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About Office App

Office App was founded by Iain Thompson in 2015 with the vision of seamlessly connecting employees to their office space for optimal productivity and enjoyment. The vision started small and has now grown to in 10 different countries all across Europe. The platform has completely changed the way work environments are built and utilized, optimizing the work-life flow.

The app can be your personal caterer, your chat room, your indoor navigator and so much more. The 45 + modular functionalities are made with detail and precision to enhance your time, in and out of the office, in other cities and brand recognition in the design industry.

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The Challenge

Office App has become one of the fastest-growing PropTech companies worldwide. However, they did not have a PR strategy in place to support their rapidly growing company. They wanted to boost their position in the industry and that is where PRLab stepped in.

PRLab and Office App have been working together since July of 2019. Since then Office App has gained local and international exposure.

They began with a full PR and content marketing strategy to amplify exposure and spread knowledge about the innovative software. PropTech is quite a niche market, but PRLab has the skills and knowledge to manage accounts from tech to sustainability to interior design. There is no industry they are not willing to tackle. Knowing the client as well as the audience is essential.

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PRLab's Strategy

Time is always of the essence, and PRLab hit the ground running. With one week to prepare for the launch of the funding news, the team at PRLab quickly divided up the work and set out to conquer.

Contacting Media Outlets

PRLab started by contacting various media outlets and publications to launch Office App into the public eye. Working all across Europe, the strategy quickly picked up speed.

PRLab set up exclusive interviews with Office App Head of Sales and Dutch publications, gaining traction in Data & Technology news outlets.

For the first time Office App began actively running press releases for new partnerships and feature releases. In the first month alone these press releases gained a readership of 993.000.

Content Creation

Office App is a revolutionary idea that needed content marketing support. With that in mind, PRLab Hub created a content plan that consisted of 3 new article topics every month on the vast array of Office App’s capabilities.

These articles were featured in publications specializing in everything from Property Management to Human Resources and Technology, bringing in new clients month after month.


PRLab employees are multilingual professionals who provide Office App with constant translations.

These translations are conducted in the form of news articles and press releases in Dutch, German, and French, catering and informing to international clientele.

Industry Report

We’ve interviewed over 2000 professionals across North America and Europe. All in all, they were from the United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada, Sweden, Italy, and a few other countries.

PRLab Results


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