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There are typically startup funding rounds you will go through, and earning PR funding through seed rounds and other investment stages provides great PR opportunities, such as funding round announcements, that the reputation of your brand.
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PRLab is an international PR company based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Stockholm (Sweden). We operate on an international scale, providing specialized global PR services for tech startups and corporates.

Whether you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, generate more leads, become a thought leader or secure funding through public relations - PRLab is the agency that gets you unquestionable results.

We are a dedicated team of PR consultants and are experts on international public relations and global communications management.
As a global PR consulting agency, we have a proven track record of local and international results in the fields of tech, innovation, and sustainability.


We deliver results, fast. We wont spend your budget and endless days in brainstorming sessions.

Growth Driven

We breath innovation and understand the fast paced world of startups and Scale-ups.

Result Oriented

We only work with defined KPI's to bring in clear results that drive business growth.
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Landing Top Tier Media Coverage

Our Services

As a PR and communications agency we use a mix of traditional and contemporary PR to achieve powerful coverage that drives business growth. This mix is always finely tailored to meet your business needs and goals.
Specializing in PR for tech companies and startups, our team is agile in working across industry niches.
Be it to secure PR funding from investors or to get top tier coverage for your funding announcements, we earn the needed publicity for you.
Grow your brand awareness and authority with our integrated PR planning methods.
From preparing to handling risk and crisis management - we got you covered. Your reputation is secure with us.
We train your team in understanding the media landscape and building relationships with media agents to own the conversation.
We improve your online visibility while making you discoverable in the search engine.

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Welcome to our office! Our PR agents in Amsterdam and Stockholm are ready to serve your public relations and communications needs.

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PRLab is not a traditional PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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What is startup funding?

Startup funding is the acquisition of finances from investors to start a business or to elevate it to the next level. There are many options to explore to secure financing for your business, which vary between country and industry. You should make yourself aware of its sources, finding one that is suited to your needs.

While the top source of startup funding is from personal savings and credit, many startup founders can turn their heads to friends and family for investment. If you’re careful to avoid personal complications, asking for financial help from your close connections is a great way to secure funds, as people will need less convincing than a bank.

Startup funding also comes from venture capital. This is a type of financing that private investors provide to startups that they believe has long-term growth potential. This is similar to investment from angel investors, the difference being angel investors are individuals investing their personal funds, whereas venture capital tends to come from another firm or larger business.

There is also the option of loans from banks and to explore crowdfunding, of which the latter seeks to tap into collective interest in an idea. Government grants could also be an option, and you should research what is on offer in your location.

What is a funding round?

Unless you work in financing or venture capital, you might not be familiar with funding rounds or investment rounds. A funding round is when a company looks to trade equity for investment in order to stimulate growth or achieve their next milestone. Typically there are a multitude of funding press release rounds for startups, each of which is defined by what stage the business is at and how much they need to move to the next stage and funding round. As a company grows they can secure more financial assistance as they move to different series.

The first round of funding is called a seed round, and it is when a company looks to launch themselves off the ground and begin developing their idea. This investment round is mainly focused on making funding opportunity announcements to secure funds for research & development. When your product or service has traction you can look to raise a series A round, and requires you to have a model to grow your business.

If you can demonstrate the growth and success of your business, you can move to the next round, series B. This startup investment round is for companies that are ready to scale up their business by increasing their team size and growing their consumer base. If this growth is achieved then a startup can move to series C funding, which is when a company is looking to expand into new markets or begin acquiring other businesses.

Finally there is series D, a funding round reached by few startups, and serves to fund unexpected new growth opportunities, or to help if the level of growth expected during series C was not met.

What does series a funding mean?

Series A startup funding is the first stage of funding in which a business begins venture capital financing. It is similar to seed round funding in that it is equity based, and secures financing by selling the company’s shares. Venture capital is the term used for investment in a new startup, and commonly comes from firms that specialize in investing in new companies that are already generating revenue.

The objective of a series A funding press release is to focus on reaching out to investors to ensure the continued growth of a company. Taking advantage of funding press releases and sharing your current progress with the press is a good way to secure further investment, as it can demonstrate trust from other investors and how ambitious a company is in utilizing the resources available to them.

How to announce a funding round?

A funding press release is a fantastic opportunity for media coverage, as it demonstrates that investors believe in the potential of your company. Thus a funding announcement press release is a sure way to build credibility. It is important to have a good strategy for your press release funding announcement. You announce an investment round for startups by getting publications to share your funding achievements as well as why other investors should be interested in your company.

When it comes to PR funding the investment funding round your company is on will determine your approach to pitching your funding to the media. Top tier publications are only interested in very large investments and probably wouldn’t pick up a story from the early rounds of startup funding. However you don’t just send journalists the numbers, you need to still have a good story to tell to maximise engagement with the news. To do this you need to gather significant data within your business, and have accurate numbers that can demonstrate the growth and potential of your company.

There are many logistics to consider with a funding announcement such as the timing, the images used, reaching out to clients and distributing on your website and social media. These are all marketing strategies PRLab can assist you with.

How can PR help your funding efforts?

PR can help with funding and press release fundraising campaigns as it increases trust between your brand and investors as well as consumers. Sharing the news that you have acquired funding reinforces your brand's credibility. There will be fierce competition in seeking financial backing from investors, so PR can be a useful strategy to distinguish yourself from your competitors. By establishing yourself in the media and having a consistent content and marketing plan, you can increase your brand visibility and position yourself as a leader in your industry. It also helps with getting more reach for your funding opportunity announcements.

PR also helps to grow your consumer base and expand into new markets by generating awareness of your brand. Consumers and investors alike are drawn to established reputable businesses, so having a good public image demonstrates lower risk for those you approach for investment. PRLab can offer a range of services to help establish your reputation through earned media, including PR funding and a consistent content and social media plan. We also offer media training which can help you become better and more confident at pitching to journalists as well as investors.

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