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PRLab rapidly grew into one of the top PR agencies due to its innovative approach specialised oriented to startups, scale-ups and small businesses. If you want to revamp your PR efforts and break from the noise, reach out to us. Craftsmanship sits at our core, we’d be happy to get a good understanding of your needs in order to provide you with a custom-made PR strategy. Get in touch!

PRLab Named Top PR Agency in the Netherlands 2020

We just received some exciting news from Clutch! They’ve chosen us as one of the top Public Relations Company of the Netherlands in 2020!
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Here is why we're NOT a traditional PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional PR Agency. We believe the traditional PR agency model is broken, click here to read all about our approach to PR and how we’re innovating the space. Read about our approach.

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Our services

We use a finely crafted mix of traditional and contemporary PR to achieve powerful coverage that drives business growth
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Tech PR

We integrate traditional PR across the entire marketing spectrum to drive our clients’ business growth with powerful and meaningful coverage
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Content Marketing

We work in sync with our clients needs to ideate, create, and share, concrete and impactful content for long lasting thought leadership bona fides

Social Media

We use proven channels and influencers to increase social engagement & interaction
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Strategic Branding

We hone a brand’s essence to captivate targeted audiences and share their wider vision while building engagement and brand advocacy
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Graphic Design

Our experienced designers deftly illustrate your key messaging through intricate and meaningful images
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Growth Hacking

We utilize a set of tools, hacks and AB Testing to convert online traffic into market share

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