Content marketing can be a boon for your business and brand, let PRLab take the wheel and catapult your ideas into your industry

In the fast paced and mercurial world of start ups and scaleups, it is crucial for you and your business to captivate and capture your target audience’s attention. At PRLab, our experienced content marketing team utilizes the touchpoints of your business to craft content that will resonate and reverberate across the medium of your choice to build your reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

Your business is fresh, exciting, and lively, and you have a story to tell - your content should reflect that!

PRLab Named Top Content Marketing Agency in the Netherlands 2019

We just received some exciting news from Clutch! They’ve named us as one of the Netherlands top public content marketing agencies for 2019....

Why should you consider PRLab for your content marketing efforts?

The main goal for our content is for your audience to consume it, rather than avoir it. Content creation is required of any business to raise awareness and atract clients, educate, nurture, and engage them with your brand.

It is crucial for you to create content that is enticing and gets your customer immersed. Whether your goal is to gain press attention or simply engage your customers, we got you covered. Find below the formats of the content we create dialy for our clents.

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Why PRLab?


We are specialized

in startups & scaleups

PRLab is the only PR Agency specialized in Startups and Scale-ups. We have an entrepreneurial mindset to PR. Doing PR for new businesses is completely different than doing PR for well-established corporations. You don’t have time or budget to waste and you need meaningful results that will translate into new business opportunities. That’s what we do at PRLab.


We deliver results - fast !

At PRLab we understand the pace of startups. You need results and you need them fast. So we don’t spend endless hours conducting workshops or crazy expensive campaigns. We start pitching stories in the second week of our collaboration and achieve results by the end of the second month of the collaboration.