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Chordify is an online music chord platform that provides free chords for any song in the world for guitar, piano and ukulele
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About Chordify

Chordify is a music platform with a unique technology that allows users to automatically extract chords from any song. Unlike any other platform, the chords can be provided by uploading an audio file, meaning you no longer need to rely on others to “figure out the chords” for you. Founded by a group of friends in 2013 who sought to bring scientific findings on chord recognition into practice, Chordify offers a relaxing, engaging, and rewarding way to learn the chords to a variety of instruments while playing along to songs as they progress.

The challenge

Chordify had big ambitions for the English-speaking media and turned to PRLab for assistance. Together, their goal was to increase brand recognition, establish media relations, and build credibility. With their revolutionary technology for learning musical chords, Chordify aimed to generate buzz around their services and establish themselves as the go-to solution for learning chords. Additionally, they sought to strengthen relationships with their existing investors, portfolio companies, and employees. By doing so, Chordify hoped to enhance customer loyalty, create brand ambassadors, and become a trusted source of expert opinions in the media. To accomplish this, the PR strategy focused on the English-speaking market, particularly the United States, targeting music enthusiasts, company founders, owners, facilities/departments, and music influencers.

Chordify team

PRLab Strategy

PRLab's strategy for Chordify harnessed unique market data and industry insights to create thought-provoking content that resonated with journalists and audiences alike.

Through a carefully crafted approach that combined targeted pitching and thought leadership tactics, we were able to establish Chordify as a trusted voice in the industry, resulting in widespread visibility and coverage.

Strategic planning

Without a plan, a vision is just a dream. Therefore, we ensured to set ourselves up for success by establishing a solid plan before taking action. The first two weeks were spent diving deep into Chordify’s business goals and market. A thorough market overview and competitor analysis was conducted to gain a better understanding of the industry. Using this information, we created a targeted media list for each vertical by leveraging various online tools and their network. Chordify’s goals were translated into key messages, KPIs were set and a PR tracker was created to measure progress.

Content creation

Our PR strategy for Chordify was put into action by first testing the waters with journalists to gauge their interest in our editorial pieces. We used this valuable feedback to identify the most effective approaches to creating future content. As the industry was focused on trending songs, we drafted our first exclusive editorial piece on the topic and pitched it to select outlets to capture the audience's attention. This process allowed us to fine-tune our approach and generate relevant content pieces for the media. An integrated PR and content calendar served as a guide for our team, allowing us to bring the right content to the media each month.

Targeted pitching

After gathering valuable feedback from journalists, our team utilised these insights to create relevant content for Chordify. We carefully crafted exclusive pieces that were pitched to select outlets, ensuring that the content would be of interest to their audience. Leveraging Chordify's industry insights and valuable market data, we started with thought leadership pieces to establish credibility and build trust with the media. This ultimately increased brand visibility and media coverage, resulting in interview opportunities and speaking engagements. Long-term thought leadership tactics, such as creating awards and competitions, organising events or conferences, and building relationships with local influencers, were applied to solidify Chordify's position in the industry.

Communication & evaluation

PRLab constantly monitored which stories and content pieces were successful in gaining media attention, and which were not. The team regularly communicated with Chordify through email and Slack to provide updates and discuss ideas and progress. Weekly meetings were held to ensure everyone was on the same page and progress was being made. Two progress and action reports were delivered, detailing all the coverage that had been acquired, as well as the actions taken. By carefully analysing their results, we were able to refine their strategy and ensure that Chordify's PR efforts were always on track.

About Chordify

PRLab results

Although Chordify's initial focus was on the UK and US markets, their outreach expanded to include the Netherlands.

With an average DA of 51 and media coverage in publications such as, and, Chordify was able to expand its online presence and visibility.

Countries: USA | UK | NL

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