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With us as your PR partner, the publicity side of things is taken care of with extreme precision.
Our experience from working with established tech brands equip us to provide top support for ground breaking technological developments.

Why choose us as your High Tech PR Agency?

Trusted Service

Being a well respected high tech PR firm, we are committed to providing you with trusted PR support. We have built up our industry reputation as the leading tech PR agency, bringing you high tech PR solutions for complex problems. As a top PR agency, we have perfected the art of building and maintaining a positive image for your company in the face of the media. Our work delivers tech PR strategies with high performing results.

Value Creation

Our experience in high tech public relations has equipped us to turn the technical lingo of high tech into talked about news. This way industry experts and average consumers can follow along with what's brought to the market. Since high tech really works at the frontier of technology, there's ample opportunity to discuss your exciting work, plus the value you bring to society. With PR, we don't just publish your cutting edge services, we highlight the value creation thereof.


If you’re not an industry expert, high tech public relations can sound exactly that - highly technical. That's why we're here to help you translate the complexity of your business into a rewarding story for publication. This way your professional language not only becomes a conversational narrative for media coverage, but also makes it more understandable for your audience to follow along. Our team of experts specialise in taking your communications from complex to conversational, through full-fledged PR support.

Media Management

When you partner with us, your media management is well taken care of. The high tech industry's dynamic nature calls for active PR, that's why our service offerings are geared towards generating promising and continuous market exposure for you. We keep your business fresh and highlighted in the media, publishing you across the channels and platforms that are most beneficial for your business. After you're published, we monitor the media to keep track of your exposure rates.

High Tech Public Relations Capabilities & Expertise

Growth Hacking

As an experienced high tech PR firm, we help our partners to expand their audience through growth hacking. We take your PR strategy to the next level by offering you support in optimally using the digital media landscape to promote your company and getting your high tech service solutions featured.


Our high tech public relations services are oriented towards getting you the most out of digital media, for optimal brand exposure and publicity. For high tech brands, this includes core message development, media training and management, strategy planning, crisis communication, copywriting for SEO improvement and tailor made industry reports.

High Tech PR solutions

Due to the complex nature of the high tech industry, complex problems are sure to sprout. This is why we crafted our PR services to provide strategic solutions to the problems that tech companies face. Our proactive crisis communications planning and PR management skills, ensures that your market issues are accurately addressed through effective PR.

Trade Media

We tailor your PR plan to match the perspective of trade media, in order to get you featured. Through targeting the right media, we get your story high-profile coverage and place you in front of a lucrative audience for extended brand recognition. In addition, we turn your unique selling point into a prosperous cover story.


Getting started in high tech is already a demanding job. That's why we take care to make the PR process of gaining media coverage more manageable. Our experience from working with startups in the tech industry have resulted in us being able to provide you with leading high tech public relations services for startups, in a tech-giant dominated market.

PR Funding

Starting up as a high tech company, or when expanding your services globally, you'll likely need venture capitalists to invest in your business. We employ high tech PR as a tool to attract investors to your business, by establishing you as a thought leader with credibility in you industry.

Our High Tech PR Approach



As your high tech PR firm, we are here to assist you in better defining the scope of your problem. Be that how to get more local media coverage or expand across boarders, we're here to develop the PR strategy you need to overcome communication roadblocks. Since high tech is a very dynamic industry, our team get you started with the necessary action plan you need to improve your PR success. Our service packages are tailored according to your unique need for high tech public relations services.


Within the first three months, with us as your high tech PR partner, you can expect deep industry insights, the first strategic rollout and media features. Successful high tech can only be achieved when expectations and deliveries align, that's why we routinely meet with you to assess the scope and direction of work. Next, we aim to get the “wow factor” by providing you with result-based work, including wide coverage in tier 1 media and launching an industry report.


Just because you're working in a highly technical industry, doesn't mean your communications have to be. Through our PR planning, content creation and strategic executions, we make the complex more understandable. This way your PR plan is tailored to effectively meet the needs of industry professionals and the general audience. In our PR planning, we consider the complexity of your challenge and turn it into an opportunity for business growth, whilst creating media coverage for your value adding services.

Media Relations 
and Placement

With the goal to get you featured in trade media, we create news of a highly talkable standard. As high tech sets the pace against which media transformations take place, we’ve created a special service funnel that ensures your communications are always relevant to fit the trends and latest media orientations. This way we gain you coverage across the most valuable news and publication sites, to ensure that extended reach is gained, along with continuing brands growth.

Examples of HighTech Press Coverage

  • Press Coverage


    The facture of manufacturing is online
    Written by Filemon Schöffer at the Additive Report 
    Example of press release at Dezeen thanks to our public relations services


    TypeCase keyboard simplifies texting for people with visual or motor impairments
    Written by Jennifer Hahn, for Dezeen
  • Example of a press release obtained by our hightech pr agency


    My main learning is to act faster: Interview sith 3D Hubs founder Bram
    Written by Charlotte Tucker for EU-Startups
    Press coverage at engineering news. Obtained by our high tech pr firm.


    What drives engineers to choose online manufacturing
    Published at Engineers News

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What is high tech?

High tech stands for "high technology," which refers to a vast range of industrial classifications and innovation. The high tech sector includes a high concentration of workings, referred to as STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). A high tech PR firm should deliver cutting edge strategies for a cutting edge market that leads the field in technology developments. The industry is highly advanced and complex, producing the latest tech products on the market. In the Netherlands, the high tech systems and materials industry is rapidly growing.

The industry excels in technologies such as robotics, quantum technology, 3D printing, automotive tech, high tech manufacturing, aerospace technology, semiconductor technology, photonics and nanotechnology. In our tech driven age, it is clear to see the need for high tech companies and their innovations.

What is PR in high tech?

The growth and attraction of the digital industry has, in recent years, seen the arrival of specialist high tech public relations agencies. However, the foundation of PR stays the same. This is to properly position the client's brand or product in its chosen markets. In this, critical area of PR is frequently overlooked, that being the process of understanding a product or service operations.

This includes understanding the markets or public, and applying the workings of a PR strategy to planning the correct messages, sell to the correct markets and implement the correct means for delivering the messages. Therefore, the fundamental of successful high tech PR is to understand the services and markets, as well as correctly developing the PR strategy to for the tech industry's special features and needs.

Which PR strategy is used by high technology firms?

Having the best product or service on the market is simply not enough to survive. In order for a new technological innovation to make a significant impact, it should satisfy a specific need in a meaningful way. Innovation is not just a new idea, it should be developed into customer value and positive business impact.

For high tech PR, there’s a quick-changing news cycle, due to constant innovation and new companies continuously breaking into the industry. As a result, this adds obstacles to high tech PR that should be kept in mind when developing strategies. Remember, tech PR should drive the business goals to grow your business and win you a solid market stance. High tech PR strategies should go beyond getting media publications. It's about getting creative and generating dynamic market exposure, in an industry characterized by cutting edge products and services.

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