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About Offer Zen

OfferZen is an online job platform, set up for, and ran by software developers. Their core values are based on the principle that people themselves are the foundation of a flourishing tech team and a good software program. The organization helps software developers find meaningful work with impact.

OfferZen approaches the recruitment of software developers differently; prior to the application procedure, employers immediately provide a salary indication, role description and clear information about the required skills.

The Challenge

Having already established themselves in the Dutch market, OfferZen were eager to increase their authority and brand awareness.

They approached PRLab with research they had carried out on Dutch developers and an excellent report that revealed some interesting insights into the pain points of Dutch Developers regarding various aspects of the recruiting process.

Given the quality of their research and their findings, it was our challenge to secure top tier coverage for OfferZen.

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PRLab's Strategy

Media Research

The first step was to create a list of media outlets that would be interested in the research from OfferZen. We already have previous experience working with startups in the HR tech industry, so we were quickly able to curate lists of contacts to pitch the research to, contacts that we were certain would be interested in running the news of this insightful report.

Summarizing the Report

The next step was to go over OfferZen’s report and identify what findings would be of most interest to our list of outlets. To OfferZen’s credit, the research was in depth and contained a lot of data about the behaviour and feelings of developers about their employment and experiences with their hiring process. Based on our understanding of journalists, we selected the most newsworthy data and findings.

Creation of the Press Release

Armed now with our own understanding of the report’s key findings, we created a press release that we would send out to our list of media outlets. Our experienced team follow a simple yet effective method to craft our press releases, meaning they are always engaging for the reader, containing the essential information and connect our clients core values to the wider context and narrative of their industry.

Creation of the Press Release

around the world. To ensure our success, we personalized our pitches for the top tier publications, crafting different angles for different journalists, researching their previous work to make sure our efforts are as concise as possible.

PRLab Results


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Examples of press coverage obtained

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