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The highly specialized field of biotechnology needs highly specialized biotech PR. With applied sciences becoming more innovative, due to the heightened presence of technology in medicine and healthcare, creative PR is needed to stand out in a growingly crowded market space.

As a biotech PR firm, we apply our greater knowledge and understanding of the tech industry to create publicity for your business and to help you achieve business growth.
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We're NOT a traditional BioTech PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional BioTech PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why Choose your BioTech PR Firm?



Biotech PR ties into the specialisation of our agency. Having secured a prestigious reputation as a tech PR firm, we value the growing contribution tech is making to further health, medicine and scientific innovations. This is why we aim our services at helping our clients achieve their well deserved recognition as thought leaders. Together, we work towards securing a valid market position from where you can keep growing your industry presence.


We know that biotechnology PR requires precision planning to succeed. This includes balancing industry jargon and user-friendly content, without taking away from the value-adding technical functions of biotech. As we are focused on growing your business, we look deep into industry trends and analysis to find the insights that will gear your PR strategy for optimal success. This way we secure you with great coverage in trade media.


We nurture your PR strategy so that it reaches tier one media features. Consistency and continuity is a key when wanting to gain great publicity in the biotech industry. This is why biotech PR needs to not only understand the complexity of business models, but also help explain subtleties of the company to news outlets and journalists. This way, consistency in content is achieved and accurately represents the company. Leveraging from consistency in trade media, we position you for market growth.


With us as your technology PR firm, you can be assured of prominent features among valuable media outlets. Counting in the industry’s favour, biotechnology delivers plentiful stories worth publicising. However, innovation alone is not enough to secure a larger cover story. Based on industry developments, we create a value carrying story for your business that showcases how your innovation is worth investing in. Storytelling is what gets you featured, innovation is only the foundation.

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BioTech Public Relations Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:


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Our biotech PR service packages are tailored to your unique needs. In our workings, with the goal of long term growth in mind, we aim to build a trusted brand reputation for you. To achieve this, we use our expert skills to foster a credible media narrative for your business. Since biotech can sound highly complex, if you’re not an industry expert, we craft your story to be easily absorbed by the press and news publishers.

BioTech PR solutions

As an experienced biotech PR firm, we help you identify your most important PR goals, based on industry insights, innovations and performance data. This way, we can secure lead generating publications and media features for you. Building on this, we extend reach to investors and lucrative audiences alike.

Media relations

As the media landscape is overcrowded, with reporters being pitched multiple stories per day, biotechnology PR is tasked with building valuable media connections. As an experienced PR agency, we know it is even more important for startups to employ a PR team who can grab the media’s attention and turn attention into published stories.


Breakthrough innovation only carries your business so far. Thereafter, the work needs to be put into securing continuous brand support. This is where PR assists you in growing your business to keep attracting new investors and business prospects. In this, we keep your story relevant to enjoy news coverage and publicity.

PR Funding

The biotech market can be difficult to convince of why your business is a worthwhile investment. Especially when you’re entering the market as a startup. This is why our PR strategies are directed at supporting you in securing seed funding and to offer continued support during later funding rounds.

Content Creation

Biotech communications can easily fall into a routine of only focusing on the service benefits and new innovations. However, a personalised story is what grabs the attention of journalists and industry experts. We turn your unique selling point into a pitchable story that can carry itself as a standout PR content piece, worthy of wide coverage and publicity.

Our BioTech PR Strategy

Client Lifecycle

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Standard practice for us is to deliver deep industry insights, the first strategic rollout and to get media features within the first three months for our clients. Successful biotech PR can only be achieved when expectations and deliveries align, that's why we routinely meet with you to assess the scope and direction of our next step. After this, we aim to get the “wow factor” by providing you with result-based work, including wide coverage in tier 1 media and launching an industry report.

Content Creation

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We have developed a service funnel that guides our process in building your media relationships, this assists in securing the best press contacts for the benefit of your business. This way your story carries greater security of being featured across news channels and press sites that can generate valuable leads for your business. Our goals are to get you featured in tier 1 media and to optimize the success you can gain from effective PR placements.

PR Planning

Successful biotechnology PR relies greatly on what’s trending in the industry. Faced by unique challenges, the complexity of biotech should be softened in the PR plan, so as to translate better in the media. Our planning process starts by evaluating the industry insights, reviewing data and then mapping the way forward for our clients. This way, building a story with credible market potential is more manageable. The foundation is in the data, from here the pitch just requires our expert PR craftsmanship.

BioTech PR

Industry innovation adds a great deal of talkability, but headlines need to be created. This is where biotech PR comes into play, to gain media coverage for press stories that are spurred by innovation. In our workings, we prepare your media story so that it can be shared across news sites and easily understood by multiple audiences. Due to the biotechnology industry being highly dynamic, we keep your PR contents flexible so that it can move with trends.

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What is BioTech?

The term “biotech” is made up of the words “biology” and “technology”. In the broad sense, the practice of biotech involves the use of living systems and organisms to create products. The industry largely overlaps with technology, healthcare, medicine and scientific practices. Biotech can also be understood as technology that’s based on biology. Biomolecular processes are employed to create technologies that help improve living standards and contribute to environmental health. For example, the simpler process of making cheese also relies on the use of microorganisms. Biotech just steps this up with more complex tech involvement to innovate what can be done with bio-organisms.

What is BioTech PR?

Biotech PR involves the process of getting market exposure for companies who are innovating the biotechnology landscape. The complex nature of biotech presents interesting industry opportunities for PR to leverage from innovation and the dynamic biotech landscape. The challenge for PR is to make the company stand out, as the industry is greatly growing alongside technological advancements and industry breakthroughs. In terms of content creation biotechnology PR serves to educate and make information accessible to audiences of different knowledge levels. PR must also consider the global audiences to make sure innovations translate seamlessly and uphold the company’s market position.

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