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Education is undeniably important. The relationship between education and technology is an incredibly powerful tool that is helping shape the future. As an EdTech PR agency, we understand the impact of the industry and how to communicate the importance of this vital service to the masses.
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We land EdTech and educational coverage across tiers for our clients on a weekly basis.
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We're NOT a traditional EdTech PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional EdTech PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why choose our EdTech communications agency?


Research and Preparation

At PRLab, we place huge value on understanding your business’ unique needs. As we start to work together, our PR professionals always ensure to take their time getting to know you. We get started by diving into your business, company values and what your goals and expectations are. We’re then able to provide a bespoke strategy that aligns perfectly with your wants and needs.

Adaptability and Delivery

Having worked with a wide variety of companies in the tech space and beyond, we have a clear understanding that each business has different requirements and priorities. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our process, strategy and approach to accommodate your every need. We’re able to produce a wide array of content: from video, to audio to blogs, and work alongside a variety of publications and journalists to help get you the coverage you need to grow.

The Focus of the Campaigns

Our team of experts are passionate about meeting your requirements to the highest standard. Whether you want to launch a new product, increase your brands recognition or announce a new collaboration, we ensure to produce content which reaches and resonates with the right audience.

Experience and Success

Over the years, we have worked alongside a diverse range of companies across multiple industries. When working with us, you can rest assured that we will provide a professional, bespoke service based on our highly successful strategies. As experts in the PR field, we guarantee that we will produce and distribute the most impactful content for your business.
We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

Expertise & Capabilities in Education and EdTech

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:

Industry Knowledge and Research

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We have an in-depth understanding of the education industry, and what partnering with EdTech companies entails. We understand the importance of keeping both teachers and learners engaged. Using our finely tuned PR strategies combined with our industry knowledge, we produce content which shows your audience the unique contribution you’re bringing to the education world.

PR Strategy and Campaign

Strategy is key, particularly in rapidly changing landscapes like tech industries. We want to share your story with your audience, piece by piece, and timing is an undeniably important element. Whatever your story, and whatever your product or service, our strategic approach will ensure that your insights and updates are shared in the most impactful way, at the optimal time, giving you the recognition and resonance you deserve.

Content Creation

Our team consists of a wide array of content creators, all with different specialialities. We’re able to produce a variety of content types, be it video, text based or audio, or a social media campaign. Our speciality lies in tailoring our expertly curated content to your industry, your brand and your unique values.

Joint Collaboration

At PRLab, we believe communication is the key. Not only do we want to communicate your business’ unique characteristics to your audience, we want to communicate seamlessly with you too. We pass along everything we produce to you for your input and approval and are always happy to amend things based on your feedback, with a quick turnaround. We highly value our relationship with our clients, and pride ourselves on our clear and consistent communication, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Media Outreach

Over the years, our relationships within the media landscape have developed into a reliable network. We are pleased to have high quality relationships with a wide array of media outlets, journalists and publications, many of which are within specific industry areas of interest. This allows us to share our content within journals and in publications that are relevant and useful to the EdTech industry, allowing you to reach and connect with your target audience easily and impactfully.

Industry Report

PRLab will provide you with an industry report which spans our whole collaboration, including the campaigns and pieces of content we’ve produced for you, the platforms reached, the publications we’ve shared your content on, and the amount of people that we’ve helped you reach as a result of our work together. Our clients have found these insights a useful way to see where future adaptation and focus is needed.

Our Education and EdTech PR Strategy

Meet & Greet

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We believe in building a close relationship with our clients. We place high value on communication and connection. When working with a new client, we always begin with a meet and greet to ensure both parties have an introduction to each other, and a concept of what will be achieved over the collaboration. We believe this gives an indispensable insight into your aims, expectations, and preferred way of working, and allows us to ensure that we cater to your every need when it comes to producing your EdTech PR plan.

Research and Brainstorm

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Following the meet and greet, research and brainstorming sets in. We will always ensure we’re up to date with the EdTech industry news, trends and competitions. Then, based on the information you’ve provided us with, Our experts will brainstorm possible strategies to use to share your story, and propose what we see as the best route forward for your brand.

Execute PR Campaign

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Once we have your consent on the plan, our team will begin to take on their assigned tasks, narrowing down the content structure, timings, techniques and coming up with the key messages to share. As with every step of the way, we will be in touch throughout this process to keep you informed and get your input.

Content Creation

Our dedicated team of content creators is committed to sharing your story in a way that best encapsulates who you are as a business. We will of course focus on your key messages and values, ensuring that these are communicated to your audience in a dynamic and engaging way.

Media Relations

Once you have given us the go-ahead, we will pitch our content to some of the media outlets and journalists that we’ve built relationships with over the years. We have a wide array of media connections, including those in the Education and EdTech industries, who know the standard of content we produce, and will ensure that yours reaches their audiences.

Harvest The Results

We communicate the impact of your stories back to you, so you can see the results of our collaboration. We also believe it’s important to have an open conversation surrounding insights gained after the release of our content, to help us move forwards, see what the most impactful pieces or strategies were, and what worked best for your brand. The industry report we produce is a compilation of results across the board, from each stage of our collaboration.

The Benefits of PR in Education & EdTech

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Staying Informed

No matter the field you’re in, education is a vital tool for everyone. We passionately believe that PR in the education and EdTech industries is key: it keeps the public up to date on the latest advancements, trends and opportunities. In addition to raising awareness of your brand, working with PRLab means that together, we can spread awareness on the key methods, updates and issues in education today.

Establishing Trust

Education is a complex and multi-layered sector. There are so many fields under the umbrella of education that require different approaches in teaching and in PR.

As PR experts, we are committed to ensuring your audience gains a clear understanding of your field and your business. We’re able to help you explain just why your service or product is impactful, tell your story and allow you to reach the audience you’re aiming for, establishing their interest and their trust.

Building a Community

At PRLab, we believe in connection, communication and sharing impactful ideas. Our work allows people to connect, opens conversations and aims to create community with every campaign. In the education field, this is key. As an industry with such a vast array of sub-sectors, education PR allows people across the board to connect and find common ground in terms of what they believe in, and the way they think the industry should move forwards. Whether this common ground is a specific business or product, or simply a new concept, idea or practice, the discussion created is a key component in the education industrys’ narrative.

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What is EdTech?

EdTech stands for “education technology”. It refers to any innovations and existing tools that are of technological nature and aid the process of education in some way. Examples of EdTech components include tablets, interactive projectors, computers, AI, online learning, platforms for online content, and many more that keep getting crafted to make the education experience easy, more engaging, structured, and progressive.

What is EdTech PR?

EdTech is about technology. EdTech PR is about bringing attention to the technology. PR arms itself to locate new innovations and ways that people can connect with each other in order to engage in the process of teaching and learning, and gather knowledge and experience (both theoretical and practical) in whatever field of interest the learners might be interested in.

EdTech PR creates campaigns that shine a light on the newest technologies that can be implemented with no setbacks in the education process, and spreads the word on those innovations. Additionally, it helps brands establish their expertise within the industry in order to gain trust, legitimacy, and authenticity when sharing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with the public.

Why choose PRLab as your Education PR Agency?

Across the board, we excel at producing high quality content and campaigns, and ensuring our service is tailored to your business’ needs. Our specialists have a unique understanding of the EdTech industry. We keep our finger on the pulse; always aware of the current trends and advancements, making us best-placed to help you share your story and tell the world just why your service or product deserves the stage.

How does EdTech PR differ from other sectors?

EdTech specializes in providing technology that is appropriate for and applicable to younger audiences and processes that include people of young age. For that reason, more attention must be paid to the technology’s flawless operation, because it can affect the smooth flow of education throughout the year. It differs from other sectors in its strict timing schedules. Since the technology has to follow the structure of the education system, it must be ready for implementation at specific times of the year, which renders timing within the industry all the more important.

What are some difficult PR challenges for the Education industry?

Difficult challenges that may arise in the process of creating and executing a PR campaign in education and EdTech mostly refer to timing and positioning within the industry. As mentioned, the timing of the industry is crucial, and the positioning of the current campaign that aims to spread a message, product, service, or announcement, must be strategically chosen so that it generates the most publicity possible and creates a discussion. If that time is missed, the campaign has the potential of never reaching its fullest result.

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