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How to Choose a PR Agency for your Startup or Scale-Up

It is extremely beneficial for startups or scale-ups to invest in hiring a Public Relations (PR) agency. PR differs from other marketing methods, it provides a service that helps influence feelings, opinions, or beliefs about the company or product at […]

What is Public Relations? Basics you need to scale your business

What is Public Relations? With the rise of digital media and the oversaturation of news, no matter the industry you’re in, whether you have 500 or 5 employees or are a scaleup or startup, sharing your work with the public […]

The True Key to the Power of Storytelling in PR

The last PRLab meetup – the Art of Storytelling in PR  took place at the BOOM Chicago Theater and the space was filled! There were 150+ attendees making it PRLab’s biggest event yet. Funnily enough, our first meetup was held […]

3 PR Tips Revealed from Industry Professionals

A couple Fridays ago, Industry Professionals shared their PR tips during PRLab’s third Breakfast meetup. As people rolled in early, late and on time they were all greeted with the, oh so pleasing, “would you like some coffee?”. Naturally their […]

Scaling PR Strategy Across Borders – PRLab Meetup

Last week, PRLab’s “Scaling your PR Strategy Across Borders” Meetup gathered the best PR professionals in Amsterdam. The meetup took place on the 25th of September at Codaisseur Code Academy, a home for startups and tech companies. It was the […]

Influencer Marketing: Eye-Opening Perspectives from Leading Professionals

On Tuesday, June 25th PRLab hosted its latest Meetup at Boom Chicago. From startups to corporate– we gained a wide range of insights into some of the most difficult challenges in influencer marketing today.

Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy: 4 Tips to Put Your Startup on the Radar

Effective Influencer Marketing is behind the success of many campaigns today. When was the last time you bought something because you saw it on a billboard ad or television commercial? If you’ve scrolled down YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook you’d notice […]

Branding & Strategic Positioning: Tips from 3 Industry Professionals

On Thursday 25th April, PRLab hosted the latest branding edition of its Meetup at the De Pijp offices of Impraise. Looking to build off of the momentum of the last event, PRLab sought out some of the leading startup and […]

How to conquer strategic positioning: 4 steps to take your startup from zero to hero

We live in an era where you can open a business during your lunch break. No kidding, if you’re an e-Resident, establishing a startup takes about three hours which gives you plenty of time to sip your frappuccino and nom […]

What’s next for PR? 20 top executives weigh in

On a rainy December day, 20 PR executives from some of the top companies in Amsterdam (Facebook, WeTransfer, Sony, Randstad, Bynder, The Next Web, Ace&Tate, among others) got together for breakfast.  An intimate table was set up in the hip […]

How to grow your purpose-driven company with PR

The rise of social entrepreneurship in the past few years has brought about a very different kind of company. Instead of corporate social responsibility, we’re seeing the creation of companies with social and environmental activism at their very core. While […]

Top digital marketing & PR trends for 2019

In 2018 we experienced many ups and downs that will greatly shape and evolve our strategies in 2019. Big changes are coming and we’ll need to hit the ground running in order to keep up with the competition. Not to […]

Dark social is changing everything we know about social media marketing. Are you ready to join the dark side?

In the early 2010s social media sharing became the most powerful content distribution tool for marketers everywhere. As people were sharing more and more content on their Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram accounts, we found ways to harness this momentum […]

4 things founders get wrong about brand activism: Why should your company find its purpose

Mark, CEO of the fastest growing startup in Gotham city, gets some alarming news from his Head of Sales. The sales team is unlikely to meet their targets for the third quarter in a row. The problem is they simply […]

5 Rules for impactful, motivational and effective brand activism. A guide to getting brand activism right

In a weird turn of events, today it’s not only becoming acceptable, it’s becoming the norm for brands to take a stand on different social, political and environmental issues. It’s not just because consumers and employees are expecting much more […]

Purpose-driven marketing: Why should your company find its purpose?

Mark, CEO of the fastest growing startup in Gotham city, gets some alarming news from his Head of Sales. The sales team is unlikely to meet their targets for the third quarter in a row. The problem is they simply […]

6 PR takeaways from a Dutch Olympian’s marathon swim

In August 2018 Maarten van der Weijden, former Olympic gold medalist for the Netherlands, undertook an epic 55-hour swim to raise money for cancer research. This wasn’t just any course. Every winter the Dutch hope that the waterway connecting 11 […]

7 Insider Tips to Help You Pitch a Winning Story

In a fast-paced, digital-driven world where information moves at lightning-fast speed, pitching your story to the world entails top-class PR expertise to crystallize a punchy headline. A vast majority of the people seeking to leverage PR forget that successful outcomes […]

Can startups leverage code and data to automate PR?

You may have spent tons of painstaking hours building, testing, fixing bugs, testing again, adding new features and finally testing again to create a product you know your target audience will love. …The problem is no one knows it exists… This […]

Which metrics should you use to measure the success of your PR strategy?

Plenty has been said about the need to measure the success of our PR efforts and still, nowadays many professionals believe PR can’t be measured. I personally believe this is not true. Yes, it’s very difficult to measure the impact […]

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