Scaling Across Borders with PR

If you’re working for a startup that’s looking to expand into new markets or launch new products, join our discussion with PR professionals from around the globe, bringing you all you need to know about expansion with PR.

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For our next educational series, we’ll be looking at expansion. Moving into international markets can bring a multitude of benefits such as a larger and more diverse customer base, greater access to talent and reduced operational costs. All of these factors contribute to a more resilient business.

However, undergoing such a venture can be intimidating. Maybe you don’t know what market to move to. Perhaps you have identified this, but don’t know how to actually enter that market.

This is where the skills and expertise of PR specialists can thrive. With an understanding of media landscapes, they know how to make a story newsworthy for different audiences.

On 8 July, we’ll be hosting a webinar titled ‘Scaling Across Borders With PR’. This webinar will be a discussion between PR professionals from around the world, sharing insights into the unique challenges of their media landscapes, and the strategies they use to enter into new markets.

We’ll be joined by PR specialists from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and the US. They’ll be helping you understand how PR helps with expansion, with unique insights into their specific markets.

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8 July at 16.30 CEST. 


Why you should consider expanding into new markets
How to make your brand ready for expansion

Identifying where to expand

How to execute a PR strategy for expansion


Matias Rodsevich

Matias is the founder and CEO of PRLab, with over 10 years of experience, from managing PR for IBM and Google in Argentina, to founding his own PR agency in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Alongside working with tech startups from many different industries, he is the author of the PR Paradox, an actionable guide to assist for your public relations strategy.

Michaela Krause

Michaela is a PR consultant based in Germany for over 10 years now, founding Laika Communications in 2018. Over the last years, with Laika she has grown and been working with some major names in tech and innovation: Snapchat, Soundcloud, SumUp, Trustpilot, Twitch - to only mention the big flagships. But there have also been some smaller startups that she has helped launch, - WisR, Chatterbug, SPICED Academy, ONO Mobility and LivingPacket.

Douglas Hunter

A PR Consultant from the UK experienced at helping clients bring products to market, increase their brand awareness and develop products and service offerings. Experienced across the Startup and Technology Space with a strong footing in B2B communications.

Jon Amar

Jon’s career has taken him from the halls of Congress as a speechwriter and communications director for members of the U.S. House of Representatives to the couches of co-working spaces (and his living room) as a startup founder and solopreneur. He has worked for internationally recognized public relations firms and has operated his agency, onword, since 2019.

He uses his PR agency, in-house comms, and entrepreneurial experiences to help companies create messages and strategic initiatives that generate public interest. His clients range from publicly traded companies to startups and nonprofits. He is also the founder and CEO of PR technology startup Vetted, which creates a passive channel for media relations.

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