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Healthcare has never and will never stop being important. New companies keep introducing new innovations and efficient ways to tackle medical issues, and we as a healthcare PR agency are here to make sure they reach the target audience

Our services provide the most efficient health communication when it comes to innovative technology that can provide a unique solution to medical issues.
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We're NOT a traditional HealthCare PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional HealthCare PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why Choose Our Health Communications Agency?


Research and Preparation

We always take the time to get to know our clients, and ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business, product or service and what you’re looking for from us. We already have a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry and feel that in addition to this it’s important to dive into who your business is and what your unique position in the market is. This ensures we’re able to provide the exact personalized approach you’re looking for.

Adaptability and Delivery

Adaptability is a key component in the work we do. We’re committed to providing the service that your business needs. Our team produces a wide variety of content across all forms, to support our clients’ unique goals and specialities.

The Focus of The Campaigns

Are you looking to spread awareness about a medical issue? To promote your new product or service? Share a new collaboration or company milestone? Our healthcare PR experts are well versed in the strategies, methods and content types that will give you the highest level of exposure to your chosen audience base.

Experience and Success

PRLab has worked with companies in a variety of sectors, including many in the healthcare, manufacturing, fintech and technology industries. Our success can be seen in the success of our clients. We’re committed to using the perfect content type and ensuring our work gets you exposure via the right avenues, allowing you to connect with and inspire your key demographics.

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MP Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:

Industry Knowledge and Research

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Our knowledge of the healthcare industry has given us an indispensable insight into the best PR practices for different companies, depending on their offerings and where they are in their journey. We’re aware of the fast-paced, ever-changing healthcare landscape, and implement our expertise to help you stand out from your competition and highlight your unique perspective and contributions.

PR Strategy and Campaign

Alongside producing content that will impact your audience, we know that timing is also a key element in the work we do. Our communications strategic approach means we pitch and post your content when we know it will land best, in alignment with industry events and the news cycle, adding your contribution to the conversation when the time is right.

Content Creation

Our team knows content inside out. We have specialists in a huge array of industries, content types and strategies, which is just one reason why PRLab is able to provide the optimal service for your business. Whatever announcement, discussion or update you’re looking to share with your audience, we know the way to help you leave the most powerful impression.

Joint Collaboration

As a PR agency, we know communication is vital. This extends past just the content we make and to the relationships with our clients. We ensure to get your approval on all of the work we complete. We’re on hand if you need any changes made, and provide clear and consistent updates throughout our entire workflow so you know what we’re working on and where you stand.

Media Outreach

We’re glad to work alongside a multitude of publications with a broad reach, including those who specialize in specific industries, such as the healthcare sector. PRLab’s extensive network ensures that we’re able to find the right media outlets for our content, bringing your story to the right websites, medical journals and blogs.

Industry Report

We produce detailed industry reports to ensure you have insight into the success of our collaboration. This entails the pieces of content we’ve produced for you, the outlets we’ve worked with to spread your story, the number of people impacted and more overall results of our work together. We’ve found this to be an efficient and insightful way to establish next steps and what practices are most effective for your business.

Our Healthcare PR Strategy

Meet & Greet

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We believe it’s imperative to begin our work by getting to know you. Whether via a virtual or in person meeting, we know the importance of both introducing ourselves and getting insight into who you are. We’re interested in hearing about your current situation, goals and exactly what you’d like us to help you with. This allows us to accommodate your specific needs and put a personal spin on your content that will help you connect with your target demographic.

Research and Brainstorm

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Combined with our knowledge of the healthcare industry, and the solid concept of your business and requirements, we will brainstorm the most effective ways to spread your message. Our team will then propose our strategy to you, and as always, be receptive to any further input or feedback you may have.

Execute PR Campaign

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Once the plan is in place, we will delegate tasks to each of our team members that will be working with your representatives. They will fine-tune their techniques, the structure and key themes of the content and when is the best time to release it. As with every stage of our collaboration, we will be in touch with you during this process to keep you informed on our progress and listen to your suggestions.

Content Creation

Our PR experts are no stranger to storytelling. Our insight into your business and product allows us to find the best way to share your story with the world, sharing your key messages and values and ensuring our content highlights your exclusive contributions in the healthcare world. We’re always mindful to cater to your audience, ensuring to explore industry issues in a way that’s as accessible as it is exciting.

Media Relations

Once we’ve composed the content, and you’ve given your approval for release, our team will pitch it to our specially chosen outlets from our extensive network of healthcare and technology contacts. We have a wide array of established connections in the industry, built on loyalty and trust. This allows us to get your content published in a timely manner, in the spaces that will reach your ideal audience.

Harvest The Results

We pride ourselves on the exceptional results we’ve obtained for our array of clients across the healthcare industry and beyond. We like to present the results of our collaboration back to you, so that you can see the impact in black and white. In addition to this, we appreciate the value of both parties taking notes on which the most effective strategies and practices were, allowing for future growth and development.

The Benefits of PR in HealthCare

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Staying Informed

Whether you are interested in healthcare or not, everyone should be aware of the development of this industry. The field’s application is universally applicable and important to everyone. Which is the reason why PR in health is that vital. It keeps the public updated and informed on the latest trends and breakthroughs of the healthcare industry. Apart from spreading brand awareness, PR spreads awareness in relation to important medical issues and debates on what procedures and methods to use. The more informed you are, the more likely it is that you support the position that is the most beneficial to the general public.

Establishing Trust

Working alongside a PR agency such as ours is incredibly beneficial in getting across what are often complex concepts and terminology to a wide audience. We have years of experience in simplifying big ideas and providing clarity without sacrificing meaning. The more of your audience who are able to understand exactly what you provide and the impact that this can have, the more trust and loyalty is established in your brand.

Building a Community

Community and communication are key. PR is a people driven industry, allowing people to connect, discuss and find common understanding. In a sector such as healthcare, this is incredibly important, as it allows people to find common ground and interests, discuss current issues and developments, and gain understanding of what keeps the industry moving forwards.

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What is healthcare PR?

Public relations in the healthcare or medical industry can be described as the practice where communications tools (e.g. press release, social media, traditional media, etc.) are utilized to spread a key message or bring attention or awareness to a relevant discussion in a strategic way that engages various stakeholders. It brings companies, policy-makers, investors, and the general public together to participate in active discussion for the purpose of generating an innovative solution. PR is a mere guide that narrates where the spotlight of the industry should be focused on, and it stresses on the most important figures within the field - experts, thought leaders, people with generated knowledge, practice, and expertise.

How do you measure the results for a healthcare PR campaign?

At PRLab, we work closely with our clients and always keep a stable communication channel, since it is most important to have clear key objectives in the collaboration and PR campaign ahead. We then analyze earned and owned media channels, including target outlets, online feedback, impressions, discussions, engagement, and web traffic. Depending on your specific needs, we establish clear methods of tracking success, which vary as the objective of the campaign differs. However, public engagement, and online web traffic numbers, as well as Return on Investment (ROI) are stable and often used ways to measure the results of any PR strategy.

What should a solid public relations strategy for the Healthcare industry take into consideration in the planning phase?

The planning phase is the most delicate stage of the PR campaign, because it determines the course of the rest of your collaboration with your PR agency. As such, we pay extra attention to several things in order to ensure that nothing is unexpect. The most important considerations are your target audience and your key message(s). Who do you want to reach and what exactly do you want to spread? This will determine the course of action in the content creation phase, as well as the media outreach, since target audiences are different for different outlets and journals. Additionally, it is often overlooked that you must prepare for any threat to your reputation. The planning phase is also the phase where you anticipate negative PR (which can escalate into a crisis) and make a note on how to tackle such potential issues. The more prepared you are on these factors, the smoother the rest of the process will be.

How does healthcare public relations differ from other sectors?

Unlike other sectors, healthcare is universally applicable in that it affects every single person on the planet. Whether it is indirectly or directly, it eventually concerns you what the developments are. With such an enormous target audience, it is often more challenging to narrow down and single out groups of people based on certain interests or values. Which is the main difficulty in the industry. Contrary to its general application, the sector is increasingly specialized and regulated, which leaves a much narrower number of people that are considered experts. PR firms have to juggle these two contrasting features, and be able to deliver to the targeted media outlets a piece of content that is highly technical, yet comprehensive for the wider audience.

How does healthcare public relations differ from healthtech?

Healthcare public relations is a broader industry that deals with any developments and hot trends in the medical field and healthcare sector. This can be any medical breakthrough that is irrespective of technology, such as the discovery of a new substance, medicine, treatment, etc. On the other hand, healthtech deals with any type of innovative technology in the medical sector. Any new technology that is created or put into use that makes the work and progress of the medical industry go smoother and aids the speeding process of solutions is considered healthtech. Healthcare is a substantial breakthrough. HealthTech is the technological breakthrough that then is utilized in the wider healthcare sector.

What is the difference between Healthcare PR and Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare marketing and PR have different focuses and key objectives. Marketing in the healthcare industry is only focused on acquiring new customers, keeping the existing ones, and generating direct leads as well as increasing the profits that come from the product or service of the company. Public Relations, on the other hand, is here to establish your brand identity.

It is not focused on the profits and the business side of your company, but rather the brand development. In that sense, it aims to establish strong relationships with relevant stakeholders in your industry (investors, customers, media outlets, etc.) and spread your image in order to increase your reputation and hold you as an object of knowledge and expertise (or an assistant) when it comes to the healthcare industry.

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