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Chargebee helps individuals, small businesses and enterprises automate the set up and management of their billing, subscription, revenue operations and compliance. With offices in the Netherlands, Australia, the United States and India, Chargebee serves over 2,500 businesses in more than 150 countries, including the likes of MakeSpace, Pret a Manger, Fujitsu and Freshdesk.

In the past few years, businesses across the globe have increasingly adopted a subscription model as they look to better monetise their services. which has only been further fueled by the global pandemic.

Driven by this demand, Chargebee had just closed their Series F funding round and needed this funding news to reverberate and be heard globally. And that is why they came to PRLab, to get this news far and wide.

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PRLab's Strategy

Time is always of the essence, and PRLab hit the ground running. With one week to prepare for the launch of the funding news, the team at PRLab quickly divided up the work and set out to conquer.


Media and Industry
Research and Analysis




Targeted Tier 1
Media Pitches




Within one week, PRLab announced the news of their Series F funding globally and secured over 10 pieces of news and interview coverage on the day of the launch:

VentureBeat, Business Insider, PYMNTS and Fintech in the UK
Silicon Canals and Emerce in NL
PaymentandBanking and Startup Insider in DE
TechCrunch in the US

The results speak for themselves. Over 128 million in online readership, an estimated 133k in coverage views, and over 60 social shares, were gained from the efforts of PRLab.

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Press Coverage - 1st collab

Press Coverage - 2nd collab

PRLab Results




Coverage Views



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