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The ever-growing influence of technology, across industries, means that we have to distinguish between the different tech languages being spoken. Now, the practice of B2B tech PR has become a highly specialised division and requires a top PR team to implement efficient strategies for business growth. 

Our celebrated industry experience in B2B Tech, from working with leading tech companies, warrants getting you great media coverage for brand visibility and credibility.
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We land global coverage across tiers for our clients on a weekly basis.
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Press coverage obtained by our b2b technology public relations servicesPress coverage obtained by our b2b tech pr teamPress coverage obtained by our business to business pr agencyPress coverage obtained by our Press coverage obtained by our B2B tech pr agencyPress coverage obtained by our b2b technology public relations servicesPress coverage obtained by our B2B technology pr firmPress coverage obtained by our B2B tech pr firmPress coverage of OfferZen, client of our B2B Tech PR Agency
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We're NOT a traditional B2B Tech PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional B2B Tech PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why Choose your B2B Tech PR Agency?



In continuously growing our business, a central focus is to keep delivering bespoke PR services. As we’re extending deeper into the B2B Tech PR industry, we are committed to upholding the first-rate quality of our workings. We believe in re-defining the landscape of tech PR, with a proactive and future thinking mindset. This is how we’re recognised as a leading PR agency in our niche.


B2B Tech PR is a key area of our expertise. In our public relations practices, we strive to achieve brand continuity for our clients, through our engaging PR support. We know that technological advance has brought about notable industry transformations, with an added complex layer in achieving successful B2B PR. This is why, in this complexity, we offer our specialized services to help you gain a foothold with the media and audiences that will propel you towards achieving your PR and business growth goals.


B2B Technology PR should not be undermined in its multiplicity. Within this single industry, there exists many sub-categories of industry workings. For example, the tech language used to communicate with industry experts and the general public already requires distinct strategies secure relevance among both audiences. The same goes for communicating between niche markets of different scales. This is why we apply our expert PR skills to ensure your communications match the characteristics of the B2B branch you are working in, for optimal success.


With us as your employed B2B Tech PR firm, you can be assured that your needs are met with great PR performance. We view our clients as valuable partners throughout the planning, strategic development and implementation phases. This is why we work closely together with you to ensure that all parties involved are onboard with the steps taken in securing your credible reputation among the media, stakeholders and relevant audiences.

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We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

B2B Tech Public Relations Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:


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As a top B2B Tech PR firm, we take charge of rising industry opportunities to offer our clients contemporary PR service solutions that are sure to add meaningful value. Our service packages are set-up according to your distinct needs, making your PR strategy completely original.

B2B tech PR solutions

B2B technology PR requires a great understanding of tech. As our agency specializes in tech PR, we craft our service solutions around the unique natures of each division within the broader industry, modifying and translating the “tech” of PR to ensure impactful outcomes.

Media training

We wouldn’t be a celebrated B2B Tech PR Agency if it weren’t for our exclusive media relations. In our work, we calculate the best media platforms, news outlets and most lucrative audiences for you to pursue. Our PR proficiency enables us to build valuable media relationships for you, to secure your feature in highly respected trade media.


PR for startups and B2B Tech PR are two distinct categories within the tech industry. This means your PR needs are greatly differentiable. As the tech sector requires you to be specific about your business characteristics, it is wise to consider if you require B2B tech services or tech PR for startups . The latter would likely apply to you if you're new to the market or entering a new division.

PR Funding

B2B technology public relations sees you through in securing the needed financial support you require for continuous business growth. We get press coverage for your funding announcement and place your message in front of worthy investors. In this, we position your business venture as a competitive investment opportunity.

content creation

What makes us a standout B2B Tech PR agency is our talent for creating meaningful content. We employ compelling brand storytelling methods to have you recognised between investors and business prospects.

Our B2B Tech PR Approach

Client Lifecycle

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We have established a few fundamentals in our PR process. Within the first three months, with us as your B2B Tech PR agency, you can expect deep industry insights, the first strategic rollout and media features. Throughout the client lifecycle, we make sure that expectations and deliveries align. This is why we routinely meet with you to assess the scope and direction of work. Next, we aim to get the “wow factor” by providing you with result-based work, including wide coverage in tier 1 media and compiling an industry report.

Media Relations

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As B2B Technology PR carries a greatly distinctive set of criterias, we implement a special service funnel that ensures your communications are always relevant to fit the trends and latest media developments. This way we gain you coverage across the most valuable news and publication sites, to ensure that extended reach is gained, along with continuing brands growth.

PR Planning

Our B2B tech PR strategies are developed with extreme precision, to ensure your PR initiatives are met with great success. This way we take great care in developing value-adding strategies, which result in you being recognised as a thought leader and worthy industry asset. In our planning, we consider the complexity of your challenge and turn it into an opportunity for business growth, whilst creating lucrative media coverage.


As B2B technology public relations is oriented towards targeting a business audience, as well as conducting service exchanges between two or more businesses, we apply our PR skills to fully benefit you in gaining secure business partners. Our industry workings and experience have amounted to us specialising in the business lingo you need for your B2B PR strategy to work. With this, we build your reputation among industry experts, news outlets and valid business partners.

Our B2B Tech Case Studies

Official logo of AgiCap, client of b2b tech PR agencyTarabut Gateway official logo, client of our B2B PR agencyLogo of Wayflyer, client of B2B PR agencyLogo of Moss, client of B2B PR agencyLogo of Levenue, client of b2b tech PR firmLogo of NuPay, client of b2b tech PR companyLogo of Briqwise, client of business to business PR agency

Traits of a successful B2B Tech PR Agency

Public relations strategy

The disruptive and ever changing nature of the tech industry asks for consistent and continuous market contributors. For B2B Tech PR, this means a steady flow of value-adding knowledge being shared across industry and between industry professionals.
To achieve this, your B2B Tech PR agency is tasked with strategizing the most effective PR plan to cater towards your needs and objectives, as well as one that answers to a specific market opportunity.

Great industry understanding

Any leading B2B Tech PR firm will know that the dynamic nature of the tech industry cannot depend on traditional PR solutions. A successful agency displays a deeper understanding of the operations that make B2B PR strategies memorable. 
Without knowledge about the intricate systems involved in B2B PR, a solid market presence won’t be achieved. This is why a successful PR agency will make sure that they are well geared towards gaining the upper hand in industry knowledge.

Knows how to manage complexities

Although some simplification is needed when talking about highly specialized topics, it is important to note that B2B Technology PR communicates between industry experts or people with a greater understanding of complex topics. 
This is why a successful tech PR Agency knows how to balance simplicity with complexity. In this, the key complex features will be effectively carried over in the PR strategy, whilst making them understandable and not taking away from the value adding benefit.

Unique value creation

Press activities such as interviews and conferences are an important way to PR for startups. We specialize in training our clients to become media literate by preparing them to answer key questions and communicating properly with journalists.  
Depending on the event, whether it is an interview for a newspaper or on television we know what is the right way for people to not get stumped by the questions.

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Digital PR is the act of applying core principles of PR to a digital context or environment.
We train your team in understanding the media landscape and building relationships with media agents to own the conversation.

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What is b2b tech PR?

B2B (Business to Business) Tech PR is a specialised division within the overarching industry of technology PR. This division mainly focuses on assisting businesses to sell their products and services to other organizations, not to the general public. B2B Tech PR agencies are focused on managing their client’s public relations to make the business visible in the market and to secure a well known market presence. Continued and consistent PR initiatives are key to success in the tech industry, especially when dealing with B2B technology.

B2b vs. b2c Tech PR: What's the Difference?

The main difference is that B2B public relations targets business audiences, whereas B2C is concerned with the general public. Despite being two different markets, the information company buyers and public buyers look for are also highly differentiated. This is because the purchasing processes between business markets and consumer markets have their own unique characteristics. For example, consumers make more emotional purchase decisions and are self-focused, whereas a business is more focused on statistics and performance rates. B2B Tech PR is more concerned with publishing educational and informative business reports, aimed to state how tech solutions benefit the industry or adds greater value to company performance and revenue creation.

Why do I need B2B tech PR?

The B2B tech industry is multi-layered. Any PR in the tech space must ensure to communicate brands’ visions and unique offerings while simplifying often complex concepts to audiences. B2B tech PR is specialized in that it’s able to do this, while additionally ensuring that PR output targets businesses rather than consumers, positioning your brand as the most lucrative option on the market to other companies in the field.

What is the goal of a B2B tech PR campaign?

B2B tech campaigns are strategically planned series of content which facilitate the success of your business’ goals. Campaigns aim to put your business on the map using well-tested strategies and techniques, which position your B2B tech business as the most lucrative and exciting option for other businesses to collaborate with. Campaigns could do anything, from bringing awareness to your new product launch, to establishing your brand’s tone using social media and press releases.

How do you measure the results of b2b Tech PR campaigns?

A logical starting point is the client’s overall goal. In essence, B2B PR aims to generate more leads and sales enquiries. In this, the campaign may ask for heightened brand awareness or to establish a more prominent market face. Important to remember, when measuring B2B Tech PR results, it is important to match the measuring metrics to the specific goal that was set. Some indicators could be increased sales, heightened search appearances, increased media impressions and more website traffic. The ideal scenario is to see better publicity results from running the PR campaign to after the campaign.

What should a B2B tech PR strategy take into consideration in the planning phase?

Campaigns in the B2B tech space must consider a lot of factors to ensure they’re as impactful as possible. An awareness of the existing B2B tech market is essential. Knowing the content and campaigns that competitors and industry leaders are producing, along with what the newscycle is reporting on is the first step in assessing the landscape, and seeing just where your brand can position themselves, allowing you to steal the spotlight and become the most sought-after business in your industry.

What are the specificities of public relations for B2B tech companies?

B2B tech is a niche industry, and requires PR that’s in line with this. It’s integral that your PR team knows how to position your tech firm as an influential and trustworthy business, and targets other businesses in the most impactful way. Due to the fact that your desired audience is other businesses rather than consumers, B2B PR is vastly different from other types of PR, so working with a specialized B2B PR agency ensures that your brand has the maximum impact on the demographic that you’re looking to work with.

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