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PR Webinars

PRLab hosts in-depth, educational webinars on relevant industry topics and global trends. We invite industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise. These webinars provide you with a learning opportunity from the convenience of your own home.

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Our webinars

Best practices for PR in fintech: Interviewing PR managers in the industry

We are going to interview PR managers of fintech companies about the best-practices in the sector. One of our guests is Bianca, who was the Head of PR at Bunq. Now she is the Owner at Black & White Communications and Founder at I Rise Speechwriting.


Matias Rodsevich | CEO & Founder of PRLab

Bianca Zwart | Owner at Black & White Communications and Founder at I Rise Speechwriting

FireSide Chat: PR that drives Business Growth

Join Ferdinand and Matias in an in-depth session on the PR strategy behind 3D Hubs, Europe’s leading on-demand manufacturing and rapid prototyping platform.

Ferdinand has been developing and implementing a model for rapid growth driven by PR that landed them coverage in renowned tier 1 outlets like Forbes, Business Insider and leading niche industry publications. In his model, Ferdinand integrates tools and agile dynamics to achieve coverage at scale worldwide.

Join this fireside chat to learn:

  • The structure behind 3Dhubs PR model optimized for Scaleups that seek business growth
  • How to build long-lasting relationships with journalists
  • Latest tools that you can use to automate your efforts and identify opportunities for coverage
  • How 3DHubs collects weekly newsworthy pieces of data that trigger PR stories

Hosted by:

Matias Rodsevich | CEO & Founder of PRLab

Ferdinand Goetzen | Director of Marketing & Growth at 3D Hubs

How to increase engagement on digital and social channels

During this insecure time it is more important than ever to maintain a strong presence on digital and social channels as isolation policies are keeping people indoors and with less access to services. Companies worldwide are forced to move their marketing efforts online, which doesn’t come without a challenge. This webinar will revolve around tips and tricks and experiences from digital marketers and social media managers on how to enhance online engagement.

Hosted by:

Sebastian Mehldau | Growth Marketing Manager at VanMoof

Ben Robinson | Content Marketer at inSided

Kirsten Wagenaar | Co-Founder of Bind

Luis Bracamontes | Senior Social Media Manager at Tiqets

Matias Rodsevich | CEO & Founder of PRLab

Pivoting Communications in Times of Covid-19

This webinar revolves around clever ways businesses are reforming to the current challenges COVID-19 is posing. We’ve invited several speakers from inspiring companies who have shown initiative and have adapted to the current restraints of the pandemic. They will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on how to combat these stressful times.

Hosted by:

Joliene van Grieken | Marketing Director at Impraise

Diogo Pinheiro | Senior Manager Global Brand Marketing at INTERSPORT

Ferdinand Goetzen | Director of Marketing at 3D Hubs

Luke Johnson | Marketing Manager at GrowthTribe

Matias Rodsevich | CEO & Founder of PRLab

COVID Crisis Communication

PRLab is here to tackle crisis communication in the midst of our global landscape experiencing a complete transformation. We have a lot to learn from our current situation, so let’s take notes and educate ourselves on how to manage any and all kinds of unwanted or unexpected events. It’s about knowing how to act fast and act smart.

Hosted by:

Leoni Janssen | Branding & Communications Expert

Peter Smit | Crisis Communications Expert

Matias Rodsevich | CEO & Founder of PRLab

Creating Content at Scale - Meetup

Moving away from our coronavirus-centred topics, we want to focus on creating content at scale. Several topics will be discussed:

  • How to create content that doesn’t blow your budget away
  • Software, tools that they use to create more with less
  • Myth-busting: The myth that you can only use one piece of content once
  • Finding the right balance: When is it too much? How to know what’s enough?
  • How to repurpose content and not overspend?

Hosted by:

Gijsbregt Vijn | Managing director at Lemon Scented Tea

Jan Jelle de Boer |Head of Creative Strategic Partnerships at S4 MediaMonks

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