15 PR Statistics to understand why startups & SBs need PR

In this article, 15 PR statistics are presented that illustrate the importance of a good strategic PR campaign. Note, due to various factors, industry and consumer trends are continuously changing. Therefore it is important to always follow up on data with your own market research.

published: February 17, 2022
updated: June 26, 2024
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For startups and scaleups, it can be difficult to compete in a market that is dominated by mature corporations. Especially when it comes to the tech industry and its related sectors, standing out from the crowd can take time. This being said, a public relations strategy can help differentiate you and elevate your brand, this is why it’s important to keep the PR Stats in mind.

However, mainly due to a limited budget, public relations is not the priority of most firms and can get easily overlooked. Therefore, PR can assist startups and small enterprises in gaining attention of potential clients and establish a stronger market position.

Blogs and Social Media influence have a 247% higher chance of influencing millennials than older generations (Hubspot)

Millennials, in particular, prefer to read third-party sources for information on a topic. This differs greatly from previous generations as they are more used to traditional media. Therefore, PR on social media is vital if you want to target a specific [younger] audience and reach the target market, such as millenials.

In 93% of the cases, a B2B buying process begins with an online search (Hubspot)

The most common method of starting a search is to look up customer pain points and then clicking on the articles that pop up first. If one of your PR articles appears in the top locations, you will receive a lead as of who will read the story and most likely clock on your organization to learn more.

80% of business decision-makers would rather gather their information through articles, than through advertisement (Content Marketing Institute)

Advertisements can be seen as intrusive because they portray a one sided view of a company. However, articles that are from acclaimed publishers are seen as trustworthy and reliable because they are more critical and objective. Therefore, it is important to have your business mentioned in articles and rely less on advertising.

96% of B2B buyers desire greater input from industry thought leaders in their content
(Demand Gen Report)

Your customers are eager to hear from you! There are numerous thought leadership pieces that executives can write for third-party publications, ranging from current events to industry changes. This instills confidence in buyers, who can recognize your competences.

SEO account for a 14.6% close rate (imFORZA)(Demand Gen Report)

If you compare this number to 1.7% with outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising), there is a significant difference. The users clicking on your website through your PR piece are more likely to close, when compared to the outbound marketing strategy. Thus, the SEO leads are far superior and more qualified leads are clicking on your website.

On average, B2B researchers conduct 12 searches before clicking on a specific website (Google)

Because researchers conduct various searches, it is beneficial for your organization and its content to appear high on the search engine. A byline or feature about your company, from a well-regarded publication will result in a high rank on a search engine. In turn, potential buyers will have your company in mind.

70% of consumers would rather get to know a company via articles than ads (Content Marketing Institute)

Most customers would like to familiarize themselves with the people behind the brand. Moreover, they are interested in their thoughts, experiences and opinions on the industry. Customers prefer this way of learning about a brand over an ad.

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68% of consumers like reading content from a brand that interests them (Content Marketing Association)

Perhaps you are having doubts whether to write a thought-piece or a byline of a company, because people may not be interested in them. However, 68% of people are interested in the content from brands they like, thus it can be beneficial to add information about a brand.

Content Marketing attracts 60% more of consumers compared to conventional marketing (Content Marketing Association)

Consumers like reading content from your brand, but whilst they are in a buying cycle, they are also looking out for potential products while reading your articles. Not only do consumers like to read about brands, but they also like to buy simultaneously. This is why it’s safe to say that customers are always on the lookout for potential products while browsing your articles.

Consumers want transparency! People want to be in control of the information they consume (Ragan)

  • 86% of people don’t watch TV advertisements
  • About 44% of mail is never opened
  • 91% unsubscribe from newsletters via email

People are longing for change, they want personalized and individualized tactics, rather than those appealing to the masses.

The most effective way to move prospects through the B2B sales funnel are articles and blogs (49%)(Chief Marketer)

Even though blogs and web pages can move prospects down the funnel, PR articles are more distinguished and have precise knowledge. Having your articles published in an industry magazine will show the buyers expertise.

A true rumor is confirmed within 2 hours; however, it takes more than 14 hours to debunk a false rumor (PLOS | ONE)

No company wants a bad rumor circling around in the public. Naturally, it is important to keep a good reputation. A PR team can help debunk any false myths.

Around 70% of publishers are willing to hear an idea pitch that matches their interest, and they prefer to work together with the client (Harvard Business Review)

PR teams are familiar with publishers and their interests, as well as how to sell a story that the reporter likes. Media pitching is a vital part of PR that can elevate your brand in journals, blogs, influencers, editors etc. PR teams will present your story in such a way that it seems intriguing to your audience. In turn, this will help your organization get noticed.

For 68% of journalists “the facts” or who, where, why, and when is sufficient (AdWeek)

Most startups don’t know what is relevant to the reader because they are too close to their own project. Thus, a journalist can identify the most important aspects of the story and a PR Team can further dissect what’s relevant and what’s not.

On average, Journalists receive between 50-100 press releases every week. Around 44% prefer to receive them in the morning, while 68% only want the facts (B2B PR Sense Blog)

A press release needs to stand out, and PR pros know how to write a hook that can attract attention. A press release must capture the journalist eye, and a PR can help you write a hook to attract attention. If your startup has not considered a PR in the past, now is the time to invest. Download 50 Public Relations Hacks for Startups to help you take your campaign to the next level, even on a budget.


In conclusion, PR should be a priority for all startups and tech companies. It can bring your organization to the next level and give it the attention it deserves. The next time you’re thinking about skipping the budget on PR, consider the statistics we’ve outlined above and make sure to understand the importance of a strong online presence! A healthy online reputation and solid PR strategy can be a breakthrough for a company that is just starting to get noticed in industry and in the media.

February 17, 2022
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