PRLab Lunch & Learn at Norrsken House: How to Generate News in Tech

Most PR agencies rely on news to get you featured in the media. What if we told you that you don’t have to wait, and you can make that news happen yourself? This session will help those in tech generate coverage for themselves, so join us for lunch & learn how to do PR proactively.

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8th December

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12:00 - 13:00

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Norrsken House

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We’re a global PR agency specialised in PR for tech startups and scaleups. With over 50 clients, we’ve secured coverage across 25 countries. This experience means we know what journalists in the tech space are looking for, and how to make your company and your story stand out to them.

Yet our approach is not just sending out attractive press releases. We take a proactive approach to PR, which means we regularly create news for our clients, instead of waiting for news to occur to push them to the media. The model consists of an integration of brand awareness techniques, thought leadership tactics, content creation and content placements. This model sets us apart, and it is this model we want to introduce you to over lunch.

About Norrsken House

Norrsken House

Norrsken is an impact ecosystem where entrepreneurs can find everything they need to make saving the world their job. They are a non-profit, non-religious, non-partisan organisation founded by Niklas Adalberth, one of the co-founders of Klarna.

They run the award-winning Norrsken House in Stockholm where this event will take place, and operate the Norrsken Impact Accelerator, Europe’s leading Accelerator program for early stage impact startups. They successfully incubated Norrsken VC - a €100 million impact VC fund investing in the best entrepreneurs that solve societal issues using technology.

Lunch & Learn is an event series at Norrsken house, focused on delivering impactful, educational content over lunch. You don’t have to be a member to attend, it’s open to the public and completely free!

Getting featured in the media is essential in growing not just the reach of your brand, but your online authority, trust, and credibility. But how exactly do you get featured in the news as a niche startup or scaleup if you haven’t got much to talk about?

The answer: create your own news! Now this isn’t a fake news workshop, but a session on the strategies and tactics you can use to generate media that will mention your brand.

Proactively generating media and coverage for yourself is exactly what this lunch & learn will be about. We invite you to join us for an energizing and practical session on not only the methods of getting featured in media, but how to make sure these methods are successful.


  • Brand storytelling: how to position your brand within your industry
  • Proactive PR: how to make a story relevant and what kind of stories resonate with the media
  • Methods of content generation, from thought leadership, conducting research to newsjacking and opinion pieces.
  • How to write a pitch and press release that will get noticed.
  • Examples:  How we landed over 50 pieces of coverage for our client Unifonic worldwide across tiers.

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