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Cryptocurrency PR emerged as a highly prominent line of work, developing with great speed and requiring professional expertise to achieve great results. Alongside new technologies, cryptocurrency is considered one of the most dynamic industries. As the field grows, the question is how to stay ahead of competition? The best way is by trusting us as your cryptocurrency PR agency. A highly specialized industry needs highly skilled PR professionals to take care of communications and networking in the crypto field.

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We land global coverage across tiers for our clients on a weekly basis.
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Press coverage for Chargebee, obtained by our international PR agencyMedia coverage obtained by PRLab at BloombergPress Coverage at Forbes obtained by our PR agency in Amsterdam and StockholmPress coverage for Unifonic obtained by our PR firmMedia coverage at Silicon Canals obtained thanks to our PR servicesMedia coverage at Fortune obtained thanks to our PR strategiesPress coverage obtained by our public relations firm for ImpraiseMedia coverage obtained by our communications firm at Tech EU
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We're NOT a traditional Crypto PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional Crypto PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why choose our Crypto PR agency?



At PRLab, we stand on firm ground that landing you publications and crisis communications is only a part of it. We use PR as a tool to communicate your brand reputation, to establish a prominent and respected brand image, and shape you to be an outstanding pillar in the crypto industry. We plan your public relations strategy carefully, with a data-driven approach, so that you get the most out of the time and resources spent on communications. As a top PR agency, we are determined to provide unique PR strategies that yield the best results in the context of cryptocurrency and its specificities.


We have worked with some of the most successful startups and scaleups in the tech industry, growing our clients’ industry presence through the first-rate work we do. We believe that PR is all about value - for the brand’s reputation and company image, as well as for the consumers. Working with a cryptocurrency PR agency secures press releases, publications, thought leadership articles and relationships built with journalists, and those carry value for the company, target market and wider industry.


Your PR agency should be well up-to-date with industry events and current news. With us managing your telecommunications public relations, you can be certain that your PR content is relevant to what’s happening in the media and flexible enough to survive market shifts and new directions the media take. We’re committed to growing your business by keeping a close eye on the news and public conversations, to ensure you get the insights that can drive your progress forward.


Cryptocurrency public relations contains much more than just pushing media content out. Your story needs to be planned and built to create a cohesive narrative that communicates what your business strives to achieve and how it can contribute to its field. What sets you apart as a leader or industry pioneer is the ideas you come up with and spread. In PR, we create content that secures your position as a valuable assistant to the market. Since new cryptocurrency service deliveries are rolled out ultrafast, we make sure that your content is managed and updated along with the current trends and media discussions.
We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

Cryptocurrency PR Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:


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As a cryptocurrency PR agency, we offer a selection of PR services, all to best meet your distinct needs. Our service packages differ from client to client as we tailor them to accommodate your overall marketing and communications goals. We provide you with a clean-cut strategic framework and then build your service package to ensure your PR strategy is progressive and supports your business growth journey.

Cryptocurrency Solutions

In order to achieve success with your PR strategy, we aim to understand what’s trending in your field. Especially in B2B communications, we need to be strategic about what stories we release and when. Timing and newsworthy content is essential. The benefit of working with a cryptocurrency PR agency is that we strategically create and plan your news items with precision. This way brand visibility and awareness is gained with great impact, as we take into account these important features - timing and quality content.

Media Management

Media strategies are crucial for any communications plan. A cryptocurrency PR plan does not only aim to generate viable leads for you, but also secure the opportunity to connect your business with valuable customers through business storytelling and strategic media management. That’s why we take care of your media content to establish great brand awareness and credibility, and do so while taking into consideration media incentives - what stories the media likes and deems worthy of publishing, how media networking is done for a long-time relationship, and how consistency is maintained.

Startups and Scaleups

The industry of cryptocurrency is hotter than ever. This also means that more players are entering the market, increasing competition for every business in the field. As your cryptocurrency PR agency, we set out to make you well known in the industry. We assist your image with lucrative audiences by helping you establish business relationships that will gain you a solid market position. Our aim is to make you known as a reputable business, one that’s worth investing in. While we score media coverage, you have the time to focus your attention on brand building and ideas that will help your industry and set your brand as a pioneer.

PR Funding

Our single general goal is to grow your business. That’s why we break this goal into more specific goals, starting with attracting investors and valuable customers that can offer support for your business development. If you're starting out or scaling your business, we’re here to guide your reputation with the public. From seed funding to the final rounds, the cryptocurrency pr strategy we create for you is designed with the intention of gaining the trust of venture capitalists and investors, while showing customers your value as a growing name in the industry.

content creation

We excel at providing the best content for your brand. In doing so, we personalize the ways to convey your story in order to best fit your specific needs. Cryptocurrency can be a tough nut to crack, especially its interpretation by the average media consumer. What sets us apart in developing cryptocurrency public relations strategies is our ability to create content that is easy to read, while providing important and complex industry information, and doing so in a comprehensive manner. From thought leadership articles to funding announcements, we make sure that your content benefits your reputation, and your customers are able to fully grasp what you’re all about.

Our Crypto PR strategy

Client Lifecycle

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Our PR process contains a few fundamentals in how we work. We put great emphasis on collaboration and working closely together with you in order to ensure that there’s a correlation between your expectations and the work we produce. On our first encounter, our PR experts will have a discussion with you about which service package best accommodates your unique needs. From here we can build up your cryptocurrency PR package, making sure that your strategic rollout meets the goals we set together. We strongly recommend including an industry report in your package as that will provide you with an in-depth insight on the PR process, impact, and results.

Media Relations and Placements

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There’s more to PR than managing your media contents. The relationships you build with journalists and the press is what makes your PR campaigns succeed in the long run. A press release is most impactful when it’s sustained for a long-term period, placing attention on the longevity of your story. This is why we identify the best placements and journalists to cover your continued story. Since cryptocurrency PR is highly specialized, it requires an added layer of planning to find the perfect media outlet with the most engaged audience for the industry. Your story’s long-term feature (being continued and sustained) needs to grab the attention of the audience, which is why we aim to find the audience that is the most engaged.

Value-adding PR

Our overall focus is on creating value-adding cryptocurrency PR strategies. Our experience with leading companies across various tech industries helped us understand the importance of communicating complex business ideas in a widely understandable way, which in turn generates media traction with outstanding success. It’s all about creating a conversation around your brand or business. For example, thought leadership is a high-tier PR initiative, with which you share your industry knowledge and ideas, while allowing others to contribute to the discussion. The added value comes from sharing industry pioneering thoughts and going back and forth with others who are invested in the field.

Cryptocurrency PR

The new cryptocurrency industry is fundamentally changing the way people connect, with each development bettering network experiences. Since cryptocurrency is one of the most important industries of today, crypto public relations adapts in its work to communicate the relevance and significance of cryptocurrency companies. The industry rests on the foundation of blockchain and plays a great role in how people and businesses alike connect. PR is all about driving those connections, which is why hiring a cryptocurrency PR agency is highly beneficial to ease the process of nurturing your valuable connections.

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As a top financial technology PR agency, we are committed to assisting you in optimizing your visibility, credibility and brand reputation.
How are you going to stay ahead of the competition? Simple, by trusting us as your blockchain PR agency.

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What is a crypto PR agency?

Public relations is a division of the holistic marketing and communications process. In essence, PR is one of the most effective tools a company could have to develop their image and reputation. As with any industry, the purpose of employing a cryptocurrency PR agency is to grow your industry presence and to nurture your business relationships.

A cryptocurrency PR agency is a one that’s highly skilled and specialized in managing your PR initiatives within the crypto industry. The PR team analyzes the market trends and structures your communications accordingly, they manage media relations and monitor your content - all in order to ensure your business benefits from the published and shared contents.

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