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About Siilo

Siilo, the secure medical messaging application designed to help healthcare professionals and teams better collaborate on difficult cases, improve patient care, and share knowledge in a compliant way.

Today, Siilo is the largest medical network in Europe with over 250,000 active members.

In summer 2020, Siilo had just closed funding in a Series A funding round while providing critical services for medical professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. They wanted to make some noise around the launch of their funding and build their brand to elevate their station as leaders in MedTech.

That is why they came to PRLab, they wanted to make an impact.

The Challenge

Siilo approached PRLab with the goal to launch funding news in the Dutch and Belgian markets, and boost their global visibility as a brand. The intrepid company wanted to build foundational brand awareness as well as their thought leadership credentials, and knew PRLab, strategically positioned in Amsterdam and worldwide as the go-to PR agency for startups, could provide it.

PRLab's Strategy

Time is always of the essence, and PRLab hit the ground running. They assembled a team focusing on key elements to share with the media, and understand the value inherent in Siilo that needed to be made known.

Making noise for the news of any launch happens to be one of PRLab’s specialties, and they quickly divided up the work and set out to conquer.

Media and Industry Research and Analysis

Since the news needed to be make an impact, PRLab’s dedicated research team went to work. To maximise noise for a launch, in depth research into competitors, media and journalists is of utmost importance. PRLab surveyed the lists and divided the media into tiers and selectively picked the journalists and publications that would provide the right and loudest coverage.

They took time to analyse Siilo’s competitors in order to find ways to make the coverage stand out from the rest. Along with keyword analysis, PRLab could effectively begin crafting the right sound and tone for the pitches and press releases to be shared with the targeted media.

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Press Releases

As with any big launch of funding news, press releases play a vital role in spreading the word to as many outlets as possible. PRLab composed the press release in concert with the Siilo team to ensure that it made maximum impact.

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Targeted Tier 1 Media Pitches

Using the thorough research, targeted Tier 1 media in the Netherlands, and Belgium were pitched under embargo.

PRLab used varied angles to hit media of different sectors that would amplify the noise of the launch of funding news.

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As the saying goes, results speak for themselves, and the results spoke. PRLab landed prestige coverage for Siilo in the Netherlands and Belgium, in many publications.

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Examples of press coverage obtained

PRLab Results


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