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Volta Ventures is a venture capital firm, offering seed & early stage VC for internet & software companies in the Benelux region.
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About Volta Ventures

Volta Ventures offers seed and early-stage Venture Capital for software and internet startups in the Benelux region. Their team sets out to blend entrepreneurial experience with venture capital, by doing so they help businesses gain access to new markets, new clients and customers, funding and other networks that can be used to scale and grow companies.

Volta Ventures

The challenge

It was time for Volta Ventures to update their website and branding as they were only using “band aid solutions”. They didn’t have any strategy in place for who they are and how they are positioned within the venture capital market. As many potential founders and partners view the Volta website as a first impression of the company, it was important to update the website to reflect who they really are and what they stand for.

Volta Ventures contacted PRLab to assist with updating their brand identity, largely focusing on improving the appearance of their website and brand related elements. The main challenge being to find a design that matches Volta Venture’s spirit, whilst keeping it modern and minimalistic. With concerns to their SEO scores, it was identified that a performant SEO website, that loads fast on both mobile and desktop devices, was needed.

PRLab strategy

To address the Volta Venture’ s challenges, we teamed up with brand strategist, Sara Budhwani, and web developer, Genaro Palma.

As this project entailed the redesign of brand elements and improving SEO performance, overlap between redesigning the brand identity and website was a big part of the project.

Branding workshop

We kicked off the project by having a branding workshop with brand strategist Sara Budhwani. This allowed us to better understand their needs and to provide mockup materials until we arrived at a mutual agreement of the results we aim to see.

The workshop included an analysis of the pre-existing materials (logo, colours, slogan, etc.). We then moved over to assessing the communication needs, target audience and brand culture, so as to identify the golden thread between Volta’s company culture, visual and supporting materials.

During this phase we also went into ideation so that we could start the process of delivering concrete creative executions. From her, we set up a brand book that consists of logo/s, mission statement, typography, colour palette, and a use case (proposal deck template).

The key objective of the workshop was to identify the overall direction to take in redesigning some brand elements and this phase lasted 3 - 3.5 weeks.

Web design

With the branding workshop underway, we started to build Volta’s website. This included submitting SEO content guides, installing helper tools and working on HTML tags optimization.

In designing the new website, our team made sure to achieve unison between content creation, the visual identity and culture of Volta Ventures. On the other hand, we had to keep Google’s latest performance update in mind.

The Core Web Vitals (CWV) update focuses greatly on highly performant websites, to ensure user friendliness. To comply with CWV, we optimized the website for mobile friendliness, set up HTTPs, as well as made sure code is optimized for the best performance results.

Timeline: 1 month

Content creation

After the workshop, we gathered the needed insights - regarding mission, values, positioning, target, and personality - to guide content creation.

Conducting a series of exercises led us to the overall strategy that Volta Ventures treats each founder like a hero: They guide and empower the heroes of tomorrow to leave their legacies. This strategy became the red thread that connected all pieces together, including the personality and identity.

As Volta’s new website structure was being developed, we started working on SEO optimized copy. This included creating keyword focused text for the website’s different pages, such as location pages

Volta branding


With a clear guide on how to express the strategy and personality of Volta Ventures, we created a new website that was reflective of this. Volta received a new brand book with clear guidelines to use across all brand touchpoints. Their website was updated and the team was much happier with how it reflected the brand. With consistent messaging and personality, Volta Ventures is now clearly defined in their market, standing out against their competition.

Website performance

Concerning performance, once the website was finished, we installed WP Rocket (a plugin that improves performance) and we applied our setup in order to increase performance:

  • Compressing CSS and JavaScript
  • Creating critical CSS
  • Deferring JavaScript
  • Serving images in nex-gen format
  • Caching the website
Volta home page

New website

Website performance results are still pending as the content is still “young”, better indicators of success are expected over time and as upcoming SEO optimized content gets published.

In terms of brand image and design, minimalistic elements and fonts have been used to give the website a professional, yet inviting personality.

SEO results

Organic traffic

November 2021: 747 users/month average in 3 months.
June 2022: 1474 users/month average in 3 months.

Organic traffic


Sessions: 47% of the sessions come from pages or articles written and optimized by PRLab.
Organic sessions: 2252 organic sessions achieved in 3 months.


Organic keywords

  • Top 3: +22 keywords on the Top 3
  • Top 10: +101 keywords on the Top 10
  • Top 20: +217 keywords on the Top 20
  • Top 100: +1496 keywords on the Top 100

Targeted keywords

As it can be seen in the image, Volta Ventures is now ranking on the targeted keywords, which reverses the previous trend, where branded traffic was the main source of organic traffic.

Organic traffic increase
Organic sessions achieved in 3 months
Of the sessions come from pages or articles
Keywords on the Top 3

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