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NuPay Technologies is a blockchain corporation dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable enterprise solutions
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About NuPay

NuPay Technologies is a blockchain corporation, founded by Brad Wilson in 2020, alongside a specialized team of innovative disruptors, hailing from professional backgrounds in merchant services, corporate governance, banking, software development, sales, and marketing.

The interests of NuPay Technologies lie in the development of innovative, eco-friendly, blockchain-based products. These powerful products provide accessibility, security, speed, and value to meet the ever-changing demands of businesses, communities, and individuals. NuPay seeks to unlock the limitless potential of digital assets; all while having a minimal impact on the planet.


The challenge

The key challenge NuPay aims to address is gaining a better global media presence, specifically in the US, UK, and across Europe. NuPay’s current goal is to create name recognition and to share their mission. NuPay also launched the NFT marketplace, PRISM. On this front, brand awareness is a priority to establish PRISM as a leader in the field of NFT creation and trading activities.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Gain more attention from the press, boost brand awareness for investment, and establish NuPay’s credibility.
  • A mix of brand awareness and newsjacking to successfully achieve market visibility.
  • Responsibly needs to have impact, gaining share of voice and industry awareness.
  • Strategic positioning in targeted industries.
  • Exposure in all target markets.
  • Create a buzz around PRISM and the upcoming blockchain.
  • Build NuPay’s credibility to become a point of reference in the industry.

PRLab strategy

Brand awareness

As the initial collaboration was set at 3-months, PRLab sprung into action right away to establish the necessary credibility for NuPay - in front of the right audiences - to ensure they are able to build awareness to grow their customer and partner pool as well. The target audiences included Fintech and blockchain verticals.

In terms of the key messages, it was important to exemplify PRISM’s culture of cultivating rarity, exclusivity, and value. Next to this, the security that comes with NuPay’s ProtectArt feature, and a platform to distinguish their art, open opportunities for others who may not have contacts from initial contributors.

The key message NFT and blockchain enthusiasts needed to hear was NuPay’s determination to innovate, not only for itself, but for the industry as a whole. The PRISM marketplace will continue to research new technologies and applications that provide use cases for creatives and collectives of all types, as well as the rest of the world.

To execute effective brand awareness, press announcements focused on NuPay’s expansions, milestones, the launch of new products, and new company directions. Targeted publications included VentureBeat, FastCompany and Forbes.

Press release support - the launch of PRISM

“The PRISM NFT Marketplace is a gateway for premium NFTs crafted by world-leading & emerging artists.”

As part of the overall collaboration, PRLab supported the launch of the NFT marketplace, PRISM, managed by NuPay.

We crafted a concise press release with key messaging and a tailored media list with a mix of NuPay’s chosen outlets and our global media to share the news. The launch was delayed, on go-live date. So we had to shift tactics. From this it was decided to pivot the objectives to creating “ambient” behind the scenes PR to create buzz around PRISM, before the platform went live.

We sent out 70+ pitches, across 3 media verticals, and offered 16 thought leadership pitches in the NFT space.

Thought leadership

For NuPay to be regarded as an industry leader, a thought leadership approach was followed to create insightful articles that reveal the myriad benefits of PRISM for artists, musicians and art connoisseurs alike. In addition, articles surrounding NuPay’s blockchain will highlight the environmental benefits that are brought about by, for example, greener NFT minting processes.

With thought leadership, the audience is set as artists, musicians, and NFT enthusiasts at large. The tone of thought leadership articles seek to provide deep insight and knowledge to the targeted audiences.

This is why messages were tailored as engaging and thoughtful analysis, opinions, inside scoops, or expert advice. Content should be beneficial and useful for existing users and compelling to attract new leads who want to improve the NFT industry.


We tackled industry topics through the lens of NuPay’s knowledge and established partner experiences - how have they challenged convention, tackled risks, and ultimately what they have learned about NFTs, and the future of art. These articles were kept insightful and provided evidence via successes/learning curves.


We wanted to challenge established conventions in the NFT and blockchain industry. With these articles, the tone needed to be insightful and instructive. These articles were dovetailed with inspirational articles and provided artists with guidance to promote a future of art in an ever-evolving digital world.


These articles were created to begin defining a path for the future of NFTs and cryptocurrency. Taking cues from successful implementations of artists and their works on the PRISM marketplace, these articles also illustrate what the future of the industry could look like.

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What our customers have to say

"We received over 50 featured articles and publications in the press. PRLab helped raise awareness for our project and provided many high-quality backlinks. PRLab also acquired multiple comment slots for our CEO and CTO."

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Joshua Bell
SVP of Marketing, NuPay

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