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Developing compelling international PR strategies

Looking for an international PR company to help you scale across borders? Maybe you want to enter a foreign market? Or do you need assistance in communicating with an international market?

These days, international borders mean very little in a digitalised world. This is why many businesses employ a global PR agency to take care of their communications, across global markets.

We help you manage your relations, locally and abroad. 

Why choose us your Global PR agency?

Global Mindset

The main purpose of a global PR agency is to support your international public relations and global communications management. The PRLab team is diverse and multicultural, so we understand how important it is to keep a global mindset when planning PR strategies. We connect you with the local and international audiences you aim to serve, whilst keeping your PR initiatives flexible enough to adapt to new markets. Remember, your communications should keep a global mentality.

Industry Reputation

PRLab celebrates a trusted and reputable status amongst international pr firms. As an award winning international pr agency, we are committed to building and maintaining an esteemed brand reputation for you among your valuable global audiences. We do this through engaging storytelling, aiming to differentiate you in a crowded market. In this, our team of dedicated PR specialists are focused on nurturing a positive brand attitude for you in industry and across international markets.

Market Knowledge

People are more connected than ever before, sharing news fast and wide. That’s why you need a PR agency who’s well informed about the market shifts and new media directions, in order to make sure you stay newsworthy and move with the trends. It's about staying relevant in the market, knowing what discussions are taking place and what's happening internationally. The benefit of working with an international PR agency is that we share added market knowledge with you.

Multinational Perspective

International public relations is about being able to manage long distance relationships with the media, your customers and the extended markets that influence your business. Not only this, but also managing your news stories on home ground and localising your content for new markets. For example, what works here might not work just across the border. So we make sure your headlines and content is fitting for each target country.

International Public Relations Capabilities & Expertise


Over the years, we have diversified our portfolio of clients. Working with companies across Europe, the UK and reaching audiences in the US. Through these experiences, we've learnt that global PR firms should keep their workings flexible. This is why our service packages are tailored to fit your distinctive needs.

Global PR solutions

We believe in solution-based work. As your global PR agency, our consultants are dedicated to help you navigate the international market and to secure your position as a worthy contender in your industry. While you focus on growing your business we take care of your international public relations and global communications management.

Content Creation

Content creation is something we take very seriously. Press releases, thought leadership stories, pitching to journalists, speeches, internal communications, etc. No matter the communication item, it needs content to support the key context of your story. Working internationally, each content piece would also need editing to match the market you're in.


The market will always be competitive, this is why spotlight media exposure is critical. Media management is even more important when entering a new market. You want to stay relevant to your home supporters, but also appeal to the new audience. Luckily, we manage your media relationships on both ends.


PR funding helps you achieve your goals of becoming well known in industry. From seed funding to the final funding rounds, we're here to help you secure the funds you need to scale your business. With us as your international PR agency, you can be sure that lucrative investors will notice you.

Crisis Communication

Miscommunication is common when working with different countries and cultures. Other crises can just as easily arise, as any experienced international public relations agency would know. It's our job to make sure you don't miscommunicate or send the wrong messages and, when issues surface, to make sure all parties are addressed appropriately.

Our International PR strategy



Although we acknowledge that each client has distinct needs, there's a few fundamentals we include in our PR process. After determining the basis of your PR strategy, we offer a selection of service packages that are customisable to best match what you want to achieve with your PR strategy. Next, we can focus on the international market and how your PR initiatives will operate globally.


We take great care in developing value-adding strategies, which result in you being recognised as a worthy industry pioneer. In our planning, we consider the complexity of your challenge and turn it into an opportunity for business growth, whilst creating lucrative media coverage. As a global PR agency, we take the international news spectrum into account, ensuring that you are relevant in every market you're mentioned.
Media Relations and Placements


We’ve worked with leading and well respected international companies, managing their media relations and journalist contacts. Through our clients, we’ve gained the necessary insights that are needed to manage the multi-dimensional landscape of international communications. Being a global PR agency, we structured our service process in such a way to ensure that your PR initiatives are always relevant in relation to the market trends and latest media developments.


If you have a global mindset, you're already heading in the right direction with your. We make sure that you keep moving in the direction of meeting your market growth goals. Our industry workings and experience have amounted to us specialising in the business lingo you need for your PR strategy to work. With this, we build an esteemed brand reputation for you among valuable international audiences.

Advantages of PR for Global

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done when scaling across borders. Not only do you need to gain publicity, you also need to establish credibility in the new market . This is where International PR agencies become key resources in assisting your global expansion. 

Here are some of the key advantages of PR for global companies that will help create a positive brand image in the new or extended market.


When entering a new market, you need to build trust and credibility within the given industry. You also need to build your overall brand reputation. In this case, hiring a global PR agency means that you gain expert knowledge of how to get authentic publicity that will contribute to credibility. Since publicity through public relations gives more credibility to your business, the industry and public will be more likely to trust you and possibly invest in your business.

Media Relations

Before you can build credibility, you need to establish healthy relationships with media agents in the global market. Global PR firms usually have international media contacts they collaborate with or they work with other PR managers in different countries who already have a relationship with journalists in their market. This PR network is a valuable resource to have in terms of getting international publications and having your story shared far and wide.

Enhanced consumer engagement

Consumers tend to trust earned media more than advertising. A well-written article about your business can attract much needed attention in the new market. While you focus on growing your business, the PR experts take care of landing you media coverage in front of your key target audience. However, extensive research goes into finding the most effective communication channels and platforms from where to build engagement. This is one reason why PR experts are more effective in taking care of global communications management.

Added Value

An international PR agency sees both ends of the spectrum - they know your business and the current market you operate in, as well as the market you’re entering. The advantage here is that the agency holds great insights they can use to differentiate you from competitors and increase your market visibility. By knowing you, your industry and the new market, your PR manager can add value towards business growth through tailoring communications to benefit both you and your target audience.


International public relations requires an open mindset. When scaling across borders, it’s important to remember that the communication processes which work in your current market might not be effective in a different region or internationally. The advantage of a global PR agency is that they can bring perspective to this situation. They can develop an international PR strategy that takes into account how the new market communicates. Having a strong international PR strategy will ensure that your messages are well received in new markets

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    What is global pr?

    The term ‘Global PR’ refers to international public relations and global communications management. This includes all PR activities which take place across international borders.

    For example, your company could be established in the US and your target audience is in Europe, so you engage a global PR agency to manage your international relationships. Global public relations isn't only about translating news reports or sending a press release to a different country.

    No, it's about localising news for new and existing markets and making sure that all communications items are fitting for the environment they're sent to. In a hyper-digitalized world, news also travels fast and wide. In this case, global PR can refer to the management of digital communications that are intended for a global or worldwide audience.

    What is an international PR agency?

    A global PR agency or international public relations agency specializes in, or has the expertise, to manage PR activities that scale borders. The agency would normally be in charge of managing local relationships, as well as those in foreign markets.

    The PR manager would usually be in charge of building relationships with journalists and newsagents in new or international markets, as well as maintaining long distance relationships. Media management and assistance with scaling internationally will also be supported by the global PR agency.

    It takes skill and expert market insights to manage communications and relationships across long distances. That's why the professionals are employed.

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