February 28, 2022 |

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PR Trends 2022: The 16 Hottest Public Relations Trends

The world of public relations is more dynamic than ever. With the unprecedented and unexpected events of 2021, leading from COVID-19, we’ve seen some disruptive changes in the world of PR. With more and more campaigns diverting into the digital PR realm, in the upcoming year, we will still encounter new trends and industry patterns building up..

This foreshadows new PR trends in 2022 that are worth following. The public relation industry trends are important to keep up with both for PR specialists and up-and-coming businesses. In this article, we’ll go through the importance of keeping up with PR trends in 2022, what these trends are, and how the industry progresses, transforms, and impacts the business world.


Many changes have occurred in the past couple years. For example, people have been increasing their participation in movements, defining what’s right and wrong, and standing up for it. These realizations have stemmed from the abundance of information that they’re being fed. But more importantly, these movements focus on the human as a starting point.

They identify a social issue, and define clearly what needs to be protected, and what is better left in the past. That translates into the PR industry.

Businesses and brands have begun working towards helping humanity protect those values, exterminate the roots of the issues, and move forward. The tech industry develops and converts people to a greener lifestyle where a single piece of technology can save tons of environmentally-unfriendly products.

This is already a huge step up in the world of PR, not because more and more startups and scaleups show support for positive movements, but because they actively work towards making a difference.

The emerging trends in PR and in media relations are examples of the shifting world we’re experiencing. And it’s crucial for the sake of having a real-life impact to closely follow the latest trends.

The use of digital media is shaping the world and emerging trends in public relations are evidence that more can be done, but it needs to be done right.

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