New Product Launch Press Release [How to do, Template & Examples]

A product launch press release is a press release providing information about any product launch. This guide will explain everything about press releases, show you how to write one and provide a template and some great examples.

published: June 19, 2024
updated: June 26, 2024

The success of any product often hinges on how much publicity it receives. When it comes to new products, this is no different. Audiences may know who you are and what you do, but you'll still need to grab their attention and interest to get them past the 'curiosity' stage and to the ‘sign up’ or ‘purchase’ stage for your new product.

In this guide, we'll explain the meaning of a press release and define what a new product launch press release is. We’ll also explain how to write one and provide you with a template and some examples to get you started. So, let's begin.

What is a press release?

This is easy.

A press release is any written announcement intended to inform people about something noteworthy or relevant about an organization.

It could be about a new hire, record profits, or entrance into a new market, to name a few. Or in our case, the launch of a new product.

What is a new product launch press release?

A product launch press release is text an organization publishes before launching a new product or product line.

Its purpose is to capture people's attention, garner media coverage, and promote the product among relevant audiences.

It does this by selling the launch as newsworthy, adding an interesting story or angle, and providing the key benefits. Creating a press release is the best way to draw attention to your new product.

How to write a press release for a new product launch?

To make it make sense, we've created this easy-to-follow guide to get you started on your journey to writing the ultimate product launch press release.

Follow this to learn all the ins and outs, including the essential elements of a press release, optimal structure, how to reel in key audiences, and how to get your press release ahead of the pack.

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Step 1: Do your research

The first step in writing a new product press release is to do your research. Read other press releases.

Get an idea of what your competitors are doing so you can differentiate yourselves from them.

Research your target audience's preferences and media consumption habits. This will help you to formulate the key messages you want to share.

Step 2: Write a draft

Next, create a rough outline of what you want to say. Keep it focused and concise. You want a natural flow between sections, each paragraph tying into the other. Think of the pyramid model. Start with the most important info at the top and end with the least important.

Tru to avoid over-explaining the product.

The main goal is to give just enough to interest a journalist to cover it and for audiences to want to hear more. Nobody wants the full shebang at this point. Clearly demonstrate how people will benefit from it. Show how innovative your offering is without making it sound too salesy.

Step 3: Test it

If you think you've mastered the above, why not test it? Let a 'layperson' or someone without prior knowledge of the topic read it.

See if they can identify the key points you want to convey, such as who the company is, what it does, and how to contact them to find out more.

This is a valuable way to assess whether you've done it effectively. If the feedback aligns, it's a sign that you're on the right track.

Step 4: Tweaking for SEO

You want your press release to appear at the top of search engine results. This will provide you with some credibility and increase traffic and brand awareness.

Understanding the specific keywords and phrases that your potential customers use to search for products similar to yours is key to optimizing your press release for search engines.

This significantly enhances its discoverability.

Step 5: Find journalists and outlets

Instead of resorting to the spray-and-pray approach, limit sending your press release to only the most relevant outlets and bloggers. Spamming the internet with your press release can dent your online presence. You also want to ensure your press release is disseminated to the most relevant audiences. The easiest way is to use media monitoring tools to find journalists.

It's better to tailor a press release. You can have multiple versions of the press release intended for different audiences.

In some cases, the journalist will further tweak the press release per their respected audiences' interests.

For instance, if your new product is wearable tech to track fitness, using tech-savvy language may be an idea. For a fitness magazine, highlighting the practical benefits would be more preferential.

Step 6: Write your press release

Taking into consideration the above, it's time to write your press release.

It all begins with the layout. There are no brownie points for being ‘creative’ here.

There’s no point in being different when it comes to press releases.

Why? Because audiences like familiarity, following the structure to a ‘T’ is the best way to guarantee this.

You’ll therefore need:

  • Company logo/details at the top of the page (you want people to recognize the brand instantly and a logo is the best way to do this)
  • A powerful headline (as the first text they read, it needs to be snappy and commanding, so get thinking here)
  • A sub-heading (elaborate on the headline, but think what else you could add to get them hooked)
  • Location and dateline (before the first full paragraph, give the location of the company or the launch, followed by the date - all in caps)
  • The first paragraph (this needs to address the what, the who, when, where, and why, then finally the how)
  • The ‘body’ (go into more detail about why a reporter should find this story interesting. Add more layers about the most significant benefits to the audience and finish with some secondary information. Add a photo underneath).
  • ‘###’ (this lets the reader know it is the end of the announcement)
  • Company details (referred to as ‘the boilerplate,’ this is a short paragraph giving a background on your company, its products, and media contact details)

Step 7: Create an attention-grabbing email title for your press release

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases every day. The first step in catching their eye is to have an attention-grabbing subject line. Mention any exciting new features the product uses, and add any stats that'll make people stop and think.

Step 8: Proofread and send it

Now, give it a final look. Check that it says what you want it to say, that it's free from spelling or grammar errors (a real credibility killer), and that all the essential info is present. This includes your contact details and logo.

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How to distribute your new product launch press release?

Writing a great press release is one thing. Getting it shared is quite another. There are different strategies for getting published.

Finding journalists

You can build your own media list by researching the journalists and publications that will benefit you most (think audience numbers and demographics). Google and LinkedIn are your friends here. When finding out about individual journalists, click on their profile and you'll get a list of their work. See if it aligns.

See if they're proficient and knowledgeable in your area.

Contact them and ask if they'd be interested in covering your news. Tell them what it’s about, what their audience will get, and why they should be interested.

This is a great, and essential, way to build relationships with key journalists in the market.

Press release distributors

One way to get your news out quickly and with little effort is via press release distribution services. There are a number of syndication services available, with some press releases ending up on the lap of the biggest websites and news networks (Fox, CBS). A good place to start would be with distributors with experience in your area. These will likely have solid connections, and you're less likely to be shooting in the dark. Some also offer SEO services, too, so take a look at this.

Unfortunately, not all press release distributors are created equal, and if you want to exert more control over when and where your press release goes - some reserve the right to edit it, or have it sent to particular outlets, you'll likely need to pay.

Despite the above constraints, entrusting your press release to professionals can save valuable time.

What to do when making a press release for a new launch


Write a draft, then walk away

Write your press release and park it. Come back a few hours or even a day later. Sometimes, it helps to get space away from it and come back with fresher eyes and new ideas. You can also more clearly see any mistakes you've made.

Ask for a second opinion, and be prepared to leave your ego at the door.


Choose your distribution method carefully

There are many options available when sending a press release. Are you looking for widespread coverage of your product, or do you want to communicate your news to a more select audience?

A press release distribution service is one way to go about this. But is this needed when you already have a contacts list that has met your needs so far? Maybe it's best to send it to just 4-5 contacts first and see how it goes.


Be realistic

Generally, it can take time to land top-tier coverage. Instead, be willing to land in lesser-known publications, like trade journals or local outlets.

Trade journals can be the hidden gem in your earned media arsenal.

Firstly, it's where your customers spend time. Also, with the more ‘attainable’ publications, you never know who will see or share it or what will come of it.

Another thing to think about is that these smaller outlets are more likely to have time for your news than the bigger ones, where getting coverage for your new product is often more difficult.


Check all your touchpoints in order

It goes without saying that your website should be updated regularly - so employees, addresses, and other contact info.

Having your press release do one thing and your website say another can look extremely unprofessional and harm your professionalism.

Make sure your other touchpoints are in order. This includes your social pages and LinkedIn.

Touchpoints are where people will go after they read your press release, so don’t neglect them. You need to create a seamless experience from the time your customers discover your business until they buy from you.


Consider leaving it to the pros

You may have a wonderful new product that may soon come flying off the shelves, but sometimes it's best to leave writing about it to the professionals. Why? Because thats what they do. They will be trained in how to communicate the key messages you want to share. Remember, once it hits the matrix, there's no pulling it back. It's out there. So you want to get it right the first time.

A great press release can attract attention and new business and be used in later content or initiatives. A PR pro can consult your marketing, production, and management teams to produce a winning press release. You also need to master the fine balance of salesy/promotional material and informative content (hint: you want the latter).

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What to avoid when making a press release for a new product launch


Avoid jargon

Jargon is defined as those often difficult-to-understand industry words. Do you want only a certain number of people to understand what you mean? Probably not. Why limit yourself? Your audience shouldn’t need a dictionary to read your press release, and no one will be impressed with your overly technical speech.


Don’t use the kitchen sink approach

The ideal press release is around 400-500 words. It is hard to stick to this with multiple quotes, every feature of the product described in meticulous detail, long reasons for its greatness, several photos, get the gist. You can always inform the journalist you have supporting documents or links and pop these over after your initial email or upon request.

When it comes to quotes, stick to either the CEO or a happy customer. But no more. It'll start to look overkill otherwise.


Forgetting the CTA

People usually associate a CTA (call to action) with advertising. Although your press release isn't an advertisement and shouldn't be seen as one, you'll still need to place a CTA.

While most readers will understand what to do, people will need a shove in the right direction when it comes to what to do next. Spelling it out increases the chances of them doing it, and avoids any confusion.

New launch press release template format suggestion

New launch press release template format suggestion

When should you issue a Press Release for your new launch?

Timing is everything when it comes to new product releases. You can build up excitement and curiosity among potential customers. Issuing a new product press release in advance allows you to slowly reveal details, tease product features, and create a narrative surrounding your release that sticks in people's minds.

Think about wider events, too. If your release coincides with a major industry event, it may be good to announce it beforehand so you're not shouting in the wind. Look at industry news cycles; when does news normally get announced?

Download the new launch press release template

Why should you launch a PR campaign for a new product?

PR is how you get the word out about your product launch. Media exposure is something no organization can be without. It ignites interest and momentum and can get people talking about your new product before it's even released. PR can help you land coverage, getting your name out there while building your reputation in the eyes of your audience.

Third-party reviews and write-ups mentioning you can establish credibility and reduce the purchasing risk for your customers who will feel more comfortable purchasing your product when someone else speaks about it. Just think how you would feel to see a company's product featured in Techcrunch. Your press release is a chance to set the record straight and give the whole picture. Providing accurate info in the public domain boosts credibility and can reduce the delay in customer adoption.

PR can put your product front and center among key audiences, including venture capitalits and angel investors who see you as low risk and wish to get involved in product development. This can instill a sense of optimism about the future of your products in your audience.

New launch press release examples

New product launch press release example

New product launch press release example

New product line press release example

New product line press release example

New improved product press release example

New improved product press release example


By now, you've probably got enough info to understand the basics of crafting a product press release and how to pitch it to journalists, and you may even be feeling more confident to be let loose to create yourself with our template and guide.

Remember, you need a catchy headline, a clear description of the features and benefits, valuable quotes, and eye-catching photos. Be sure to include all the standard elements for a press release (dateline, company information, and contact info) and have firm direction on where to send it.

If you are still feeling unsure, or would rather leave it in more experienced hands, then drop our agency a message to see how we can take the hassle out of it for you and get you traction you deserve with your new product release.

June 19, 2024
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