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It's no secret that fintech and other emerging technologies are shaping the future of finance - redefining the very nature of financial services. 

As a financial PR agency, we believe in driving innovation and delivering game changing PR for financial services, so as to support your reputation within the world of all things finance.
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We're NOT a traditional Financial PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional Financial PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Reputation Management

We are committed to assisting you in optimizing your visibility, credibility and brand reputation. What's unique about financial public relations is that it's about finding the balance between the art and strategy of protecting a financial company's reputation and stock prices, whilst also sending the right message about your core values and the technologies embodied by your financial services. Our financial PR support is fully geared towards building your reputation, whilst keeping the messages authentic.

Financial PR

With our well established network of international PR partners and supporting agents, we get you the upper-hand in global financial PR management. If you're looking to scale across borders or to enhance your global communications plan, we're ready to support you in sharing your news with an international audience. Do you offer international financial services? We have the tools and international financial PR strategies in place to make sure you resonate with your local and global audiences.


We believe in proactive, rather than reactive PR. This means we're naturally geared towards providing results driven strategies as a financial PR company. A great part in producing results driven PR strategies is ensuring we cut through the media noise to get you well-earned publicity in the spotlight. As we want to stay results focused, we keep a close eye on the media landscape to identify newsjacking opportunities to boost your media presence.


As financial PR is (to an extent) dependent on the expansion of new media, we closely monitor market evolutions to provide you with the security that your brand is placed in front of the right audiences, on the right stage. Through the media coverage we secure for you, we make sure brand growth takes place - by attracting and and maintaining investor and consumer relations via relevant media networks.
We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

Financial Public Relations Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:

Financial PR Consultants

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As a financial PR agency, we offer a selection of PR services, all to best meet your distinct needs. Our service packages are customizable and can be tailored to accommodate your overall marketing and communications goal. We provide you with a clean-cut strategic framework and then build your service package to ensure your PR strategy is progressive and supports your business growth journey.

Financial PR Solutions

In order to achieve success within financial services public relations, we need to understand what’s newsworthy. We need to be strategic about what news we release and when. The benefit of working with a financial PR firm is that we strategically create and plan your news items with precision. This way brand visibility and awareness is gained with great impact.

Financial Services Media Relations

An earned media strategy should be part of any communications plan. This is why the best financial communications agencies not only aim to generate viable leads for you, but also to create the opportunity to connect your business with valuable customers through business storytelling and strategic media management. That’s why we take care of your financial services media content to establish greater brand awareness and credibility.

Crisis Management

Accomplished financial services PR firms are well aware of the benefits of being prepared with a crisis management plan (for external and internal communications) that's tailored to your individual need. Whether you need this service straight away or to plan for the future, we can help you prepare and execute a PR crisis response.

PR Funding

Our priority is to grow your business. That’s why we aim to attract investors and valuable customers that can offer support in your business development. From seed funding to later stage funding, our trusted financial PR consultants are here to support you with every step along the way of securing investors for your business venture!

Growing your connections

Financial services can sound very technical. However, with imaginative storytelling, we create customer appeal for your news. Storytelling makes the financial world sound more conversationally engaging, which is extremely important since financial services PR can often sound mundane.

International Financial PR

International Financial PR is, in many cases, thought of as the leader in investor relations development and maintenance. Fundamentally, global financial PR management plays a novel role in managing and improving reputations - prior to IPOs and M&As. thereafter, financial pr firms are responsible for communicating news and relevant messages with key audiences and managing mutually beneficial media relationships.

In some cases, a financial communications agency will be responsible for exclusively managing investor relations, across both a local and global network. This, however, is dependent on the agreement between the agency and the client they represent.
More commonly, international PR for finance is geared towards creating global communication plans and executing multi-channel PR strategies (for companies operating in the financial industry), whilst keeping a global audience reach in mind.

As the holistic financial industry is becoming more competitive day-by-day and influenced by next-gen technologies, International Financial PR has become a highly specialized industry - taking into account the complexity of financial communications and new market penetration. Especially in the Fintech sector, new technologies are developing at a rapid speed. This means that introducing new or alternative financial services to new audiences requires precision PR planning, to make a lasting impression.
Venture capital (VC) is financing which is invested in small businesses. The market has been expanding for some time now, with new venture capitalists entering the space in big numbers. This is why PR for venture capitalists is key. PR which places investors on the map is key in helping secure new investments. VC PR means the difference between getting lost in the sea of investors and having small businesses approach you for funding.
The term private equity encompasses alternative investments; investing in or acquiring private companies that aren’t on public stock exchanges. It’s a lucrative process which can be benefited greatly by the right PR strategy. If you’re looking to invest in private companies, it’s imperative that they know just why you’re a trustworthy individual or firm to do business with, and just why they should choose you over other offers they’re receiving.

Our Financial PR strategy

Client Lifecycle

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As your trusted financial PR agency, we aim to work closely with you - to ensure that there’s a correlation between expectations and the work we produce. When we first meet, our PR consultants will have a discussion with you about which service package best accommodates your unique needs. From here we can build up your financial PR package, to make sure your strategic rollout meets the set goals. It’s strongly recommended to include an industry report in your package - to get deep PR insight.

Content Creation

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Financial-talk usually involves a lot of data and relaying numbers, but that doesn’t mean the communications have to be highly technical. Conveying your brand message in an easy-to-follow manner is what we’re here for. Our PR for finance content creation centres around taking the complexity of your challenge and turning it into an opportunity for business growth and supplying your customers with useful information in their search for answers.

Media Monitoring

To ensure your PR content is always in-line with current media discussions, we keep a close eye on the news and media space. Social interest also greatly affects how your messages are received, because they influence a great deal of trending news topics. Part of our financial PR strategy is to monitor the latest media discussion, opinions and the conversations that are happening. This way we can tailor your PR content to ensure eye-catching headlines.

Financial Services PR

As part of image management, financial Public Relations sets out to establish the credibility of your company’s financial reputation. For example, financial communications firms can announce the company’s financial performance and manage investor relations. This invites a good sense of trustworthiness and brand validity. From here, meaningful relationships can be strengthened.

Related services

Specializing in PR for tech companies and startups, our PR agency is agile in working across industry niches.
From preparing to handling risk and crisis management - we got you covered. Your reputation is secure with us.
Digital PR is the act of applying core principles of PR to a digital context or environment.
We train your team in understanding the media landscape and building relationships with media agents to own the conversation.

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What is financial PR?

Financial PR can be understood in multiple ways. Firstly, in the broader spectrum, PR for Finance is related to creating and executing PR strategies for financial services companies. This means that the PR team works to manage the reputation and communications of, for example, a company specializing in Fintech services or SaaS for financial transactions.

Next, the term “financial services PR” could also indicate the exclusive management of shareholders, investors, or customers relationships. In this case, strong emphasis is placed on managing a company’s financial reputation with in PR strategy, in order to secure valuable connections with important audiences.

To summarize, financial public relations addresses issues related to capital investment patterns, the financial reputation of companies, economic forecasts, mergers and acquisitions, as well as profit and losses. Not to mention, total PR for financial services.

Why is Financial PR important?

In case it’s not yet clear what exactly goes into financial PR management, here’s a further description: It involves PR activities associated with both the financial media and the financial community more widely. For example, financial news agents and investment bank analysts. The main focus is on communicating a company's financial performance to these groups.

This being said, financial PR is important as it is the practice of sharing educational material, asks for audience engagement, and indicates signs of authority, competence, and mutual understanding between stakeholders. This also assists with competitor differentiation.

Financial service companies need to establish a good sense of trustworthiness and credibility. This is where financial PR firms step in - to create a business narrative that drives positive image creation for the company in question.

What is the goal of a financial PR campaign?

A financial PR campaign is a series of PR actions which has a specific intent in sharing a narrative, brand identity, product or industry development for your finance brand. It’s a carefully crafted, strategically planned event, which can include, depending on your goal, a series of social media posts, articles or press releases, where the overall intention is to put your business in the spotlight, sharing your story and unique position with your audience.

What are the specificities of public relations for financial companies?

Financial PR must ensure to communicate the complexities and industry-specific jargon of the finance industry with clarity, sharing the importance of the industry and of your specific brand without being too heavy or confusing for the average consumer. Depending on your specific goals, financial PR can target investors to help you grow your business, reach consumers to increase your brand awareness, or assist in managing your brands’ relationships with your customers, investors and potential partners alike.

What are financial relations?

‘Financial relationships’ indicate the relationships in which an individual and/or multiple parties receive a financial advantage by accumulating any type of financial benefits. For example, by receiving a salary, profiting from intellectual property rights, ownership interest (e.g., stock investments), or other capital gain via alternative financial assets.

In any of the above mentioned cases, a legal agreement and understanding is undergone by those involved in the financial relationship. It's important that all terms of the agreement are made clear and that there is no miscommunications or misinterpretations of information present. In this case, the help of a financial PR consultant could be enlisted to make sure that an acceptable level of clarity in communication (verbal and written) exists.

Why do I need financial PR?

The aim of financial PR is to build trust surrounding your business. In looking for customers, investors or partnerships, it’s key to have an established reputation where your audience knows they can have trust in you, and see you as an established, credible brand worth working with and investing in. Financial PR helps you grow your business by projecting the image you deserve.

What should a global PR strategy take into consideration in the planning phase?

When planning a global PR strategy, PR experts must have an acute awareness of both the financial landscape at present and the international climate of the target market. To build an effective strategy, there must be an awareness of the current financial newscycle and latest industry developments, as well as an in-depth understanding of the financial situation, updates and perspectives in the countries you’re looking to do business in.

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