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About Deel

Deel is an all-in-one platform for all things HR. From global hiring and onboarding, to payroll and compliance, Deel unifies and digitizes manual processes with an array of fintech tools, payroll systems and HR apps.

Hiring from abroad has never been this easy. With its extensive presence in 150 countries, Deel has helped thousands of companies globalise their teams by streamlining all aspects of hiring, paying and overseeing an international workforce, while staying compliant.


The challenge

With over 2’000 employees and entities across more than 150 countries, Deel is a frontrunner in the hiring management industry. Nevertheless, their Dutch subsidiary had potential for growth and development.

As a leading PR agency in Amsterdam, PRLab was well equipped to help Deel create buzz and drive brand awareness in the region. The goal was to position Deel as the leading choice for its target audience, while also enhancing its connections with current clients, the general public, C-suite executives, and relevant journalists. After successful results, PRLab further expanded Deel's presence in the whole Benelux region.


PRLab Strategy

PRLab's work with Deel was a well-orchestrated effort that included extensive research to identify the right media outlets and publications to target. They created a key media database that separated outlets by tiers, ensuring targeted and effective outreach.

PRLab also formulated a clear and executable PR strategy aligned with Deel's business goals, produced and pitched stories and press releases, and monitored results through regular updates, communication, and evaluation. The result? A successful PR campaign that secured coverage and increased Deel's visibility in their industry.

  1. Research & Planning
  2. Media Outreach
  3. News Monitoring & Newsjacking
  4. Thought Leadership
  5. Evaluation & Communication of PR Results

Research and planning

During the initial phase of their collaboration with Deel, PRLab was laser-focused on conducting thorough research to identify the most relevant media outlets and publications in Deel's industry. They created a key media database, separated by tiers, that would be used to target specific publications for PR outreach. This involved researching the most influential and high-traffic publications that would be interested in Deel's message and developing a comprehensive list of contacts to reach out to. Finally, PRLab created a PR-tracker to monitor and track all pitching efforts, ensuring that they could stay on top of their progress and adjust their strategy as needed.

Media outreach

During the media outreach phase, the team produced and pitched compelling stories and press releases to relevant media outlets. Leveraging their key media database and knowledge of the media landscape, PRLab identified the most suitable publications and tailored their outreach efforts to maximize the impact of their media pitches. With a clear and executable PR strategy in place, PRLab was able to secure coverage in a timely and strategic manner, aligning their PR efforts with Deel's business objectives.

News monitoring and newsjacking

News monitoring and newsjacking efforts were ongoing and a dynamic part of PRLab’s work for Deel. They kept a close eye on the latest developments, trends, and announcements within Deel's industry, ensuring that they were always up to date with the latest news. This allowed them to jump on opportunities for commentary pitches and other exciting opportunities, using their expertise to offer insightful and engaging perspectives on breaking news stories.

Thought leadership

PRLab took a proactive approach to position Deel as a thought leader in their industry. They provided valuable feedback and distributed thought leadership content from Meltwater to relevant media outlets. By sharing insights and expertise, Deel was able to establish themselves as a trusted source of information, further enhancing their reputation and credibility in the market. PRLab also ensured that the content was distributed through the right channels and to the right people, reaching a wide audience and generating interest in Deel's offerings. By leveraging the power of thought leadership, PRLab helped to cement Deel's position as a leader in their industry.

Evaluation and communication of PR results

PRLab closely monitored the impact of their PR efforts on Deel's business goals. They evaluated which stories and pieces of content got picked up by the media and which did not, and they analyzed why. Regular updates via email and mutual Slack channel were provided to ensure Deel was aware of progress. Weekly meetings were held to discuss ideas and progress, allowing PRLab to adjust their approach as needed. They also provided two progress and action reports that detailed all the coverage acquired and conducted actions. By continually evaluating their PR efforts and communicating their PR results, PRLab ensured the success of Deel's PR campaign.


PRLab results

PRLab has been working diligently with their client, Deel, to secure some impressive media coverage in publications such as bnr.nl, agconnect.cl and emerce.nl. With a total of 77 publications and 33 backlinks, PRLab has been able to boost Deel's online presence and increase their visibility.

With an average DA of 45, RLab successfully secured high-quality placements for Deel that have the potential to reach a wide and engaged audience, and helped Deel elevate their profile and reputation in the Benelux market.

Countries: The Netherlands | Belgium

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