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About Briqwise

Briqwise is a rapidly growing Dutch Fintech startup with a peer-to-peer lending platform that brings SME entrepreneurs and investors together for financing commercial real estate. From its inception in 2018 and commencing business activities in 2019, the company assessed over half a billion euros in finance request and now steadily approaches closing over 50 million euros in deals on its platform.

As a true Fintech company, Briqwise’s platform is fully IT driven, providing a great many opportunities for automating, simplifying, and moving faster than traditional banks. What’s more? Briqwise uses an established banking method for credit assessment and make their their entire process as risk-free and transparent as possible for both parties.

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The Challenge

Being founded by a wintered IT entrepreneur, a former banker and a former crowdfunding coach, Briqwise launched and operated without trying to draw media attention to itself for the first two years. Instead, the company focused on deal making, developing its IT platform and establishing itself as high-quality real estate funding mediator.

When Briqwise approached us, they were already running paid ads and looking to tackle the PR side of things. The initial agreement was to have Briqwise provide PRLab with thought leadership content, which we would then feedback and pitch to the most relevant publications for reaching their target audiences. However, business at Briqwise went so well they were working around the clock and barely had time to provide us with content.

Being renowned for our proactive approach, PRLab quickly pivoted and started identifying the possibilities at hand to still get Briqwise featured in the media. Without spoiling the results just yet, we can happily say we succeeded in our goal. Read on to see where we’ve taken this ongoing collaboration so far!

Conducting Research

We kicked off our collaboration firstly with an industry and competitor analysis in order to form stronger stories that would later capture journalists’ attention.

Creating Media Stories

Subsequently, a media list was generated, targeting trade magazines for real estate, property funding, tech, business, financial management, SME’s and entrepreneurship. Alongside several commentary pitches, our main focus was on announcing the Briqwise expansion to Australia in the Dutch market, using the occasion to familiarize journalists with the company for any future media push.

Targeted Pitching

Along with Briqwise’s cross-border expansion, we recommended they also undertake Australian PR activities for which we helped them generate a media list and provided feedback for that press release. Additionally, we decided it would be cool to test the EU market as well, and thus wrote an English press release as well. Separate from the Australia push, we went along with our targeted pitches to all relevant journalists.

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