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As a top financial technology PR agency, we are committed to assisting you in optimizing your visibility, credibility and brand reputation. With our extensive experience in PR for FinTech, we ensure well-earned business growth for our clients.

Through our bootstrapping PR skills and expert advice, your media outreach is guaranteed to reach the right audience and attract quality leads.
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Examples of Press Coverage Obtained

We land global coverage across tiers for our clients on a weekly basis.
Below you can see some examples of outlets we normally achieve coverage in
Press Coverage obtained for Briqwise, client of our fintech pr servicesPress Coverage obtained for Moss, client of our fintech pr servicesPress Coverage obtained for Briqwise, client of our fintech pr servicesPress Coverage obtained for Agicap, client of our fintech pr servicesPress Coverage obtained for Agicap, client of our fintech pr servicesPress Coverage obtained for Chargebee, client of our fintech pr servicesPress Coverage obtained for Chargebee, client of our fintech pr servicesPress Coverage obtained for Briqwise, client of our fintech pr services
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We're NOT a traditional FinTech PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional FinTech PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why Trust Your Fintech PR Agency



Our unmatched commitment to offering you PR support is reflected in the first-rate work we deliver. Over the years, we have secured a reputable status as a financial technology PR agency who’s making great strides in breaking the traditional patterns of PR. We lead the field in amplifying your brand prominence, in a market that's being flooded with disruptive technologies like blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


In our fast and reliable service, we're committed to shifting your PR for fintech approach from reactive to proactive. So we created our own distinctive strategy of achieving regular coverage at tier 1 outlets for your company, differentiating us as a fintech PR agency. Our collaboration with Agicap, is just one example of our recent success in helping fintech companies gain a noteworthy brand presence by securing wide media coverage for them.


Tech PR is part of our nature. We know that doing PR for fintech is worlds apart from traditional PR. Luckily, our passion for fintech PR and our digital mindset makes us equipped to build optimized PR strategies for you. We regularly work with startups and scaleups in the tech industry, making us well-informed about the landscape surrounding PR for fintech.


So far, our digital approach to PR has got our fintech clients featured in renowned publications such as Forbes, The Financial Times and TechCrunch, amongst others. Digital and tech PR leads us in developing long-term PR for fintech strategies to maximize your market visibility among your target audiences.

Our Fintech Case Studies

Official logo of AgiCap, client of fintech PR agencyTarabut Gateway official logo, client of fintech PR agencyLogo of Wayflyer, client of fintech PR agencyLogo of Moss, client of fintech PR agencyLogo of Levenue, client of fintech PR agencyLogo of NuPay, client of fintech PR agencyLogo of Briqwise, client of fintech PR agency
We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

Fintech Public Relations Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:

PR Strategy

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PR for fintech planning encompasses a broad range of activities that largely depend on your goals for business growth. Our expertise as a tech PR agency allows us to cultivate independent PR strategies for each of our clients. Fintech PR for strategic business growth leads our planning, in this we curate a distinctive strategy for you.

Preparing you for the media

Regardless of your niche and the stage of business development you're at, success in fintech demands good publicity in today’s fast-paced marketing world. That's why, in financial technology PR, we strive to maintain a positive public image for you and gain added brand publicity from earned media.

Media training

As your business grows, your core values will also evolve to reflect changes in your brand and industry. Our fintech PR training helps you communicate these core values and prepares you to navigate the PR for fintech landscape. Being educated in tech PR helps you to make insightful distinctions between you and your competitors’ marketing tactics, and to always be ready to navigate tricky media situations.

Crisis management

As an accomplished crisis communications PR agency, we'll ensure that you're prepared with a fintech PR crisis management plan that's tailored to your individual need. Whether you need this service straight away or to plan for the future, we can help you prepare and execute a PR crisis response.

PR Funding

If you're a new fintech with innovative ideas, or scaling up your successful business, chances are you will go through a series of funding rounds. Securing funding is a tedious process, thankfully we can turn your announcement into a great PR opportunity.

Getting you clients

Since fintech can be very technical, most people tend to ignore it. However, with imaginative storytelling, we create customer appeal for your brand. Storytelling makes fintech sound more conversationally engaging, which is extremely important since tech PR can often sound mundane.

Our Fintech PR Approach

The first step in PR

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As your partner in fintech PR, we help you to gain market information to better define the issue you’re dealing with. Financial technology PR deals with fast paced industry updates and new insights, so we continuously assess the effectiveness of your communication strategies. Once we’ve determined your needs, set priorities and figured out goals, we can collaborate on solving your problem. Here we create an operational plan for your PR strategy.

Content Creation

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Fintech is a greatly specialised industry, but that doesn’t mean the communications have to be highly technical. Conveying your brand message in an easy-to-follow manner is what we’re here for. Our PR for fintech content creation centres around taking the complexity of your challenge and turning it into an opportunity for business growth and supplying your customers with useful information in their search for answers.

Media Monitoring

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The popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in fintech, is greatly shaping the media discussions that influence the success of your PR communications. Trends also greatly affect the recipients' judgement of your messages because they are exposed to a multitude of news topics. Part of our fintech PR strategy is to monitor the latest media discussion, opinions and the conversations going on about you. This way we can tailor your PR content to make eye-catching headlines.

Client Lifecycle

Within the first three months, you can expect deep industry insights, the first strategic rollout and media features. PR for fintech is only efficient when expectations and deliveries align, that's why we routinely meet with you to assess the scope and direction of work. Next, we aim to achieve the “wow effect” by delivering result-based work. We strongly recommend the addition of an industry report in your personalized service package

Media Relations

We don’t wait for news, we create news. As fintech PR is dependent on the expansion of new media, we closely monitor market evolutions to provide you with the security that your brand is placed in front of the right audiences, on the right stage. Through the media coverage we secure for you, we make sure brand growth takes place and that your gained publicity is followed up with continuous accomplishments.

Evaluation and Monitoring

For us, the follow-up process carries the most weight in ensuring you gain optimal value for time and money from partnering with us. Within the industry report we compile for you, we run a post-campaign evaluation to see how your market position changed. From here we highlight market performance results, also identifying areas of improvement and lucrative avenues to pursue.

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As a financial PR company, we believe in driving innovation and delivering game changing PR for financial services, so as to support your reputation within the world of all things finance.
Cryptocurrency PR emerged as a highly prominent line of work, developing with great speed and requiring professional expertise to achieve great results.

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What does a fintech PR agency do?

By now we know that financial technology PR doesn't work like traditional PR. With blockchain technology and cryptocurrency flooding the market, the fintech industry is evolving to become even more high-tech. This calls for a dynamic spread of information to keep your public image up next to the new market evolutions.

We make PR for fintech more understandable. We guide you in maintaining a striking online presence. In this, we nurture your brand image so that you land a great market position.

With the PR content we create and the market coverage we secure, among respected fintech news sites and opinion leaders, brand recall and resonance is sure to follow.

Why have a PR strategy in the fintech industry?

The world of fintech is constantly bringing about new opportunities to pursue. For example, as the language of cryptocurrencies evolve, tech firms have started to simplify the way they communicate with their audiences. The conversations are more casual to get greater audience appeal. A solid PR strategy helps you to remove jargon and sift through the text to get your message across easily, without confusion. The fintech industry will only get more competitive as new challengers emerge and industry regulations tighten. Luckily, an effective PR strategy ensures that you are implementing the right communication methods to overcome various market and media challenges and face crisis head-on.

What’s trending in fintech PR?

Today’s new news is tomorrow’s old news. People are continuously becoming more tech-savvy as the digital market evolves, speeding up how quickly the media moves to feed the market with the latest news updates. For fintech PR, communications will have to be so fluid that it can instantly be adapted for emerging markets, appeal to the latest customer interests and keep your brand's relevancy up-to-date. With disruptive technologies entering and altering the fintech market, we as PR specialists have stepped up the game in planning, executing and monitoring your digital communications, making sure that no opportunity for publicity is missed.

What is fintech PR?

Fintech (combining the words finance and technology) is an extremely well-nurtured industry, with hundreds of billions in revenue, and thousands of companies competing in this dynamic environment. The industry supports softwares that are involved in any financial activities, such as unified platforms for online payments, funding, donations, etc. Some big names include PayPal, GoFundMe, Visa and more.

In the midst of all this, PR is crucial. Strategies and campaigns can make or break startups and scaleups, which are struggling to develop. Important aspects of a fintech PR campaign can be broken down into 4 steps. These include standing out from the rest, researching the proper media outlets (e.g. fintech magazines), knowing the timing for releasing campaigns, and having a dynamic team with different qualifications.

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