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About Tarabut Gateway

Founded in 2017, Tarabut Gateway is the first and largest open banking platform in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Tarabut Gateway integrates banks which allows their customers the possibility to access accounts and transactional data from different banks, credit card providers, and other financial services in one place (account aggregation) as well as making it easier for customers to make payments or transfer funds between bank accounts.

By developing a single universal open banking Application Programming Interface (API) Tarabut Gateway provides access to a global network of banks and FinTechs - revolutionizing the payment space.

The challenge

Open banking is undeniably on the rise. Fintechs are prominent, and the receptiveness towards them is increasing in the MENA region. That said, Tarabut Gateway is unique in the fact that it combines the many different aspects of the future of finance into one service.

In order to share their dynamic services with the world, Tarabut Gateway entrusted PRLab with the responsibility of sharing their message with a global audience.

We set out to achieve the following:

  • Increase brand awareness in Europe in relation to making TG the poster child of the MENA region.
  • Build credibility and trust.
  • Communicate TG’s achievements (both past and future).
  • Create buzz for upcoming announcements and exciting news.
  • Establish TG as an attractive destination for investors and an attractive workplace for tech talent.

PRLab Strategy


The initial collaboration between Tarabut Gateway and PRLab started in October 2021 and lasted until March 2022. The first week of October was spent familiarizing ourselves with the client and translating Tarabut Gateway’s business goals into key messages. After this, we created a distinct media list and a clear and executable PR strategy.

During the research phase, close collaboration between us and Tarabut Gateway was greatly important to make sure we align on the strategy. The information we collected set the stage for the next phases, as the created content, media approach and targeted media outlets all had to compliment one another - not to mention - enhance the key message being shared.

Media relations

When pitching to journalists, as well as when writing to journalists, we aimed to use accessible language to keep the topics understandable and easily digestible for anyone to read. The topic of open banking becomes quite technical and riddled with jargon very easily, so we wanted to keep information reader friendly.

Based on the target audience, the following vertical subdivision of publication outlets was created for our media outreach:

  • Global English publications
  • Publications covering financial services
  • Publications covering (innovative) technology
  • Publications covering startups / scale-ups
  • Podcasts, radio and tv outlets

To reach each vertical, the media list has been generated, detailing the different publication outlets we will be reaching out to in the upcoming months.

Content marketing

Phase 3, focused on the months after Q4, to maintain Tarabut Gateway’s position as an expert and a thought leader of their field, and to further drive brand awareness.

The content we created to present and pitch to media agents followed a thought leadership approach to display expertise and build credibility. Through the type of content sent out and the journalists we contacted, we aimed to attract tech talent, and offer additional clarity, transparency and assurances for investors.

When pitching journalists, for each new media story, we reach out to a selection of media outlets based on topic relevance. This was done with the purpose of ensuring each content piece is presented on the right platform, to the right audience.

Towards the end of the initial 6-month collaboration, we launched an interview series with existing clients of Tarabut Gateway, both in the MENA region and beyond. This was done so that investors and tech talent could see why the MENA region is a golden opportunity for open banking. Also, to show how Tarabut Gateway is playing a key role in Open Baking adoption in the MENA region by being different and moving fast and ahead.

This was done with the purpose to develop strong content which Tarabut Gateway can use for further thought leadership to keep up the momentum after our initial collaboration has formally ended.

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