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Since its emergence, Automotive PR has been in constant development, aiming to provide fresh, innovative content and insight into a cutting-edge industry. The mobility industry’s constant growth raises the question: how are you going to stay ahead of the competition? The answer is by working with our Automotive and Mobility PR agency.
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We're NOT a traditional Automotive PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional mobility PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why choose our PR services for the mobility industry?


and Impact

At PRLab, we know that our work is about more than just content. Our mission is to use our PR expertise to put your automotive brand on the map: establishing or building your reputation and sharing your unique narrative, insights and contributions. We believe in getting to know our clients deeply, allowing us to effectively communicate your values and create an impact on your audience.


Our team of experts have worked with a range of automotive businesses, bringing a unique approach and set of strategies to each one. We know the importance of creating value and positioning you as an industry leader. Working with us ensures that each piece of content we put out into the world for you, from press releases to blog articles creates value for your business, positioning you as a trusted industry player to your customers, investors and competitors.

Industry Research 
and Expertise

We value working closely with our clients, and consider ourselves an extension to your team. This of course means we know the importance of being up-to-date with the automotive industry trends and movements. Working with PRLab, you can rest assured that we will produce content for you that’s relevant to the current trends, media narratives, and issues in the automotive field, whatever the current market shifts and perspectives..

Promoting Your Content

The content we produce is more than just information. It’s eye-catching, dynamic and engages our clients’ audiences, making them a part of the conversation. We’re committed to telling your story, whatever that may be, and helping it reach and resonate with the most relevant audience. We’re ready to position you as a valuable contributor in the automotive field, enabling you to express your identity, values and unique contributions.

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We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

Mobility PR Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:

Our Services

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Our automotive PR agency offers a variety of services to cater to your needs. We provide a bespoke service: our years of experience have shown us this is the best way to work with our clients. Our experts will share our strategic framework with you, and then tailor the package to best align with your companies’ requirements and goals.

Automotive Solutions

One of the benefits of working with our mobility PR agency is that we have an in-depth understanding of the industry. Our years of experience have shown us that it’s key not only to produce quality content, but to release it into the news cycle at the optimum time. We strategically plan which of your updates and insights to release when to have the greatest impact on your audience and further position you as a key industry player.

Media Management

Mobility PR works strategically to ensure that your automotive business gains viable leads, connects you with your client base, and positions you as a brand that brings undeniable value to the industry. PRLab also believes in the value of creating quality and long lasting relationships with media outlets, to help you progress in the long term as well as give you the short term results you’re seeking.

Startups and Scaleups

The automotive industry is ever-evolving and more and more businesses are entering the market. Our industry experts know the importance of setting you apart from the masses by strategically sharing your contributions, creative outlook and distinctive characteristics. Our aim is to cement your reputation as a trustworthy and exciting player, one worth working with and investing in.

PR Funding

Whether you’re a new business or you’re looking to level up, PRLab is here to support your development and expansion. Our experience in the mobility sector has shown us that each of our clients requires a different approach, so whichever stage you’re at, you can rest assured your strategy will be tailor made to suit you.

Content Creation

We specialize in storytelling. As we understand that the mobility industry isn’t always the most straightforward for the average consumer to fully understand, we know the importance of contextualizing and breaking down key concepts for your target audience. Our experts create content which is impactful across the board- whether your viewers are motor vehicle experts, or new to the industry, your story will have the same impact, ensuring your content is beneficial for your brand development and for your audience.

Our PR Strategy for the Automotive Industry

Client Lifecycle

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Our PR process has a couple foundations that we rest on. We highly value collaboration and working closely together with you to ensure that there’s a correlation between your expectations and our delivery. When we first meet, our PR experts will have a discussion with you about which service package best accommodates your unique needs. From here we can build up your automotive PR package to make sure your strategic rollout meets the set goals. We strongly recommend including an industry report in your package as it will provide you deeper insight into our PR content and results, all in a structured and comprehensive manner.

Value-adding PR

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We’re passionate about creating value-filled mobility PR. Our years of experience in the tech sector has given us an understanding of the importance of communicating complex ideas in an easily digestible way; creating conversation, new contributions and trust around your business. One example of how we achieve this is our use of thought leadership as part of our strategy: positioning your business as a key industry player that is shaping the future of automotives and inviting your audience to become a part of the conversation too.

Media Relations

A key factor in your success is the relationships built with the media. Your business’ story is more than a one time thing. It’s a narrative that evolves over time. Due to our extensive connections with the press, journalists and publications, we’re best placed to connect your brand with the best outlet to share your story, and help you build an ongoing relationship with them. Particularly in the case of such a specialized sector as automotive PR, we have the connections and planning expertise to ensure we connect you with the best outlets and audience.

Automotive PR

The automotive industry has long been transforming how people live, move and connect to technology on a daily basis. The advancements are impactful worldwide, and working alongside our PR agency for startups is a great step in helping you express this to the masses, drive connections and position your brand as the influential player you are.

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What is the automotive industry?

The automotive industry encompasses everything surrounding motor vehicles and their components. It includes an enormous range of companies that compete to provide the most innovative development in the field of mobility, and this has been the case ever since the industrial revolution.

Because of the industry’s rich history, the competition of today is dynamic and intense, which is why startups and scaling businesses need to be flawless in their execution of putting themselves on the map. The industry continues to grow and change, with electric cars gaining more and more momentum as the trending topic, which has grabbed the attention of both mobility enthusiasts and environmentalists.

Why choose our PR agency for mobility companies?

Alongside our array of experience, our team of experts comes equipped with the right mindset when it comes to working with our diverse range of clients. We are proud to provide a bespoke service, innovative ideas and the highest standard of content. We have a full understanding of each component that exists within motor vehicles, the industry climate, and how adjustments and advancements impact the automotive landscape. Working with us means turning your ideas into inspiring stories, ensuring they not only reach but impact your target audience, allowing you to grow, develop and become a trusted voice in the automotive industry.

What is automotive PR?

In a progressive and rapidly advancing industry, it’s key that automotive PR adapts at the same speed. PRLab ensures to sustain our key relationships with the relevant outlets and journalists in the same way we keep up to date with industry trends and advancements, to ensure we can produce the best results, ideas and solutions to automotive companies across the board, whether you’re just beginning your journey, or growing your business.

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