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About Unifonic

Saudi-based Unifonic is a customer engagement platform that enables organizations to delight customers with remarkable omnichannel experiences. By unifying communication channels, messaging apps, and chatbots, it streamlines conversations at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey.

Unifonic’s solutions integrate customer communication channels including text, voice, messaging and web into a single platform to enable companies to create stronger customer relationships. As newer channels emerge and user preferences change over time, organizations rely on Unifonic to maximize customer engagement and optimize communication returns on investment.

The Challenge

PRLab kicked off the collaboration with Unifonic mid-June 2021 to share their Series B funding round. Working together with the Unifonic team, we set our sights on achieving coverage with top tier outlets, Bloomberg (global English) & Forbes ME (MENA). We created the press release, working to hone the key messages, and situate Unifonic in a prime position to grow on the global stage.

The launch of funding was a great success - PRLab and our partners achieved the set objectives for coverage and exceeded the goals by a large margin! With more than 60 pieces of coverage and an online readership of 390M, plus an average Domain Authority score of 47, we smashed the initial target!

Following the successful rollout of the funding news, Unifonic wanted to leverage the forward momentum to begin establishing themselves as a global player - empowering enterprises and their customers via integrated communication systems.

PRLab was enlisted to act as an integrated marketing and PR hub, making sure that Unifonic achieves the unity and visibility they wanted, by supporting the execution of existing strategies on a global scale. Furthermore, we supported Unifonic by sharing success stories and regular press releases on strategic wins, continuing momentum and helping grow a share of voice.

Since the start of 2022, PRLab has continued with a long-term PR plan for Unifonic, aiming to attract more attention from the press in KSA and the MENA region and to establish Unifonic as a point of reference for these regions. We’ve also continued a mix of thought-leadership + newsjacking approach to successfully achieve the visibility Unifonic requires locally and internationally, so as to elevate Unifonic’s credibility and reputation.

PRLab Strategy

Strategy highlights

Before jumping into story creation, we assembled a specialized PR team, who covered three regions simultaneously (Europe, UK and MENA). This was important because we were targeting a global market.

After assembling the team, we got to work on the story. Using a case study format, we built the story, with the center focus being Unifonic’s funding announcement. The series B round, led by SoftBank, was used to gather important details to share as part of the funding announcement.

Following the series B announcement, we developed a new story outline that focused on communicating Unifonic’s USPs. We wanted to communicate Unifonic’s expertise as a
customer engagement platform that enables organizations to delight customers with remarkable omnichannel experiences.

Fast forward to 2022, Unifonic announced their rebrand at LEAP to showcase their brand evolution. PRLab assisted Unifonic each step of the way in achieving media coverage in the local KSA market, as well as across neighboring regions and in the global English market. Since February 2022, PRLab has followed a content-focused strategy.

Media research

As with each press release and company announcement, we first set reasonable targets to meet. Next we compile extensive media lists and select the key news sites, publishers and journalists to send the story to.

Currently, our focus is to attract local media interest across the KSA and MENA region. Secondly, we aim to keep consistent media traction from the international (English) and Middle Eastern market, so that the news from Unifonic can be shared on a global scale.

For Unifonic, in our research we identify the news sites, blogs, journalists, magazines, etc., that have a strong tech, telecoms, business and startup readership. These industries and their verticals are used to plan our tailored pitches.

We divide the core targets for industry verticals, so that we can gain traction across the board for Unifonic and their announcements. Regarding the local Middle Eastern market, we partnered up with our media contacts to provide the very best coverage across Arabic and English media targets in the UAE and KSA.

Content creation

To successfully meet the collaboration objectives and to hit the KPIs, we are taking a content-focused approach, which is broken down into: article creation, internal comms pieces/newsletters, polls, and newsjacking. The exact deliverables are kept flexible to accommodate specific news and ad hoc announcements that might arise throughout the annual campaign.

As of late, we’ve assisted Unifonic with creating multiple press releases and sharing their expert opinions. Some recent announcements include Unifonic’s rebrand which was announced at LEAP 2022, the launch of UnifonicX’s accelerator program, Unifonic’s acquisition of Sestek, and Unifonic being awarded as a Great Place To Work.

Targeted pitching

Pitching included reaching out to, predominantly, English and Arabic speaking media across tech, business and startup and telecoms verticals.

For example, on the day of an agreed press release or launch, we shared the content pieces further and wider than our priority targets, with tailored pitches sent to specific vertical journalists. Our trusted partner in Dubai takes care of pitches across KSA and the greater MENA region.

The telecommunications industry is becoming more advanced and competitive each day, so we make sure to get attention from telecom media agents. One way we implement our telecom PR services is by securing focused media attention for our clients’ stories. This is how we aim to make them stand out in a competitive market.

​​Targeted pitching included Gulf News, Fortune, Business Insider + Insider Intelligence, Arabian Business, Entrepreneur ME, Wamda, along a long list of other core targets.

PRLab Results

Wayflyer was founded in 2019 and launched in April 2020, and has spun out of a marketing analytics company that Aidan Corbett (CEO) had previously started. Instead of using a marketing analytics engine to do big enterprise SaaS solutions, it was used to underwrite eCommerce businesses for short-term finance - the start of Wayflyer.

Today, Wayflyer is a revenue-based financing and analytics platform for eCommerce merchants. The company aims to provide fast and affordable funding to help unlock a business’ growth by giving them access to working capital (from $10K up to $20M), as well as access to data and analytics to improve marketing and drive sales.

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