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We're not a traditional Global PR agency

Global PR Agency

PRLab is a global PR agency specializing in the tech sector. We have helped over 20 scaleups from different markets to expand across borders with the power of PR. There’s no golden rule on successfully bringing businesses to new markets

Why PRLab?

See how we've implemented our in-house developed PR model Global businesses like yours:
  • "PRLab helped us with reinforcing specific elements of our omnichannel marketing mix by successfully implementing their PR-processes. What I liked the most was the flexibility, hands-on approach of our project manager, focus on growth and the readiness to think along with what was trending in the market during that period."
    Laurent Van Brussel - Marketing manager from MobieTriain
    Laurent Van Brussel
    Marketing manager from MobieTriain
  • "PRLab helped us with reinforcing specific elements of our omnichannel marketing mix by successfully implementing their PR-processes. What I liked the most was the flexibility, hands-on approach of our project manager, focus on growth and the readiness to think along with what was trending in the market during that period."
    Laurent Van Brussel - Marketing manager from MobieTriain
    Laurent Van Brussel
    Marketing manager from MobieTriain

Specialized in localization

We make sure you grab headlines in your key regions

International at heart

We have over 12 nationalities represented at PRLab

We’re agile

We’re specialized in scaleups, understanding needs for flexibility and solutions
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Why trust us as your International PR agency?

We specialize in public relations for Global startups and scaleups
We’re in key regions
Global alliances
New market entry

We’re in key regions

We have native teams and offices in key regions like Benelux, DACH, Nordics, and North America. There is something unique about every business. There is also something unique about each region. Due to this, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all package does not exist. Unlike traditional agencies, we custom-build a PR strategy that matches your business's aims and is tailored to the regions in which you want to expand. Should we collaborate , you’ll gain the benefit of this knowledge and experience.

Global alliances

It’s key in PR to have local teams of native speakers that understand how the local media landscape operates. That’s why at PRLab, we work with centralized hubs in key tech regions with local contacts around the region to make every initiative a big success. We might not have physical offices in those markets, but we have a global network of partners supporting us in other key markets. We have partnerships with other PR players in key regions like Asia and South America to support you in those regions.

New market entry

At Prlab, we have developed our own unique PR blueprint model to help you enter new markets with the power of PR in a more cost-effective way. We measure the success of campaigns as they happen and throughout. You can see what we're working on minute-by-minute using our real-time customized documents. With a wide variety of techniques and resources at our disposal, our integrated marketing approach will help you reach new audiences and lead to business growth in new markets.

We're not a traditional International PR firm

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations with a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that will ensure we get you the results we want
Icon proactive over reactive

Proactive over reactive

We have developed a unique approach to PR. We proactively create news for you every week so you no longer have to spend time searching for the right opportunity to do so yourselves. Instead of sitting and waiting for news to happen, you can leave that to us.

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This helps set us apart. We combine techniques of brand awareness, intricate thought leadership, content creation, and content placement to gain you maximum and sustained exposure that will help your organization grow.


We have a wealth of experience within the team from various international backgrounds. We understand that you’re under greater pressure than more established companies for cost effective solutions.

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Your business's visibility and growth can be boosted by PR if used effectively, and as the experts, that is what we're here to do. Our experience will help you grow and innovate in your field (and ours). We have helped plenty of companies within the tech and related industries do just this.

Icon for experience
Icon for unique philosophy

Unique philosophy

Most agencies tie you into rigid and unfavorable retainers, which are not cost-effective and only superficially work.

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We prefer a more collaborative approach. We'll be able to show you the impact of what we do at every stage. Unlike more traditional agencies that wait for you to send them the news, at Prlab, we do the opposite. We actively create the news. It's what we do. We won't just place you in any media but will go to key industry players that will impact your business.

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Some answers for the most common global PR questions

What is global pr?

The term ‘Global PR’ refers to international public relations and global communications management. This includes all PR activities which take place across international borders.

For example, your company could be established in the US and your target audience is in Europe, so you engage a global PR agency to manage your international relationships. Global public relations isn't only about translating news reports or sending a press release to a different country.

No, it's about localising news for new and existing markets and making sure that all communications items are fitting for the environment they're sent to. In a hyper-digitalized world, news also travels fast and wide. In this case, global PR can refer to the management of digital communications that are intended for a global or worldwide audience.

What is an international PR agency?

A global PR agency or international public relations agency specializes in, or has the expertise, to manage PR activities that scale borders. The agency would normally be in charge of managing local relationships, as well as those in foreign markets. The PR manager would usually be in charge of building relationships with journalists and newsagents in new or international markets, as well as maintaining long distance relationships. Media management and assistance with scaling internationally will also be supported by the global PR agency. It takes skill and expert market insights to manage communications and relationships across long distances. That's why the professionals are employed.

What should a global PR strategy take into consideration in the planning phase?

In addition to communicating brands’ unique visions and tones, Global PR campaigns must take into account the target markets’ cultural tone, current newscycle and business landscape. It’s key that in sharing your story with international audiences, global PR does so in a way that’s relatable and exciting to those you’re looking to reach, whether that’s foreign investors, consumers or potential collaborators.

Why do I need international PR?

PR professionals pride themselves on communication and connection. Working with an International PR firm means connection to journalists and publications, and therefore audiences in your target market. Your PR firm will know not only the right people to share your story, but the right techniques and strategies to position you as an exciting and lucrative business to work with, invest in, or purchase from.

Why choose PRLab as your global PR agency?

Our team of experts are no strangers to global PR. We’ve helped a wide variety of companies with their international strategies, and our results do the talking for us: no matter what our clients’ business, we help spread their reach far and wide. At PRLab, we place high value on relationship building and communication, and have built a trusted array of contacts across international media landscapes. We also believe in transparency: we work closely with you, so you’ll always be in the loop, and know just how we’re creating international impact for you every step of the way.

What is the goal of a global PR campaign?

The goal of global PR is to increase your reach, connecting you with your target audience no matter where they are. A global PR campaign ensures that your content is optimized for your target market and positions your brand as a trustworthy and exciting industry player, using well-established connections with international media outlets to put your brand on the map.

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