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Corporate Internal Communications Services

Effective communication between management and employees is an important consideration for any organization. Internal corporate communication, if done well, can motivate and inspire employees and subsequently influence growth. Using the internal communications services of an experienced agency such as PRLab can ensure that you establish an open, candid rapport with your team.
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What is Internal Communications?

Internal corporate communication refers to the messaging between management and employees on company and work-related matters. Anything that relays company-related information qualifies as a company’s internal communication - this includes newsletters, announcements, training guides, policies, and procedures.
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These forms of communication can, of course, be written or verbal. This is why internal corporate communication is multifaceted, and involves considering how a message might come across to employees across different platforms. Part of internal communication involves determining the best avenue through which certain messages should be relayed.

Knowing how to best navigate internal company affairs with openness and, at times, sensitivity, is a key area of PR, as it involves tailoring your message to your audience and considering how it will come across in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Why do companies and corporates need internal communications?

Companies and corporates can garner a myriad of benefits from internal communications services. Inter company communication is just as important as with clients, customers, or investors. Neglecting to establish an atmosphere of openness between upper management and employees leads to easily avoidable inner conflict within your company.
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Internal corporate communication is often easily overlooked, which is why the most common employee complaint determined through surveys revolves around communication regarding company matters. However, ensuring that this area of internal affairs remains intact can result in a more effective, inspired workforce. This skill can be used within large and small pieces of company news, including management/company changes as well as within crisis situations such as a merger or acquisition that may include downsizing or reorganization to the current company structure, and primarily in HR, where matters such as compensation, performance reviews, employee benefits, and training are handled.

Internal corporate communications are key to providing a healthy work environment and is the number one way to ensure a dedicated, engaged workforce.

What makes our corporate communications strategy different?

At PRLab, we provide an adaptable, personalized strategy for internal corporate communications. We make sure that our initial steps are thorough and will work with you to take your unique needs into account.
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Our team of creative, passionate content creators and SEO experts will ensure that the content is not only engaging and innovative, but will also result in measurable success and concrete improvement to your current structure. Our hands-on approach will make certain that no stone is left unturned. We know that employee satisfaction directly impacts performance, and we are therefore committed to constantly optimizing our strategy to result in measurable growth within your organization.

Our Corporate Communications Strategy

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Internal Corporate Communications Audit

The first step in our process is to conduct an audit of the current communication structure within a company. We assess the current level of satisfaction on both the employee and management side to get an understanding of the key areas that can be improved. This is done through one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys.


Identifying key metrics

After we have gathered the initial base of information from both sides, we then navigate how we are going to measure the success of the later strategy. This includes monitoring different areas of your organization’s internal communications strategy. How often are employees engaging with your content? Are there any persisting issues within your organization that can be addressed through more effective communication? How can these issues be measured and improved?



The next step is to compile a report based on the research conducted in the initial stage. This includes not only a rundown of the current state, but prioritization of the key areas in need of improvement and recommendations for next steps. We use the information gathered to create a personalized timeline for your company, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Using Your Input to Develop an Actionable Strategy

After we have assembled a guideline based on our general recommendations, we then sit down with you to gather your input. In this stage, we want to make sure that we are heading in the proper direction before we take concrete steps, taking your unique perspective into consideration before moving forward. This will involve determining what you wish your level of involvement to be in the process.

Content Creation

Now is the time to develop creative and engaging content that is tailored to your company’s style. We will be strategic in using our research and your initial input to create any content that will be used in internal corporate communications, including scripts for meetings, speaker training using “what-if” scenarios, and developing motivation and incentive programs. In this stage, we will also determine which channels and formats are most appropriate for different audiences and messages.


Analyzing and Optimizing Performance

After carrying out the actionable steps in our strategy, we will then use the key performance indicators to measure the success of the process. We continually evaluate your internal corporate communications strategy to determine necessary changes that need to be made. Measurable statistics as well as hands-on gathering of employee feedback can be used to paint a clear picture of what’s working and what isn’t.

The PRLab X team offers its expertise across a wide array of industries from niche startups to established players.



What is internal communications?

Internal communications (IC) refers to all correspondences between management and employees within an organization that involves company-related matters. In PR, internal communications refers to the strategies involved with optimizing these correspondences to ensure their maximum effectiveness. This strategy involves audits and assessments of employee performance, engagement, and satisfaction, evaluation of the current structure based on this feedback, and optimizing these channels of communication through content creation and training.

What are examples of internal communication?

Internal communication presents itself in a variety of forms. The script that you use within a meeting, training materials, graphics, company information relayed through written or verbal announcements and newsletters, and company events are just a few examples of the applications of corporate-to-employee correspondence. Any format in which company-related information is relayed all falls within the world of internal corporate communication.

What are the common causes of problems in internal communications?

Complaints regarding the inadequacy of communication from overhead is one of the most common criticisms of employees. The reason that this is a leading company issue is because internal corporate communications are often undervalued or uninspired. It is necessary to create engaging company information-related content through effective channels in order to make sure that your workforce is passionate about your organization’s goals and mission. Opportunities for creative communication are often overlooked in favor of traditional emails and run-of-the-mill meetings. Capturing the attention and respect of your employees is equally as important as capturing the attention and respect of customers, clients, or investors.

What are internal communication skills?

Skills that are conducive to effective internal corporate communication involve speaking skills, active listening, concise and thoughtful writing, an understanding of the metrics and technology your company can use to measure success, and thorough training methodology. Delegating various tasks related to inter company communication based on the different strengths and weaknesses of your management team is conducive to developing a more effective structure of correspondence within your organization. PRLab can help you to determine and fill in the skill gaps of your management team in order to streamline your organization’s operations.

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