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Renewable energy is ever-evolving, with new business opportunities opening around every corner. The Netherlands, in particular, is known for leading the field in offering startups and scaleups the opportunity to present their innovations and solutions to propel the Renewable energy and CleanTech industry even further.

As a Cleantech PR agency that specializes in the sector of renewable energy, we want to help you achieve greater market visibility.
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We land global coverage across tiers for our clients on a weekly basis.
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Press coverage obtained by our cleantech public relations agencyPress coverage obtained by our cleantech PR agencyPress coverage obtained by our cleantech PR firmPress coverage obtained by our renewable energy PR agencyPress coverage obtained by our cleantech PR companyPress coverage obtained by our renewable energy PR firmPress coverage obtained by our renewable energy PR companyPress coverage obtained by our renewable energy PR services
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We're NOT a traditional CleanTech Agency

PRLab is not a traditional Renewable Energy PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why Trust Our Renewable Energy PR Agency



We have built a diversified portfolio of clients, working across distinctive tech sectors and industries. As a top tech PR agency, we are dedicated to delivering CleanTech, GreenTech, and Renewable Energy PR strategies, which are of the highest quality. We are renowned for growing our clients’ industry presence through the first-rate work we do. Our services are adjusted to your specific goal, resulting in precision targeting of your PR needs. This ensures that the outcome of our PR initiatives are of an unmatched quality.


As your Renewable Energy PR agency, we create news where there is no news. This not only
means that we create coverage stories for you, but we make sure your publications carry great
value-adding benefits for the industry. Through engaging storytelling, we aim to differentiate you in a crowded market. In this, our team of dedicated PR specialists are focused on nurturing a positive brand attitude for you in your industry. With value creation, business growth is sure to follow.


The rapid development of technology and new breakthroughs in CleanTech and related subfields makes the industry highly dynamic. That’s why you need a PR agency that’s well informed about the market shifts and new media directions in order to grow your business. With us as your CleanTech and Renewable Energy PR partner, you can be sure that your communications strategies are in line with the latest trends and industry developments. We are committed to creating a reputable status for you, and spread the solutions you have for the hottest issues of the field.


The clean and renewable energy industry is continuously gaining elevated media traction.
However, with this comes a heightened level of competition over media features, as well as battles to get in front of the eyes of the correct audiences. Rest assured, our media management skills get you worthy brand recognition. As CleanTech PR is a specialized industry, with a distinctive set of attributes, attention should be paid to ensuring that each content piece compliments the defining characteristics of your brand. Your values, ideas, solutions, industry-pioneering thoughts are those core features that will set you apart from the competition and put you under the spotlight.

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Renewable Energy and CleanTech Public Relations Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:


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As a CleanTech PR agency tackling issues of Renewable Energy implementation, we have a firm grasp of the tech industry and related sectors. Our service packages are tailored to fit your distinctive needs, be they to gain publicity, extend your audience reach or establish you as a CleanTech and Renewable Energy thought leader. Our PR consultants are dedicated to help you identify the most prominent PR issues you need to address, and focus on the solutions you innovatively provide.

CleanTech Solutions & Renewable Energy

In order to achieve effective campaigns when it comes to CleanTech PR and Renewable Energy PR, the different levels of communication should be addressed. By focusing on a clear and well defined sector, communications are directed with greater precision. This way market visibility and brand awareness is achieved with greater impact.


We work diligently to help you grow your business, gain brand awareness and establish brand credibility. As our service packages are adjusted to your specific needs, we present you with multiple choices of how to gain leverage from the media. Our PR strategies are set to assist your integrated marketing communications, with which tactic we aim to support you in different areas of marketing that can benefit from PR.


We help you achieve your goals of becoming well known in industry and to make sure that your press announcements are received by the most lucrative audiences. With our PR services for tech startups, you are sure to become known as a reputable company. We take care of your press announcements and cover stories, so that you can focus on building your brand in the CleanTech market and Renewable Energy sphere.

Business Growth

The CleanTech and Renewable Energy industry is achieving exponential growth, so why shouldn’t your business grow alongside it? If you’re looking to gain coverage for your funding announcements, publicity for your brand expansions or to announce your new business ventures, we’re here to take care of managing your public relations. As a trusted Renewable Energy PR agency, we’re skilled in getting your story covered and published where valuable investors will notice you.

Content creation

What differentiates us from other PR agencies in the field of Renewable Energy, CleanTech, and GreenTech is our ability to take complex stories and create meaningful content from them. We employ compelling brand storytelling methods to help carry your brand message. This is critical in getting your story noticed by journalists, as they are constantly looking for the next great news item to cover.

Our CleanTech and Renewable Energy PR strategy

Client Lifecycle

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We have established a few fundamentals in our PR process. Since each client has their own distinctive character and unique needs, we offer a selection of service packages that are customizable to best match what you want to achieve with your PR strategy. That’s why on our first meeting our PR experts will have a discussion with you about which service package best accommodates your unique needs. As a standard, within the first three months, with us as your CleanTech and Renewable Energy PR agency, you can expect deep industry insights, the first strategic rollout, and media features. We strongly recommend including an industry report in your package as it will provide you with deeper PR insight and the impact we have on the success of your brand reputation.

Media Relations

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PR is not only about managing your media content but also the relationships you build with journalists and the press. We’ve worked with leading and well respected companies, managing their media relations and squeezing out high quality content that fits their brand identity. Through our clients, we’ve gained necessary insights into the multi-dimensional landscape of CleanTech PR and Renewable Energy.

This enables us to structure our service process to ensure that your communications are always relevant to fit the market trends and latest media developments. This is why we identify the best placements and journalists to cover your continued story. Since renewable energy PR is highly specialized, it requires an added layer of planning to ensure you land in front of the relevant audience.

PR planning and added value

Our PR strategies are developed with extreme precision to ensure your PR initiatives are met with great success. This way we take great care in developing value-adding strategies, which result in you being recognised as a worthy industry asset. In our planning, we consider the complexity of your challenge and turn it into an opportunity for business growth, whilst creating lucrative media coverage. It’s all about creating a conversation around your brand or business, and grabbing the attention of the audience in a two-way communication channel. One example is to use thought leadership as part of your PR initiatives, since this way you share your industry knowledge and allow others to contribute to the discussion. The added value comes from sharing industry pioneering thoughts.

Renewable Energy PR

CleanTech, GreenTech, Renewable Energy are all pioneering the environmental industry and transforming the way people think about mundane everyday activities. As such, we apply our PR skills to fully benefit you in gaining market growth for your business. Our industry knowledge and experience have amounted to us specializing in the business lingo you need for your PR strategy to better human experience and network connections. With this, we build an esteemed brand reputation for you among valuable audiences in Renewable Energy, and focus on your main values and beliefs.

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Specializing in PR for tech companies and startups, our PR agency is agile in working across industry niches.
From preparing to handling risk and crisis management - we got you covered. Your reputation is secure with us.
Digital PR is the act of applying core principles of PR to a digital context or environment.
We train your team in understanding the media landscape and building relationships with media agents to own the conversation.

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