Case Studies

See How We Have Helped Our Clients Boost Their Visibility Among Their Target Audiences

The ability to deliver tangible results is what matters the most. Here we have compiled some of our success stories to demonstrate the value we bring to our customers.

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Office App

Office App was founded by Iain Thompson in 2015 with the vision of seamlessly connecting employees to their office space for optimal productivity and enjoyment. The vision started small and has now grown to in 10 different countries all across Europe. The platform has completely changed the way work environments are built and utilized, optimizing the work-life flow.

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IMPRAISE became PRLab Hub’s first client in 2018 and we have built a strong cooperative relationship since then. Thanks to PRLab’s integrative marketing approach and a solid content marketing strategy, Impraise saw exponential growth of their online and press coverage. They gained over 10k subscribers to their blog, as well as over 130K website visitors every month.

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BOMBERBOT and PRLab worked togeter on an integrative approach to reduce the challenges faced by Bomberbot. Offering a digital learning tool for children is a great idea, however, educating the audience about the product and its benefits is a tough one to overcome. A content strategy centered approach. designed by PRLab, allowed Bomberbot to increase the website visitors along with the total number of signups.

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Framework Studio

In 2019,Framework Studio’s recent expansion into France and Ibiza was faced with a disconnect between their current image, and the image that they wanted to project. So, they reached out to PRLab looking to achieve the right presence in other cities and brand recognition in the design industry.

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