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Ambitions are growing within the Netherlands, and one of these is to make the country the leading tech ecosystem in the world. Enter Techleap.nl. They were given a government mandate in 2019 to quantify and accelerate the development and advancement of the tech
ecosystem of the Netherlands.

To do this, Techleap has instituted programs and initiatives to break down impediments, and gain access to talent, capital, and knowledge. Spreading and sharing knowledge is a significant element of their strategy to make the Dutch tech ecosystem truly flourish, and that is why they approached PRLab - they needed precise and lucid content to effectively share experts’ insights for the tech and business community.

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The Challenge

Techleap approached PRLab for help with a series of interviews with some of the leading industry influencers and experts for businesses in tech. Techleap seeked to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our times in the business and tech community, from assessing the fundamentals of leadership, to examining how a company can maintain culture while scaling up and navigating a global pandemic.

These interviews ranged from the likes of CEO’s from the Netherlands, leaders such as Peter Zwart CEO of Coolblue, to thought leaders and game changers like Mark Vletter founder of Voys. The interviews were also conducted with global superstars, who have worked for some of the world’s biggest and well-known organizations, like Patty McCord, former CTO of Netflix.

Techleap needed the interviews to be coherent, to the point, but light enough for the casual reader to enjoy. PRLab would endeavour to hit those very marks and provide articulate content derived from their interviews.

Photo for the section

The Strategy

Working in concert with Techleap and a third party team executing the interviews, PRLab had variables out of their control to contend with, and in their fashion, they designed a streamlined system to disseminate the large quantities of erudite information and insights shared in the interviews.

Image for the strategy made for Teachleap.nl

Content Creation

Since the interviews were shared in their audio form, PRLab had to dissect and determine the most salient and significant information lodged in the transcripts of the interviews. In tandem with Techleap’s judicious feedback, PRLab was able to fashion coherent and straightforward interviews into writing, while making sure that the message was clear and the insights understandable.

  • Image made for the content creation of techleap.nl
  • Interview to Patty McCord
  • Interview to Pieter Zwart, founder and CEO of CoolBlue

PRLab Results

Photo of the PRLab results obtained for TechLeap

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