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Education is the foundation of new generations that shape our society. We see its crucial role affecting each generation as it is different from the previous as a result of its upbringing. 

This is why it is a vital industry that should not be overlooked, and our EdTech PR agency ensures that your attention is focused on the most impactful and innovative breakthroughs in the delicate practice of teaching and learning.
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We're NOT a traditional EdTech PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional EdTech PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why choose our EdTech communications agency?


Research and Preparation

Our top priority is to understand your company. Before we start the process, we take time to meet you and familiarize ourselves with your main goals, work ethics, product or service, etc. In the process, we research the context of your company (the industry) and the issue you aim to tackle, and provide a clear and structured proposal for our continued collaboration. The main goal in mind is to do things the way you need them to be, with a personalized approach specific to your company needs.

Adaptability and Delivery

We understand that every client needs a different offer for the process we provide. Which is why we have worked towards perfecting the ability to adapt. Whatever your company needs, we can provide. From written articles, to audio and video content, we have experts in every field that work towards producing the highest quality campaign content for your company. That content is also tailored to fit into any context - from social media platforms to media outlets and specific education journals, to your own website blog.

The Focus of the Campaigns

Our PR experts will focus on delivering exactly what you aim for. Do you aim to spread awareness about an educational issue? Do you want your company’s brand to be recognizable and placed on the map? Do you have a new product or service, or a milestone in your development that the public must know about? We guarantee that the most important news regarding your brand will be under the spotlight for the right eyes to see.

Experience and Success

PRLab has worked with numerous companies in various industries throughout the years. Healthcare, FinTech, EdTech, CleanTech, SaaS, Automotive, Renewable Energy, the list goes on, and so do our clients. The generated experience and success of our stories can be seen in the reflection of the numbers our clients proudly accumulate. With us as your PR agency, you can be sure that we will find the perfect type of content for the perfect platform in order to reach the most appropriate target audience for your brand, product, service, and overall area of expertise.
We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

Expertise & Capabilities in Education and EdTech

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:

Industry Knowledge and Research

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Our industry knowledge has provided us with different strategies and campaigns for various different brands and clients. We understand the importance of the education industry, and the necessity for dynamics in our strategy in order to keep both teachers and learners engaged. Our research expertise provides us with the opportunity to help you stand out from the competition and present a unique product or service, in a unique manner that will stick with the target audience.

PR Strategy and Campaign

We express strategic positioning when drafting your campaign because the context in which we release your content is vital. A crucial consideration is the timing and positioning of your story. Despite what the story is, our strategic approach makes it possible to release your content at the most appropriate time - when no other spotlight can outshine you. In order to know that, we use strategies that connect the industry events with your campaign, and align them in the most beneficial way for you and your brand.

Content Creation

We have a wide team of content creators, with each creator specializing in different styles, industries, content types, etc. This cements the notion that we can provide you with any type of content necessary - a story about your product, an announcement, milestone, funding round, innovation, breakthrough, etc. And we can do that in any type of way, whether it’s a video, article, public speaking event, social media post, or more.

Joint Collaboration

Throughout our entire process we keep our communication channels up and running, and to pass everything we make to you for approval. If you need something changed, it can be arranged within hours. The deep roots of our joint collaboration is based on the clear and consistent communication and updates with the process of the entire campaign and how we do what we do.

Media Outreach

With time and experience our complex net of media relations has grown into a dependable and trustworthy collaboration. We have secured relationships with a multitude of media outlets and journalists, many of which with specific industries of interest. This ensures that your content will be published in specific education and edtech journals, which are the most appropriate places for your industry of expertise, thus cementing that your story will be seen by the most appropriate target audience for your business.

Industry Report

Our PR experts will provide you with an industry report of our entire collaboration. This includes pieces we have generated, platforms we have reached, outlets we have successfully published your stories on, and the numbers of people that have been reached out, and have engaged with your company as a result of our PR campaign. This insight is extremely beneficial for future adaptation and knowing what to do and where to improve.

Our Education and EdTech PR Strategy

Meet & Greet

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Our process begins with a meet and greet. Whether that’s online or in person (we like to have coffee with you) it is the introduction of each other and what we aim to achieve. We will sit down and talk about your expectations, current situation, focus, target, industry, preferred plan, and preferred way of work. That way we will have the opportunity to keep your specific needs in mind when drafting a proposal for your campaign.

Research and Brainstorm

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Second on the agenda is research and brainstorming. Based on what you have already told us, we will conduct some research of our own in order to be updated with the environment that your company works in (your industry) and what trends are hot in the status quo. From there we will brainstorm possible ways for you to spread your message, and come back to you with a proposal for what we think will be the most suitable PR strategy for your brand.

Execute PR Campaign

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Once you have agreed to the plan, or after reworks have given us the green light, we will start delegating tasks to each of the team members that work with your representatives. They will pin down the timing and structure of the content, as well as potential key messages and branding techniques. We will, of course, be in constant contact with you to keep you updated and to be open for suggestions you may have.

Content Creation

Our team of content creators will know the best way to express your story (no matter what it is) and write it down in a way that considers several aspects: the story will be focused on the key messages you have communicated to us, but also be engaging and informative to the average reader. Most importantly, it will explain complex terminology in a way that does not lose its industry depth.

Media Relations

Once the content has been drafted, run by you, and approved for release, we will pitch to the media outlets and journalists that we have singled out as the most appropriate for your industry. Our connections are already built on loyalty, trust, and delivery of quality content, which gives us the upper hand in taking less time to finalize the pitches. For you this means that the journals focus on education and lobbying for the education process and structure, which ensures that people involved in that aspect of the industry will see your content.

Harvest The Results

Your stories have been published, and each has results to bring back. We observe those results and communicate them back to you, so you can have the full experience and feel the impact of our collaboration. Additionally, both you and we take notes on places for improvement and the post-release insights are what give us the most information about that. The industry report is generally the best compilation of all results from all stages and story pieces in the whole campaign.

The Benefits of PR in Education & EdTech

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Staying Informed

Whether you are interested in education or not, everyone should be aware of the development of this industry. The field’s application is universally applicable and important to everyone. Which is the reason why PR in education and EdTech is that vital. It keeps the public updated and informed on the latest trends and breakthroughs of the education industry and its delicate process. Apart from spreading brand awareness, PR spreads awareness in relation to important education issues and debates on what procedures and methods to use. The more informed you are, the more likely it is that you support the position that is the most beneficial to the general public.

Establishing Trust

The education sector is well-known for its struggles to bring a dynamic and flexible structure that engages both teachers and students. It is also complex due to it containing many sub-fields that are the main focus of teaching. This inevitably has the effect of people rarely understanding what terms apply to what issues and how they interact with each other. Reading a piece from a PR agency (we make it understandable for the general public) can bring an enormous amount of clarity to the target audience, because we can clearly make a distinction between different fields of education. Once they fully understand the operations, products, and services of your company, an increased level of trust is established in your brand, which is always good when trying to make a positive change in society.

Building a Community

Public Relations is an industry that is all about the people. It brings them together, and helps them connect and interact with each other. In education this is ever so important, with communities arising from their common interests in the field, common beliefs, and core values. PR in education creates the opportunity for these people to connect and find what they truly support within the industry. Whether that’s a company, policy, or idea, a community can better express those ideas and create a discussion, which will ultimately help the forward process for implementing new structures in the education plans. EdTech is perfect for that, because it offers quicker, easier, and more efficient methods of education.

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What is EdTech?

EdTech stands for “education technology”. It refers to any innovations and existing tools that are of technological nature and aid the process of education in some way. Examples of EdTech components include tablets, interactive projectors, computers, AI, online learning, platforms for online content, and many more that keep getting crafted to make the education experience easy, more engaging, structured, and progressive.

What is EdTech PR?

EdTech is about technology. EdTech PR is about bringing attention to the technology. PR arms itself to locate new innovations and ways that people can connect with each other in order to engage in the process of teaching and learning, and gather knowledge and experience (both theoretical and practical) in whatever field of interest the learners might be interested in.

EdTech PR creates campaigns that shine a light on the newest technologies that can be implemented with no setbacks in the education process, and spreads the word on those innovations. Additionally, it helps brands establish their expertise within the industry in order to gain trust, legitimacy, and authenticity when sharing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with the public.

Why choose PRLab as your Education PR Agency?

We at PRLab excel at providing the highest quality PR campaigns as a result of our attention to detail. We are aware of what drives the education industry forward, and how timing and industry relevance play a crucial role in the spreading of news and innovations. Additionally, we value your uniqueness, and as such make sure to provide you with a personalized campaign, with every detail made specifically to fit your goals and needs.

How does EdTech PR differ from other sectors?

EdTech specializes in providing technology that is appropriate for and applicable to younger audiences and processes that include people of young age. For that reason, more attention must be paid to the technology’s flawless operation, because it can affect the smooth flow of education throughout the year. It differs from other sectors in its strict timing schedules. Since the technology has to follow the structure of the education system, it must be ready for implementation at specific times of the year, which renders timing within the industry all the more important.

What are some difficult PR challenges for the Education industry?

Difficult challenges that may arise in the process of creating and executing a PR campaign in education and EdTech mostly refer to timing and positioning within the industry. As mentioned, the timing of the industry is crucial, and the positioning of the current campaign that aims to spread a message, product, service, or announcement, must be strategically chosen so that it generates the most publicity possible and creates a discussion. If that time is missed, the campaign has the potential of never reaching its fullest result.

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