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PLTFRM manages a network of IT service providers that each excel in a field or specialism
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PLTFRM is the online marketplace for IT managed services. The company was founded on the principle of realising successful collaborations between like-minded customers and service providers. PLTFRM developed a fresh approach to service management - aiming to successfully manage expectations, communications and values of every IT project. In this, they manage a network of IT service providers.

PLTFRM is the one-stop solution provider, they search for and find proven solutions delivered by specialised IT service providers. PLTFRM’s online marketplace makes it easier for IT companies to create their IT ecosystem - by combining services with the right PLTFRM partner in each field or by choosing services that complement their existing IT landscape.

“A collective spectrum of what is out there”. The online marketplace offers IT professionals and specialists the opportunity to share their services, so that others have a complete overview of the total and dynamic services offered within the world of IT.

The challenge

PLTFRM soft ‘launched’ in January 2021. Since then, the company was joined by an angel investor and built out its platform that now provides 150 IT services delivered by 50+ partners for its first clients. During the 2nd half of 2021, PLTFRM officially launched the online marketplace and aimed to generate an approximation of 400 leads that should translate to 15 new clients.

To help achieve this goal, PRLab has been enlisted to increase brand awareness, build credibility, establish media relations and to successfully create media buzz around the launch of the online marketplace that took place 15th September 2021.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build credibility
  • Create buzz around the launch of PLTFRM’s online marketplace
  • Establish PLTFRM as the ideal partner and intermediary for IT managed services

PRLab strategy

PR planning

Firstly, we needed to analyse the media’s interest in PLTFRM’s business concept. As PLTFRM has not been featured in the media yet, we wanted to familiarize journalists with its vision, mission and USPs first, so that the launch could focus on the online marketplace itself.

Media outreach

Next, as the summer months are quieter in terms of PR and media activities, we had to bridge the summer month of August with thought leadership content to display expertise and build credibility.

From experience, editorial departments tend to be understaffed in this period, meaning full-written content pieces have a better chance of being picked up over interview pitches and content items that are not yet fully written.

Based on PLTFRM’s key audiences, we focused on media outlets with a strong tech interest - specifically in that of all things IT.

In this phase we also invited a few key journalists to the launch event.

Content creation

In terms of content creation, we wanted to focus on the launch of the online marketplace and the launch event itself. This would set the tone for future content creation.

As part of the strategy, thought leadership content items were written to display PLTFRM’s industry expertise and how they innovate within their niche - whilst keeping the focus centered around the launch of the online marketplace.

A week ahead of the launch, we gave a few key journalists access to the online marketplace so they could get all the ins and outs of how this feature of PLTFRM works.

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