of our team and owned their metrics, growing them exponentially Q by Q!"

Cristian Bello
Founder of Bomberbot

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