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At PRLab we believe in pushing to be great for our clients and, in order to do that, we need to be great for ourselves. That is why we believe in bringing together professionals from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds.

This allows us to create a marketplace of ideas that propel our success. We respect every choice, belief, and background and believe this is one of our keys to success. Those who chose a PR career do not have a stereotype and we don’t look for it.
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Our Path

At PRLab, we are committed to making a difference in the world. This is why we choose to work with blossoming tech companies who are changing the lives of millions of people through innovation.

We strive to help them find their story. What is it that makes them who they are? Where did they come from? And what obstacles did they have to conquer to get there? With their story in hand, we help give them a voice. We want them to share their unique story and their company's vision to change the world. They are further encouraged to leverage their voice to become leaders in their industry and challenge others to push for change.

PRLab, however, isn’t just about the companies we work with. We are committed to our humble beginning, the PRLab hub community. It was the ever growing PRLab hub community that long existed before the company had its first client and we are more committed to it now then ever. We will never stop creating a space for learning and believe it should be obtainable for all who seek it.
Team of Prlab in Spain
Team of Prlab in Spain
Team of Prlab in the Netherlands
Team of Prlab in the Netherlands
Photo of the PRLab team on the christmas party
Team of Prlab celebrating 3 years
Team of Prlab in the Netherlands
Team of Prlab in Spain
Team of Prlab in Spain
Team of Prlab in the Netherlands
Team of Prlab
  • Team of Prlab in Spain
  • Team of Prlab in Spain
  • Team of Prlab in Spain
  • Team of Prlab in Spain
  • Team of Prlab in Spain
  • Team of Prlab in Spain
  • Team of Prlab in the Netherlands
  • Team of Prlab in the Netherlands
  • Team of Prlab in the Netherlands
  • Photo of the PRLab team on the christmas party

The Values we Cherish

Our 7 PRLab core values. Click on the numbers to see each one of them


Collaboration is at the core of PRLab, from the origins of the company to how we’ve become one of the top Tech PR agencies in Europe. We collaborate with each other as well as with our clients. Our team of diverse individuals each bring unique skills and strengths to the table - one of our keys to success.

As each of us has something different to offer, we achieve greatly dynamic outputs through collaboration. Through collaborating with one another, we’re able to learn and grow as a connected team, as well as enhance our problem-solving abilities. In addition, when working remotely, collaboration ensures that our team stays efficient and connected.


We believe that teamwork has its limits without transparency. PRLab strives to create a space where the team can be completely transparent with each other to build a healthier and a thriving work environment.

As we strive for transparency across our entire agency, we also strive to keep honest and open relationships with our clients. Without transparency, we cannot build trusted partnerships, this is why we take straightforward communications seriously. Our transparent work environment motivates for higher-quality ethical practices, with the benefit that team members experience less engagement barriers.


Every decision we make, every idea we have, everything we say is treated with the utmost respect. We respect everyone's diverse expertise and support them as they leverage it. 

For us, this is the ultimate factor in ensuring reduced stress levels among employees, as the team should feel comfortable to be open and honest about their well being - without feeling diminished by colleagues. As such, respect drives productivity and satisfaction rates, not to mention, a fair working environment.


Each member of the PRLab team embodies the entrepreneurial mindset. They own their role and are willing to challenge the status quo if it benefits their business.

A forward thinking and progressive mindset is often associated with an entrepreneur, our team embodies this way of thinking and aims to keep building on how we innovate the PR landscape, continuing to produce cutting edge PR strategies.


To change the status quo, PRLab has an aura of fearlessness. The team isn’t afraid to adopt techniques or create risky strategies. This puts us at the forefront of innovation in Tech PR. 

The team has created a culture where open discussions about new ideas and new possibilities are welcomed. We believe that a fearless spirit is what drives a team forward, as it encourages learning from mistakes and adapting new systems of change.


One of the most important values at PRLab is the ability to learn and to always keep learning. This wouldn’t be possible without moving our ego to the side and taking a hard look in the mirror. Nothing is ever static at PRLab and a humble team embraces this.

As we’re a collaborative team, humility is also displayed through our team’s efforts to make the day-to-day business of our colleagues more manageable - through extending a helping hand where needed, as well as being appreciative when help is offered.

Results driven

While all of our values create what we believe sets us up for success, it is our constant drive for results that push us towards greatness. We are results driven and we don’t stop until we reach our targets. As we have a future growth mindset, we work diligently to meet our goals and assess our milestones. As a collective team, we make sure to meet on a weekly basis to discuss our progress and to identify opportunities of improvement.

We believe the only way to achieve sustainable growth is through staying on target, bettering ourselves each step of the way.

We know hard work, we also know living life

To be the best version of ourselves, we find the balance between hard work and enjoying life. Undertaking a PR job requires some rest and relaxation and we push for it. Check out some of our adventures below:

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