How to build a Sports Tech brand in 2021

Watch the full video of the event "How to build a sports tech brand in 2021". Our PR Executive, Ross Burki, will be hosting a webinar focused on the current marketing trends affecting the Sports Tech industry: digitalization, individualization and brand identity.

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Watch the full webinar

Watch the full webinar

Earlier this year, we published an E-book on how we should rethink PR in 2021.

One of the biggest trends we are witnessing is the desire of consumers to consume brands that not only align with their core values, but create opportunities for community engagement.

In order to continue the conversation around the role of brands and community, we reached to leaders in an industry famous for its community and fan engagement; the world of sports.

We are pleased to announce that we will be joined by Konstatin Diertele, head of business development & marketing for Beyond Sports, a company that is creating new ways to experience sport through Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality.

Joining him will be sports PR maven Jon Woodroof, founder of Marketing and PR agency Twotone Amsterdam. On Thursday 10 June they’ll be sitting down in discussion with PRLab PR Executive Ross Burki to discuss how the sports tech industry is evolving, the contemporary technologies that are being used to build brands, and how they are creating opportunities for community engagement.

We hereby invite you to join the discussion, ask questions in real time, and discover key insights into the world of sports tech and community development from the experts themselves.

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Thursday 10 June 2021 at 4:30 pm CEST




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PR and brand awareness strategies to stand out in a saturated market

The role of AI and data in communicating with your audience

Current technology trends in major sports leagues

The role of technology in building a community


Jon Woodroof

Jon has a passion for the cross-section of where cycling, startups, and sales meet. He has 10 years of competitive cycling experience from the streets dodging traffic in alleycats to track sprinting internationally to amateur road racing and criteriums to digging deep in Dutch mud racing cyclocross. For Jon, “it all comes back to the bike.” He now runs Twotone, a PR and marketing agency built upon his years of communications and branding experience.

Konstantin Dieterle

After working in AdTech across multiple countries (Ireland, Germany, USA) for multiple years Konstantin’s current focus brings him to the intersecting worlds of sports communities, fan engagement and media through Data Visualization and AI. He is now the head of marketing for Beyond Sports, an AI based visualisation company that offers a new way of experiencing sports.

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