SEO in 2021

Search Engine Optimization is constantly evolving. On the 27th of May we sat down with SEO experts to discuss the current trends, including the upcoming Google update that will impact marketeers from every industry.

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In early June, the Google algorithm is changing. Known as the ‘Core Web Vitals’ update, these vitals focus on the user experience, taking loading speed, as well as a page’s stability and interactivity into account.

These new factors will have a big impact on the positioning and ranking of your website, and therefore the visibility of your brand.

In order to shed some clarity on these changes and improvements we’ll need to make to adapt to this update, we’re inviting SEO experts and consultants to speak at our next webinar.

We will discuss how the new update will affect businesses, explaining the benefits of continually optimizing your SEO strategy, the impact of Core Web Vitals on SEO and the insights into how to do so. So whether you’re an expert or new to SEO, you are more than welcome to join this important discussion.

This will be an online event, but there will be the opportunity to join us live, and ask all of your SEO strategy related questions. 

This free webinar will be hosted by PRLab CEO Matias Rodsevich on Thursday 27 May at 4:30pm. To be a part of the conversation be sure to sign up with the link below!

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Thursday 27 May 2021 at 4:30 pm CEST
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How does Google index your website?
What are Core Web Vitals?
What are the changes being made in the upcoming Google update?
Why is SEO important to your brand visibility?
What are the first steps in doing your own SEO?
How has SEO changed and where is it going?


Photo of Bob Hardus, SEO expert

Bob Hardus

Experienced Search Engine Marketing specialist
Bridging the gap between development teams and content creation
Specializes in Content Platforms optimization
Solid background in journalism, publishing, digital media and tech startups
Founder at The Digital Marketing Specialist & SEO Consultant at Wayne Parker Kent
Photo of Genaro Palma, SEO consultant

Marco Genaro Palma

SEO-Friendly Website Developer
Over 5 years of experience
SEO Consultant for PRLab

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