Examples of Press Releases: one for each type

Press releases can be about product launches, changes in leadership, or other important news. Knowing how to craft a press release is vital for gaining media attention. Done well, press releases should provide accurate information and control the brand’s narrative. Done badly, you may be ignored, look unprofessional, or, at worst, be an unintentional source of humor.

So, what is a good press release example? We’ve collated some of the best ones we’ve seen, covering different topics in varying sectors.

published: November 23, 2023
updated: January 3, 2024
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What is a press release?

press release is news that a business writes and distributes to specific publishers.

A press release aims to provide accurate information.

It's a way to present all relevant information of a story onto one-two pages, attracting media attention. They are typically written to bring attention to a new product, to give information for an upcoming public event, to inform an audience of a change in leadership or to make a funding announcement.

Great examples of press release

There is a standard format for writing a press release, whatever the news content is. Here, we divide the press release examples by type of release.

Learn more about the standard press release format
Infographic Types of Press Release

General news & public announcements

This is to announce some important company news you feel is relevant and worthy of sharing.

Examples could be successful funding rounds, new management, or new technology to aid customers.

Press release example of Revolv3

Revolv3 is a fintech company. This press release lets Revolv3 customers know that the funds raised will go to the improvement of the features of the product. The announcement also signifies that the company is in a good position for the future, and the release increases the brand's visibility to potential new customers.

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Event press release

Press releases can announce upcoming events hosted by your company to media outlets and current or potential customers.

It reveals the event's theme, who will be speaking, and where it will be held. The event could be a conference or charity event.

Event press release example

In this release, TimmyStevens Co. announced a brand awareness event for future innovations. Here, we see that sometimes, less can be more.

When it comes to a press release highlighting an event, the date and location are the most important things. Contact details on how to attend are provided. What could have made it stronger would be highlighting who would benefit from attending the event to reel more people in.

Learn more about event press releases

Crisis communications press release

Problems can occur at any time. This is why it is important to respond swiftly to any crisis. Solving the issue may not be enough.

Depending on the circumstance, you may need a press release to state exactly how you will solve it.

The idea is to deliver the information about the situation to your intended audience and to detail how you will respond. It can also unite people, as we’ll see.

Crisis communications press release example

A great example of a crisis press release comes from Shenandoah Telecommunications. This paper addresses the crisis from the perspectives of several stakeholders, including parents, business owners, and employees, who all face unique challenges when quarantining for COVID-19. A free service upgrade was also offered to alleviate stakeholders' concerns.

By stating their commitment to uninterrupted service, they reassure customers and employees who depend on them for their businesses and families.

Example of a crisis communications press release

Here is another example of an effective crisis communications press release. When Volkswagen designed computer software to hide the true amount of emissions from their vehicles, they needed to find a way to calm their shareholders, acknowledge their error, and reassure the public of their resolve in the face of a crisis.

This press release did just that. They acknowledged the violation of people’s trust, doing so honestly and humbly, which recognized the significance of their actions.

Example of a crisis PR press release

This is another great example of a crisis management press release. Data breaches happen quite frequently in the business world. They can have serious consequences. In this press release, the shop chain Target reassures people that they are fully investigating what happened to stop it from happening again. It also confirms that payment information was not at risk. There is also a call to action (CTA) on what to do if you have been impacted, with clear contact details provided. A press release of this nature can also take the time to remind customers of the history they share with the firm.

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Charity press release example

A charity press release aims to bring attention to a charity or cause, most often from a non-profit organization.

You want a journalist to write about your event, fundraising, or campaign. The purpose is to raise awareness to a broader audience and increase participation.

Example of a charity press release example from McDonalds

In this collaboration between McDonalds and the Trussel Trust to reduce hunger and poverty, the direct action being taken by McDonalds is specified, and the press release encourages action and discussion on the wider (and relatable) problem of food waste.

It also lets readers know what they can do to help. The McDonald's logo at the top makes the brand instantly recognizable and will generate interest.


New hire press release

These inform relevant stakeholders (investors, customers, and the general public) of the value the new hire will add.

For example, what experience this person has and what to expect from him or her going forward.

Example of new hire press release

This release from Nahan, a direct marketing solutions company, highlights the new executive's experience and credentials in the industry and hints at what he will do going forward.

They also allow for the sharing or discussing of this news on social media platforms. A picture also helps.


Product launch or Improvement press release

These press releases tell an audience about a new (or improved) product being launched. The idea is to focus on what makes this product different from your competitors and sell its benefits.

Example of a product launch press release example

Here, the headline tells the reader what the new product is and its main benefit. There is a direct quote from the CEO, and further benefits are provided highlighting the superiority of the latest products, including directly informing staff how it will make life easier and less risky for them than previously. The visual provided shows the product in action.


Award press release

Award press releases let the media know they have won an award, why they won, and what it means for their business.

It's a great way to get positive attention to your company's achievements and demonstrate your expertise.

Example of an award press releaseAward Press Release example (Unifonic)

This is a press release PRLab created for Unifonic. This communications company announced its achievement in being recognized as a great place to work by a credible and relevant authority. It also lists the company's other achievements, such as international expansion. It also cleverly reiterates what the company does and the benefits to customers of its services.


Merger, acquisition & partnership press release

An acquisition press release is used to announce a recent corporate acquisition to the media.

It is used to inform and reassure stakeholders of the business is position and its importance. It can also be used to announce your wider intentions and the future direction the company will take.

Merger and acquisition press release examples

In this example, Zoom announces an acquisition and what it means to its customers. The advantages are discussed, and the statement “we believe that no current platform offers all of these” is meant to show their lead over competitors and their confidence.

Zoom is a market leader in its field, and the desire to constantly improve is demonstrated here.


Embargoed press release

Embargoed press releases refer to a news release, announcement, or media alert specifically shared with some media before its official publication. A specific time is set for the information to be made fully public. These are most often used for more sensitive news releases. The idea is to give journalists more time to research and accurately report the story.

Example of an under embargo press release

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Journalists receive many press releases and invitations from lots of companies. It is important to stand out and give them something instantly recognized as newsworthy and noteworthy. You need to give the right amount of information and make it easy for the journalist to pick up and ‘run with' the story in a way that is as easy as possible. Journalists work to strict deadlines and are under pressure to find and produce the best stories possible. You need to get their attention and captivate them and their audience.

November 23, 2023
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