Event Press Release [How to do, Template & Examples]

An event press release is an announcement distributed to the press about an upcoming event, highlighting its significance and details. If you want to get the word out about an impending event you’re hosting or sponsoring, then an event press release is how to do it. Need help figuring it out? We’ll cover everything about event press releases, how to write one, what to include, and how to guarantee your event media releases stand out, providing a template and example.

published: December 4, 2023
updated: December 4, 2023

A good definition of a press release is sharing focused news or information with the news media to amplify it to a wider audience.

Creating and sending a press release is a significant step in the public relations process, as this determines how much coverage and reach the brand will get.

Mastering how to write a press release is one of the fundamentals of PR, which will help you compel reporters, editors, bloggers, and influencers to share the brand with the world. Think of them as the middlemen between your PR efforts and the broader audience. The goal of a high-quality press release is threefold: it will effectively communicate your message to journalists and influencers and bolster your news to target the right audiences, which will result in more revenue and sales.

This article will cover everything a PR professional needs about event media releases and more. First, we’ll define it, provide a step-by-step guide on how to write one, identify the things to avoid how to send one, and then provide a template with examples so that you’re fully clued up and know what to do.

What is an event press release?

Now that we’ve covered what a press release is let's get into what an event press release comprises.

An event press release is the sharing of an event by a PR agency or an organization to promote a charitable cause, raise awareness, make an announcement, or for a host of other reasons (as we’ll see).

If written effectively and targeted to reach the right audience, you should see considerable and genuine interest in your announcement, including those wanting to attend and feature coverage of your event.

There are various reasons why an event press release is distributed. It could be for a release party, corporate milestone, rebranding, charitable initiatives, and beyond. If there is potential for press coverage, no matter how big or small the news is, send out an event press release. It doesn't need to be elaborate; it just needs to be well-planned and thought out. Gaining the attention of media outlets is critical in raising awareness of customers and increasing sales. Below, we’ll outline how to write an event press release.

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How to write a news release for an event

Deciding on what to write on an event press release depends on numerous elements, such as the type of industry, the reason for the press release, and the targeted demographics. However, certain criteria need to be ticked off in most event press releases. Here is the step-by-step process.

How to write a news release for an event

First, what is it you want to say?

plan what message you want to relay with the press release.

When it comes to the event's purpose (product release, rebrand, etc.), consider the press release's unique selling proposition (USP). Bear in mind, you’re not writing a pitch. A press release should be the factual elements of something newsworthy. You should explicitly state why this is newsworthy and what the event brings to the table.


Find relevant media personnel

Once you have a clear purpose and plan,

look through your media database for relevant journalists, outlets, and reporters.

I would recommended finding media contacts before starting the writing process so you can be match it to them and their publication. Journalists are less likely to respond to non-directional releases that lack relevance to their work. Choose journalists depending on their industry, audience, and current work.

Choosing the right contacts will determine how many people the news will reach and how well the event performs (in a few ways).


Start with a captivating hook

Your next job is to give your event press release a clear, captivating title that sums up your event. It's important to go with a strong, decisive hook, so bear in mind your target audience and what will draw them.

If you’ve done your research in the previous step, you should have this in hand.

Remember, it needs to be super relevant. Experimenting with headlines or keyword research could be a good idea.


Add the identifying information

Now is the time to get into specifics.

An event press release must cover the who, what, where, when, and, most importantly, why your news is significant.

Do this in naturally flowing paragraphs that lead on from one another, so start with ‘who, ' then the ‘when,’ followed by the ‘where,’ etc. Give extra details about attractions or participants toward the end of this section. Also, explain what the purpose of the event is.


Include quotes

Some quotes from ‘star’ attendees or speakers can be included here.

This lends some weight to the event.

Your sponsors may want to get a mention here, also.


The boilerplate

As with any press release, include a short paragraph about your organization at the bottom of the release. The ‘boilerplate’ gives those reading some

background on your organization

and provides context to the event.


Add contact information

How do people confirm attendance? Are there any instructions? Note, as this is a press release about an event, you want to

avoid sounding too ‘persuasive’ or saleslike.

Remember, you want them to be curious about your event, not wanting them to buy from you. Yet.

How to distribute your event press release?

So you’ve written the ideal event press release, and now you must get it in front of the people who matter. But how? Here are some top suggestions.


Media contacts list

Your first port of call may be your own media contacts list. If you’ve done your homework, then you’ll have

steadily built up a list of contacts who are both relevant to your industry and who, in turn, may be interested in your event.

Now is the time to make use of these relationships. Send your release to them. Having a shortlist of journalists ready to pitch is useful for building relationships. You could even tell them they are seeing it first for that air of exclusivity (but make sure this is true).


Press distribution sites

Press release distribution services offer a fast way to get the word out about your events, saving you the time and hassle of creating a list. There are numerous press syndication websites, so check the distribution lists. Some are specialized, whereas others are general, ending up as far afield as Yahoo News, Bing, or Muck Rack. These sites also record where everything gets sent, meaning you won’t need to fiddle around updating this.


Pitch to fresh journalists

You can also research journalists and outlets. Once you’ve got your compelling event press release,

reach out to relevant media outlets interested in attending or covering your event.

Here, it's important to highlight any unique aspects of your event, who will be attending, any significant guest speakers, and anything else that makes your press release noteworthy to them.

Doing all three or choosing a mix of these is also an idea. It can take a few tries before a journalist is interested or you get noticed. So don’t get disheartened if you hear anything back. Just keep pitching and working towards your goal.

What to do when making a press release for an event

Your event press release should be no more than one and a half sides long and follow a traditional format. Media outlets and journalists receive dozens of these daily, so it's important to stand out. Here are some extra tips on how to do just that.

Include facts and figures

Throwing a pile of stats at the reader overwhelms them. However, a couple of

relevant facts and figures can have the opposite effect and put your event and its purpose in a greater context.

For example, if this is an annual event, you could include statistics on attendance from previous years or how far and wide people are coming from geographically. If it's a charity promotion event, include the amount of money you hope to raise - these sorts of things. Journalists love facts and figures. So go ahead and give them some.

Add visuals

Consider adding visuals such as infographics or photos to make your press release stand out. These should both be high-quality images that fit in with what you are saying and aren’t just there for the sake of it. Think eye-catching but relevant.

Follow-up etiquette

So you’ve sent your event press release off; now is the time to relentlessly follow up, right? Wrong. You should leave it for a couple of days and then send a follow-up email. In this, check if they got it, ask if there is anything they need clarifying, and if they want to cover the story.

Take caps lock off

There is NO NEED FOR CAPS. See, I told you.


Carefully read through it before you send it to catch any minor grammatical errors.

Even small typos can impact your credibility.

Similarly, triple-check dates, times, and locations. Your press release should represent your professionalism. The last thing you want to cause is confusion.

Also, get an outside stranger to read it to see if they can follow it. This is normally a good guide.

What to avoid when making a press release for an event


Avoid self-congratulatory text

Journalists love figures and quotes. What they don’t love, however, is you taking the time to praise……..yourself.

Your event is not ‘one of a kind’ and is unlikely to be ‘truly amazing.’ So don’t say so. Too many adjectives (describing words) and obvious exaggerations put journalists off and make it seem like you’re trying to sell something other than the event itself.


Sending to irrelevant outlets

Your event press release will lose credibility if you blanket mail it to everyone, including journalists and media outlets with zero history of covering your area. For example, if you work in architecture or real estate, an outlet covering wellness and beauty is unlikely to take you up on your invitation to come to, or cover your event. That makes sense. This is where your up-to-date media contacts list comes in. So make use of it.


Neglecting SEO

Do your research and determine any keywords your audience is likely to use. Consider these in your headline. Also, place these within it to make it findable online. Avoid keyword stuffing and still place readability top of your list over SEO. Include useful links, and share on your socials.


Going off-topic

It's important not to stray off-topic. You only have so much space, so every sentence needs to count. Avoid the temptation to add more information about the company that is not relevant to your event.


Failing to give your contact details

This sounds like a no-brainer, but many firms still forget to add their contact details. You must include the primary contact's name, phone number, and email. Or there is little point even writing the press release.

How to write a news release for an event

Formatting your press release effectively is key to ensuring your message is clear and engaging to readers. Here is an event press release format suggestion and a sample press release for an event.

Header: First, start with "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" at the top of the page. This lets the journalist know there are no embargo date restrictions, and they’re free to publish.

Headline: Here, create a bold, eye-catching headline that concisely summarizes what the press release is about

Subheading (Optional): If you decide to use one, a subheading can complement the main headline and give you something to draw the reader in further.

Dateline: Include the location where the press release originated and the release date. For example, "London, GB - November 29, 2023."

Introduction: This should answer the 5 Ws - the who, what, when, where, and why of your event. Pack this concisely into the first paragraph, with no omissions.

The Body: Here give further event details. Include any schedule, key quests or sponsors, and any other unique tidbits. Be factual, not salesy. This is important.

Quotes: Add one or even two quotes from any important participants at the event, such as their looking forward to it or what they expect the outcome to be. This adds a touch of credibility.

Call to Action: Your CTA should be clear, directing the reader what to do next, whether registering for the event, RSVP’ing in some other way, or contacting the representative for more info.

Contact Information: Here go the direct contact details of the press person, should the reader wish to do the above or if more information is needed. Tip: ensure this contact person is knowledgeable and can answer any questions. They will be be the ‘face’ of the company.

Boilerplate: Give a brief overview of the organization and history and mission.

End Notation: Conclude the release with three hash symbols (###) at the bottom center of the page to mark the press release end.

Now you’re done, you can see this in action below:

Example press release


Headline: Join Industry Leaders To Explore Ethical Investing

Subheading: How to meet your organization‘s environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals

Dateline: November 30, 2023, Amsterdam

Introduction: Future Growth Capital Partners is thrilled to announce a seminar exploring sustainability and ethics in investments. The seminar takes place Thursday, December 14, 2023, at Harborview Conference Center, Boston, MA. The seminar and discussions will provide enlightening information for safe and secure ethical investment choices so organizations can meet their ESG goals and make a difference!

Body: The seminar will discuss renewable energy solutions, sustainable planning, and green transportation. Keynote speakers include Dr. John Smith, a leading investment expert in solar power, and Mr. Adam Johnson, an innovator in green transportation.

Sponsored by EcoTech Conferences, the event aims to foster knowledge exchanges and learnings to advance your organization’s sustainability efforts.

Quotes: “The Ethical Investment Seminar is more than an event; it’s a movement towards a sustainable future,” says Andrew Jones, the event coordinator. “We are excited to bring together the brightest minds in ethical and sustainable investment.”

CTA: To register for a place on the Ethical Investment Seminar or to learn more, visit www.ethicalinvestingseminar.com

Contact info: For media inquiries or additional information, please contact:

Jill Scott

Boilerplate: The Ethical Investment Seminar is an annual seminar to promote a future based on sustainable and ethical investments in the green sector. With over five years of experience hosting educational seminars on investment opportunities, the group is a leader in change through investment.

End notation: ###

When should you issue a Press Release for your event?

Timing is everything in public relations. This means avoiding weekends, holidays, and usually, the end of the week.

You want your audience to be at their most receptive.

Tuesday to Thursday is a better shout. Also, try to do it a minimum of three weeks prior. This gives enough time for journalists to pick up the story, get more information, and make a story out of it for their audience. Done right, this could boost anticipation.

The trick is to give enough lead time to ensure media coverage and audience planning without being so early that you’ll be forgotten. Tailoring the timing to achieve the best outreach and impact depends on the specific nature of your event and the numbers desired.

When are event media releases important?

Media releases are great for

making people aware and generating a buzz.

A well-timed and well-written press release can work wonders for reaching a wide audience and attracting attendees. It can also lead to sponsorship opportunities - both for the event itself (which can enhance credibility and build trust for participants) and for partnerships afterward.

Post-event media releases can summarize the event's success,

why it was held, the numbers, and who attended. Anything else that makes it shine, such as the event’s impact and money raised, is also important to convey. Online media releases can benefit your SEO and make you more discoverable.

Your audience and those who follow you are great, but with an event press release, you get the chance for so much more. It could be thousands more.

It means others are effectively sending ‘invites’ and promoting your event.

Audiences you may not currently reach are now seeing it. It can win you earned media coverage, which is the number one goal in PR. Though not essential like other press releases, event press releases should not be looked down on.

Event press release template example

Here is a press release example for an event.

The Omni Solutions Company showcases new brand vision at InterConneX 2022

Oman - February 2nd, 2022 - The Omni Solutions Company is live at InterConneX 2022. As both The Omni Solutions Company and InterConneX believes in technological transformation and tech disruption; the upcoming exhibition marks a pivotal stance in The Omni Solutions Company’s growth as one of Oman’s leading tech innovators. The Omni Solutions Company has experienced rapid growth in recent months, and as growth continues, the company is looking to evolve the brand’s appeal to an international market. The main focus is to have the brand be more fitting for international markets, with content still keeping local/regional appeal in Oman. On this, The Omni Solutions Company aims to drive brand appeal and memorability across the markets they operate in. The vision came about as The Omni Solutions Company embarked on the mission to become a brand that speaks to international B2B enterprises as their products continue to expand in the new markets they are entering. As such, a key element of the re-brand is to have the company carry a humanistic appeal in its overall branding elements.

“We’re very happy that such events as InterConneX are taking place in Oman and to see how far local digital transformation has grown in the last few years. We’re proud to represent Oman’s innovative tech scene among many international market players.” -?

As a leader in Oman’s tech industry, the company sees a future where it continues to invest in local industry advancements. Next to this, it will explore expansions in the Asia-Pacific region. The company will also continue developing its platform to meet the emerging use cases and build existing client relationships.

The Omni Solutions Company is an internationally renowned event bringing together the world’s greatest minds, from leading technology corporations to inspiring pioneers and start-ups. With this being the first time a tech-industry event of this scale is held in Oman, The Omni Solutions Company is pleased to demonstrate its new brand’s look and feel at InterConnex 2022.

As part of the official re-brand (dated 26 January 2022), The Omni Solutions Company commenced with rolling out the re-brand on their main platforms - website and digital collateral. The Omni Solutions Company hopes to provide a brand look and feel that is future thinking and flexible - a reputable image that becomes top of mind within the B2B CPaaS sphere.

Visit the website for more information

Find The Omni Solutions Company at www.osc.com

Media contact: Philip Jones, Event Coordinator, Philipjones@osc.om, +968 555 12789


The Omni Solutions Company is a customer engagement platform that enables organizations to delight customers with remarkable omnichannel experiences. By unifying communication channels, messaging apps, and chatbots, The company streamlines conversations at every touch point throughout the customer journey.

As newer channels emerge and user preferences change over time, organizations rely on The Omni Solutions Company to maximize customer engagement and optimize communication ROI. The Omni Solutions Company’s solutions help clients reach customers on their favorite channel to ensure that every interaction positively impacts them.

From SMS one-time passwords or WhatsApp vaccination requests to voice surveys and many more, The Omni Solutions Company empowers organizations to transform customer experience with seamless conversations that improve customer satisfaction while allowing them to focus on core business activities without maintaining costly communication infrastructures.

The Omni Solutions Company connects enterprises like Saudi Electricity Company, Ministry of Health, Absher, Uber, Aramex, Noon, leading banks and financial institutions throughout the region, and health, education, travel, e-commerce, and logistics sectors worldwide.



You probably think all this is a lot to take in, but with some practice and attention to these guidelines, creating the perfect event press release will soon become effortless and more natural.

Following these steps can significantly boost earned media, engage wider audiences and increase brand visibility. Be concise, yet detailed, and avoid a sales pitch. Quotes from relevant parties can help your press release stand out. You only get one first impression with a new reader, so make it count.

December 4, 2023
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