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Your entire company spend in one place: Manage card payments, employee expenses, and invoices in one place with Moss

About Moss

Moss was founded in 2019 and launched its product in 2020 in Berlin, Germany. The company is an all-in-one spend management platform and offers corporate credit cards, managing employee expenses, invoice management, accounting, and controlling. By combining many of the key functionalities of spend management into its one all-encompassing software, Moss offers both centralization and transparency of financial data, making it a revolutionary tool for financial management in startups and medium-sized companies.

The challenge

The company’s mission was clear from the start: Moss wants to digitize the expense management of small and medium-sized businesses and help them tap into their full potential. With a solid start of the company, Moss already has a proven track record with many success stories to tell, including customers such as Flink, Grover, Joblift, and Snocks.

As a financial services specialist, Moss aims to become the leading financial management platform for businesses across Europe. The sheer diversity in solutions that Moss’ software comprehensively affords makes it highly applicable to a variety of different business verticals, including tech companies, eCommerce companies, and consultancies, to name a few.

To help achieve Moss’ goals in the Netherlands, PRLab has been enlisted to gain more attention from the press, increase brand awareness, build credibility, establish media relations, successfully create media buzz around the upcoming launch of Moss in the Netherlands, and strengthen the relations with its existing network of investors, portfolio companies, and employees, to increase life-time value and create brand ambassadors, as well as becoming sought after by the media for expert opinions.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Build credibility;
  • Create buzz around the launch of Moss in the Netherlands;
  • Establish Moss as the ideal all-in-one spend management platform.

Story Creation

As Moss has not yet received press coverage in the Netherlands but has received significant press coverage in Germany as well as internationally, we applied our PR experience to create tailored messages for the Dutch audience.

We made sure that the message we crafted would resonate with the Dutch audience, to win trust and showcase that Moss can support and improve current businesses with their spend management, and help them leverage their skills.

The story creation kept the following point in mind:

1. Brand awareness – content that enhances Moss’ visibility in the Dutch media.
2. Newsjacking and commentary pitches – provide Moss’ expert input to developing and trending news stories.

Media Outreach

We had the story, now we had to find the right journalists and media agents to share it with! This also meant researching the media platforms that would best compliment Moss’s key message.

Based on the target audience, the following vertical subdivision was created for our media outreach:

  • National publications
  • Publications covering finance
  • Publications covering tech / SMEs / entrepreneurs
  • Publications covering startups / scale-ups
  • Podcasts, radio, and TV outlets

In addition to earned media, paid ads were implemented into getting the word out about Moss.

Creation of the Press Release

After a 'test' press release, we gathered insights and continued to create press releases for key activities of Moss in the Netherlands. Next, we started to present thought leadership content to display expertise and build credibility in order to continue the momentum we have achieved.

By integrating thought leadership tactics, we try to not only build awareness around Moss in the Netherlands but also position Moss amongst more established competitors.

When creating the press releases, we kept the following in mind:
- Gain more attention from the press and boost your brand awareness
- Proper positioning within the targeted industry

Targeted Pitching

With the press releases ready, we sent them out to the relevant journalists. To ensure our success, we personalized our pitches for the top tier publications, crafting different angles for different journalists, researching their previous work to make sure our efforts are as concise as possible.

Because we’ve already researched extensively what outlets to pitch to, we wasted no time in this stage once the press releases have been approved by the client.

In addition to targeted pitching, we also keep a close eye on the media to spot news jacking opportunities!

Press Coverage


Results update (on-going project):
  • 5 Pieces of Coverage
  • 450K Online Readership
  • 23 Social Shares
  • 2 Backlinks
  • 49 Ave DA
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Online readership


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Social engagements




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